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A Fashionista’s Guide to Statement Jewelry

Did you know that the earliest traces of jewelry found are as old as 3,000 B.C.?

Yet, when it comes to modern statement jewelry, it spans a whole spectrum of shapes and colors. It has moved away from their predecessor’s use of them to identify affiliation and wealth.

Nowadays, between the atrociously avant-garde to the old-school pearls, statement jewelry has something for everyone’s style. If you’ve been wondering what is statement jewelry, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s breakdown what statement jewelry means, its different styles, and the most common tips on how to wear a statement piece.

What Is Statement Jewelry?

We all know what jewelry means. But, what about the “statement” part?

There’s a simple rule of thumb that helps determine whether the piece of jewelry you’ve been eying is a statement piece or not. If your jewelry is the first thing that people notice about you, then it’s definitely a statement piece.

Statement jewelry is worn to make a statement about your style, your energy, and your personality. It’s on the opposite end of the spectrum of a subtle piece.

Statement jewelry pieces tend to be colorful, large, intricate, and what can be called “busy.”

Statement Jewelry Styles 101

For the uninitiated, taking a look at the sheer breadth of statement jewelry options can be dizzying.

That’s were breaking down statement jewelry into stylistic categories becomes invaluable. So let’s take a look.

The Chunky Statement Jewelry

This style of statement jewelry is probably what first pops in your mind when statement jewelry is mentioned.

After all, oversized, bold pieces have an easier time making a statement by grabbing people’s attention. In addition, for this style of fashion statement jewelry, you’ll see earings, necklaces, and bracelets that have unique shapes, materials, or textures.

It’s a classical choice if you’re just dipping your toes in the realm of statement jewelry. You can also check out this custom jewelry guide if you’re looking for something that’s extremely unique (and individual) to the point that it’s made for you.

Moreover, a lovely way to play around with chunky statement pieces is by going for a dramatic brooch as a starting point.

The Metal Statement Jewelry

Under the huge umbrella of chunky pieces, you might find the metal-heavy style of jewelry pieces.

At the same time, if you’re not a fan of the “chunky” look, there is a sea of metal-heavy statement pieces that you can choose from.

Basically, if you’re in love with the glimmer of metal and the edgy vibes that it can grant your outfit, then the metal statement jewelry might be just what you need to make your look pop.

From silver and gold to bronze and brass, you can pick the right metal to match your outfit’s color palette. It’s key to keep in mind that you want to keep things within the right color scheme to avoid any clashing colors or a too gaudy effect.

The Sparkling Statement Jewelry

If you love shiny things and sparkle, then you’d be glad to know that with statement jewelry with ‘sparkle’ as its primary goal, then you better go big or go home.

However, when we say ‘sparkle energy’ we don’t necessarily mean carat-heavy necklaces that are dripping in diamonds. Although, if that screams ‘you,’ then by all means go for it.

We mean glittery pieces that are big in size or other pieces that can give you a sequins effect.

The Pearl Statement Jewelry

Oh, pearls. One of the rare types of statement jewelry that never goes out of style.

All that you need to make a regular pearl jewelry piece into a glorious statement piece is a bit of exaggeration.

For example, you can go for a chunky pearl necklace, large pearl studs, or even a rather long string of pearls that you can wrap around your neck.

It’s a fantastic way to add a bit of a retro vibe to your whole ensemble.

The Fabric-Based Statement Jewelry

A tassel, anyone?

Playing around with fabrics can add a huge amount of textures to your style. There are a plethora of different types of fabric that can be transformed into statement pieces.

For instance, you’ll find that lace, ribbons, twine, mesh, and silk can all be used to create stunning fabric-heavy statement jewelry.

In addition, you can shop for pieces that integrate leather with stones and metals to create eye-catching pieces that are unique and impactful.

How to Wear a Statement Piece

Now that we’ve covered the different styles of statement jewelry, it’s time to go over some tips on how to wear one.

The ABC’s of Statement Pieces

If you’re going for a statement necklace like a choker that shows off your neck, then make sure you’re wearing a top or a dress that’s off-the-shoulder or a plunge-neck.

After all, you don’t want the fabric to take away from the impact of your statement piece.

On the other hand, if you’re going for an extra-long chain or a pendant piece, then a solid t-shirt or a form-fitting midi dress is the way to go. This way you’ll set the background for your statement jewelry to shine.

Furthermore, you’ll have to keep the proportions and sizes of your jewelry in mind. For instance, if you’re wearing a big necklace, then you’ll want to keep your earrings on the smaller side of things and vice versa.

Ready to Boost Your Style by a Thousand Points?

Nothing can bring that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your style other than a well-curated statement jewelry piece.

Now that you know the answer to what is statement jewelry, you’re ready to dive deep into the styles we’ve mentioned for the right pieces. However, make sure you don’t make the common mistake of not adding a wristwatch to your collection.

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