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Ingersoll Watches Review – Are They Any good?

 5 Best Ingersoll Watches Review

Hey everyone, today we’re going to be doing an Ingersoll watches review and taking a look at some of their most popular timepieces.

I’ll start off by introducing you to the Ingersoll brand and a bit of their history before taking a look at some of the best Ingersoll watches available.

Brief Ingersoll Watches History

The origins of Ingersoll watches go back to 1882 when they were founded as a mail order business in New York City by a then 21 year old Robert Hawley Ingersoll and his brother Charles Henry Ingersoll. The Ingersoll Watch Company grew out of this with their first series called “Universal” in 1892.

For more on the history of Ingersoll watches check out their wiki here.

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Are Ingersoll Watches Good?

These days Ingersoll are a well-recognised manufacturer of reliable, stylish and practical watches for men and women. They’re classed as a medium priced brand with many watches under the £500 mark.

Overall Ingersoll is a popular, well-liked brand that are known for producing quality timepieces, many of which you’ll spot in today’s list of the 5 best Ingersoll watches for men.

I’m a massive fan of their automatic timepieces, I specifically love the style of watch number 3 which showcase a large amount of the automatic movement making full use of the skeleton watch design.

 5 Best Ingersoll Watches For Men

Now we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most popular Ingersoll watches for men. These are all best selling timepieces for the brand with a mixture of both automatic and quartz watches on show.

1. Ingersoll Automatic Watch Men’s The Herald

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 First up in our list of the top Ingersoll watches is this automatic model featuring a skeleton style dial that looks truly beautiful. The Ingersoll I00402 is referred to as The Herald and is powered by this automatic self-winding movement that’s on show through the front and rear casing of the watch with its exhibition style caseback.

Another key feature of the watch is its special buckle for the soft genuine leather strap. This Ingersoll watch features a butterfly style clasp that isn’t often found on leather straps, it’s actually one of my preferred clasps personally.

You can read my full I00402 Ingersoll watches review here soon.


2. Ingersoll Men’s The Grafton Multifunction Automatic Watch

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   Next up we have another popular Ingersoll automatic watch. This model features a small key hole exhibition dial that showcases the balance wheel from the automatic movement. As far as Ingersoll watch quality goes this is definitely up there in their top collections.

Like the previous Ingersoll watch, this model also features an exhibition style caseback and a push button release genuine leather strap.

You can read my full I00701 Ingersoll watch review here soon.


3. Ingersoll Men’s The Herald Automatic Watch

Ingersoll I00403 reviewClick here for the latest reviews, ratings, and PRICES on Amazon or Watch Shop

 Here we have a slight colour variation of the first watch featured, this time in a black and rose gold finish. It’s absolutely stunning in my opinion, the skeleton dial design showcases the automatic movement and the black and rose gold finish works extremely well together.

The watch is powered by an automatic movement and features a soft genuine leather strap that fastens with a push release button clasp.

You can read my full I00403 Ingersoll watches review here once it’s complete.


4. Ingersoll Men’s The Apsley Chronograph Watch

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 Switching things up a little this time round we have a quartz Ingersoll watch with a chronograph display. This chronograph Ingersoll watch has a large 45mm casing size with a chunky 14mm thickness.

The gents Ingersoll The Apsley watch features a popular mesh style bracelet that complements the finish of the bezel nicely. The watch also has a very good 100m water resistance rating.

You can read my full I02901 Ingersoll watch review here soon.


5. Ingersoll Men’s The Trenton Radiolite Watch

Ingersoll I03201 reviewClick here for the latest reviews, ratings, and PRICES on Amazon or Watch Shop

 The final Ingersoll watch we’re featuring today is The Trenton Radiolite which is a quartz powered timepiece with a smaller sub dial for displaying the seconds function separately from the main dial.

This model features a mode traditional genuine leather strap with a standard buckle style clasp. It has a medium 50m water resistance rating too which isn’t bad at all.



I hope you enjoyed this brief Ingersoll watches review and a look at their 5 best timepieces currently available. My favourite has to be watch number 3, as always comment below and let me know which one you’d choose in the comments section below.

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  1. That first Ingersoll watch looks the best. Has anyone purchased it to try it out? I’ve seen it on Amazon, just wondering if there is anywhere else I could find it cheaper?

    If anyone is selling one, please comment and let me know

  2. Please could you review Ingersoll ladies watches? I want to know if they’re good or if I should just stick to Michael Kors? Kind regards

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