Seiko Automatic vs Kinetic Watches – What’s The Difference?

Seiko Men's Analogue Automatic Watch with Textile Strap – SNZG15K1
  Seiko, derived from the Japanese linguistic aesthetic meaning "exquisite", stays true to the claim made by its name. Seiko has been the major innovators in the watch industry dating way back to the 19th century. Where after roughly some decades later, they sparked the revolution in watch manufacturing and the machinery involved. Seiko became the pioneers of the renowned incredibly accurate Quartz technology, causing an uproar in the industry with the most incredible changes it w...

6 Iconic Pilot Watches for Men You Need to Know About

Rolex Men's Pilot Watch
Among the many types of watches for men that you can buy only a few offer practical uses and look good at the same time. If you can have both why not, right? Pilot watches are the type of watches that can add a nice touch to your outfit though would rarely look out of place. It consistently provides a good mix of form and function. This article will present options if you are considering buying a watch which has a balance of these features. Rolex GMT Master II The first luxury pilot...

Rolex Divers’ Watches: Submariner vs Sea Dweller

Rolex Sea Dweller Men's Watch
The Submariner and the Sea-Dweller are Rolex’s most well-known and well-loved divers’ watches. But what sets them apart from the rest of the market - and from each other? This article takes a plunge into the history of Rolex’s divers’ watches, comparing the pros and cons of these two remarkable watches, and offering some advice for anyone who’s considering buying one.   Rolex’s First Iconic Divers’ Watch When it comes to divers’ watches, Rolex were actually latecomers to the gam...

10 Best Citizen Eco-Drive Watches Reviewed – How They Work And More

Citizen Eco Drive Divers Watch BN0151-09L The watch blog review
Citizen is an electronics company with its fame and name primarily being acquainted with the watches they manufacture and engineer. For nearly a century, Citizen has grown throughout the world achieving unparalleled recognition as a global brand. Recently, the company has risen to be one of the world's largest watchmaker, a distinction that Citizen has proudly embraced every year since 1986. Beyond their sheer size, Citizen is also recognized as a worldwide leader in technology. From o...

Best Skeleton Watches Under £500

Stuhrling skeleton watch
Best Skeleton Watches Under £500  The history of skeletonization in watches and clocks is nothing new at all, in fact, clocks manufactured in the early 14th century would have their inner working of gears exposed which seemed like the exposure of a skeleton, hence the term skeletonization. Clocks were made this way so that they could be easily repaired and maintenance would be less of a hassle but as we approached the 19th century, along came with it a surge of sophistication in the clock &...

Skmei Watches Review – Are They Any Good?

Skmei watches review digital waterproof model
SKMEI WATCHES REVIEW Whenever the term "Watch" or a "Timepiece" is brought up, most commonly, people start guessing the extravagant prices of the delicate and precise piece of machinery in question. Higher is the price, Better is the craftsmanship and accuracy. While in almost all of the cases this is true, but sometimes for some brands, they choose to be different from the rest of the flock even if it has to be done in an unconventional way to make them stand out. The brand we are going to ...

The Best Casio Pathfinder Protrek Watches For 2019

Casio Pro Trek Watch
The Best Casio Pathfinder (Protrek) for 2019. The Casio protrek series, born out of the love of outdoors, is a rebranded version of the G shock series, made of Pathfinder technology. As the main G Shock series goes bigger in design, the Protrek goes smaller. Although, the protrek outdoors series was launched many years ago and several versions have been produced over the time. There are over 27 latest styles of the Casio protrek on sale at the moment. There are various choices you can make, dep...

14 Best Seiko Watches For Men / Seiko 5 Collection (Updated 2019)

Best seiko 5 watches
Best Seiko 5 Watches For Men Hey everyone, today we're taking a look at the 14 best Seiko 5 watches for men. We have a variety to look through that should be a really interesting list. We'll be taking a look at some of the most popular Seiko 5 watches for men that are currently available. The Seiko 5 collection is known for offering great value for money. If you wanted an affordable Seiko watch then it's well worth checking some of these out. Also Read: Ultimate 100 best watches under 500...

Ultimate Top 100 Best Automatic Watches Under £1000 (Updated 2019)

Automatic watches under 1000 Banner
100 Best Automatic Watches Under 1000 Hello everyone, today I finally got round to finishing this massive list of some of the best luxury watches under £1000. It has taken an extremely long time to put together so I do hope you enjoy having a read through it, even if it is just to skim through the pictures of some of these stunning watches. There's a wide range of brands on show today like Tissot, Baume Et Mercier, Hamilton, Ingersoll, Tag Heuer, Roamer, Gucci, Victorinox, Rotary, Dreyfu...

Seiko 4R36 Movement Review – Which Watches Use It

seiko 4r36 movement review
Seiko 4R36 Movement Review - Which Watches Use It Hello everyone, today we're doing a Seiko 4R36 movement review followed up by a list of some of the most popular Seiko watches that feature it. The Seiko 4R36 is a popular movement that appeared around mid-2011, some consider it to be a better movement than that found in cheap Swiss watches. This was a pretty big deal at the time as people were looking forward to the idea of relatively affordable watches now being equipped with a quality Seik...