Are Invicta Watches Good | 8 Best Invicta Watches Reviewed

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Are Invicta Watches Good? 8 Best Invicta Watches Reviewed So this has been an ongoing discussion online for many years now, you'll find forum posts from back in 2006 questioning "Are Invicta watches good?"  and do you know what you'll find out? People still haven't settled on it. The Invicta watch brand was founded back in 1837 by Raphael Picard in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. In 1991 though, they were purchased by a United States-based investment company which makes Invicta Watch Group a...

Hamilton Khaki Men’s Watch H70555533 Review

Hamilton H70555533 Review
  Hamilton Men's Watch H70555533 Review. Hello, today I'm doing a Hamilton H70555533 review. A Swiss made automatic, that uses great components and remains very affordable, I'd say that's worth checking out. Hamilton are well known for their high-quality Swiss made watches, this is one of their most popular models so I figured I would feature it today. (more…)

Invicta Pro Diver Men’s Watch 6986 Review

Invicta 6986 Review
   Invicta Men's Watch 6986 Review. Hello, today I'm doing a Invicta 6986 review. Some people love the Invicta brand, others aren't so fond, and that argument has been going on for years! However, I rather like these medium priced models and today I'm taking a look at the 6986 which is part of their Pro Diver series. (more…)

Seiko Men’s Watch SNK807K2 Review

SNK807K2 review
   Seiko Men's Watch SNK807K2 Review. Hello, today I'm doing a Seiko SNK807K2 review. Yeah, I'm finally taking a look at another one of the most popular automatic watches from Seiko with their canvas fabric straps. It's also found in green and black but today I'm looking at the blue edition. (more…)

Introducing K. Viollet Watches | Luxury Affordable Different

  Hello, everyone, I have a very interesting brand to introduce you to that will be launching on Kickstarter in November. K. Viollet have gone for an intriguing concept of using two different colour straps on a watch. It's something I haven't seen done before, and I have to say the idea looks pretty compelling. They've already gained a large following online so it looks like this could be an interesting one on Kickstarter. For now, I'll let you have a read of their article introduc...

Seiko Men’s Watch SNK603k Review

Seiko SNK603k Review
   Seiko Men's Watch SNK603k Review. Hello, today I'm doing a Seiko SNK603k review. We've come to expect value for money from the Seiko 5 range, so I like to feature them on the site often. The model I'm looking at today has a brilliantly textured blue dial and an exhibition caseback, so this should be an interesting one. (more…)

Seiko Men’s Watch SKS485P1 Review

   Seiko Men's Watch SKS485P1 Review. Hello, today I'm doing a Seiko SKS485P1 review. Yes, you read that right, another Seiko watch review. I enjoy featuring this brand as they often offer great value for money with an affordable price tag. I'm interested to see what this watch has to offer. (more…)

Michael Kors Women’s Watch MK3192 Review

   Michael Kors Women's Watch MK3192 Review. Hello, today I'm doing a Michael Kors MK3192 review. This is another one of Michael Kors best sellers and it's from their Darci collection. Should be quite interesting to have a closer look at it, I tend to like a lot of the Micahel Kors designs.  (more…)

Will smart watches ever really replace the wrist watch?

Will smart watches ever really replace the wrist watch? The speed at which all aspects of our lives have evolved over a relatively short space of time is really quite frightening. From what we eat to how we get around, there isn’t one part of us that hasn’t changed significantly over the past century. And the same goes for the humble wristwatch. Almost exactly 100 years ago, an article in the New York Times questioned a new fashion trend - people wearing clocks on bracelets on their wri...