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6 Best Watches For Police Officers Reviewed – Tactical Timepieces

Hi everyone, today I’m going to be featuring some of the best wrist watches for police officers. Having an older brother in the police for 8 years now I felt it would be an interesting subject to cover, I wanted to showcase a decent range that covered various price points.

What makes a watch good for a Police officer & Law Enforcement?

  • Well, first things first, they need to be good outdoor watchesthey need to be able to survive the rain as a basic requirement.
  • Next up I decided they had to be easy to read at a glance if required, you’ll notice the watches below have clear displays in either digital or analogue format with contrasting hands and dial.
  • Lume, they had to be easy to read at night, all the watches below feature either backlight technology or some form of luminosity like the impressive tritium on the Luminox watch.
  • Durability, I wanted the watches to be able to survive against the types of conditions you’d come up against working in the police force
  • Tactical watches, many of these watches come with a wide range of functions and features.

With all that in mind, let’s delve into today’s list of the best police officer watches. Keep in mind that number 6 was a bonus watch for those who aren’t too fussed about my main requirements and instead just want an affordable watch that would still be suitable for the job.

1. Casio G-Shock GA100-1A1

G-Shock GA-100-1A1ERCheck out the latest reviews ratings and prices on Amazon or Watch Shop

First up in today’s list of the best watches for any police officer is this classic tactical timepiece from Casio’s durable G-Shock range. It’s quite an assertive timepiece with its oversized design and bold black finish, it’s also complete with a range of useful functions.

This all black G-Shock watch is built with a large 52mm casing that has a thickness of 17mm making it quite a chunky watch. It’s made with stainless steel that’s protected by this thick resin surround which is what gives it this durable shock resistant design.

The strap on this tactical timepiece is made of resin with a width of 25mm which is quite big but goes well with the rest of the watch sizing. This strap fastens with a double prong buckle style clasp.

On the dial, we have a dual display with both digital and analogue aspects to it. The white military style hands actually stand out quite well against the black background making it fairly easy to read in my opinion.

Is this the best watch for law enforcement? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Powering this G-Shock timepiece is a Japanese made quartz movement which are known for their reliability and accuracy.  A mineral crystal glass protects the front of the watch from scratches and more importantly shattering, which is something you’re likely going to need if you’re a police officer.

I mentioned earlier on this is a highly functional watch. Features include a chronograph with stop watch and countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, countdown timer, world time display, perpetual calendar, LED backlight, and a digital tachymeter. It also has a 200m water resistance rating which means you haven’t got to worry about getting it wet.

Overall it’s a very good watch for police officers because it’s well built, durable, and affordable.

For a better look at this timepiece, I found a decent video review for you to take a look at.

You can also read my full G-Shock GA100-1A1 Review here.


2. Casio G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400

G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400-1CRCheck out the latest reviews ratings and prices on Amazon or Watch Shop

Next up we have another timepiece that is perfect for police officers. This G-Shock Rangeman from Casio comes with a lot of useful features. The Rangeman is an oversized timepiece with a large 53mm casing diameter and 18mm thickness. It’s made of stainless steel with a thick resin surround that gives the timepiece that shock resistance.

The strap of this Casio Rangeman is made of a thick resin and has a width of 21mm. This fastens with a double tang buckle clasp for a secure hold.

An LCD display provides you with an easy to read dial that can pack in plenty of useful information on it. This comes with a backlight function to make reading in dim lit conditions much easier.

Any police officer is going to appreciate the wide range of features and functions of this timepiece. It’s a highly accurate watch due to the radio controlled atomic timekeeping that syncs it up with an atomic clock in EU, USA, Japan, or China.

This G-Shock watch is also solar powered (check out Casio Tough Solar watches) this means the watch uses light to charge itself up, it can use both natural and artificial light and never requires a battery which is often a handy feature to have.

Other useful watch features that could come in handy for any working in law enforcement include the digital compass, stop watch chronograph functions, world time display, 5 daily alarms, and an automatic calendar. The watch also features a 10,000m altimeter, sunrise/sunset display, altimeter data memory, and a 200m water resistance rating.

It is a more costly option than the previous affordable watch for police officers, but it does come with functions like the radio controlled timekeeping and solar powered movement. Because of this, I’d say it’s pretty good value for money.

Below I’ve provided another useful video review I found online, that way you can see this watch from all angles. Would you count this as one of the best watch for law enforcement, if so let us know in the comments section at the end.


3. Casio Pro Trek Radio Controlled Chronograph Watch

Pro Trek PRW-2500-1ERCheck out the latest reviews ratings and prices on Amazon or Watch Shop

Here we have one hell of a tactical timepiece that would be an ideal watch for a police officer in my opinion. Casio’s range of Pro Trek watches are pretty incredible, not only do they look awesome, they come absolutely packed with functions and features.

This men’s Casio Pro-Trek watch is built with a 50mm casing diameter and has a thickness of 15mm. The casing is made of stainless steel with a resin surround that’s common among Casio’s durable watches. The strap is made of rubber with a width of 27mm which is very wide but perfect for a sturdy fit. This strap fastens with a single prong buckle clasp.

This is another high-tech timepiece which is what makes it great for the police. The watch is solar powered using Casio’s Tough Solar technology, this means it never needs a battery as it harnesses energy from both natural and artificial lighting. Another impressive feature is the radio controlled timekeeping using the multi band 6 function to sync up to atomic clocks for excellent levels of accuracy.

You can probably guess just from this impressive LCD display that this Casio watch also comes with a ton of extra functions and features, I’ll quickly run through them with some easy to skim bullet points:

  • Directional Bezel
  • Altitude addition
  • Altimeter data memory
  • Thermometer
  • Moon age display
  • Altimeter
  • Auto-illuminator
  • Barometer
  • Countdown timer,
  • Digital compass
  • Stop watch
  • Tide graph display
  • World time display
  • Auto-calendar
  • Yacht timer
  • 200m Water resistance rating

As you can see, that’s a ton of functions on this watch. Admittedly, not all exactly necessary for a policeman or woman but a lot of them a nice to have for your days of, for example, the tide graph display is useful for fishing if you enjoy that in your free time.

Again I’ve found another useful video review of the Casio Protrek/Pathfinder PRW 2500 that I’ve included below for you.


 4. Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark Watch

Luminox 3051 watchCheck out the latest reviews ratings and prices on Amazon or Watch Shop

Another awesome watch for police officers is this Luminox timepiece, this brand ranks among the best tritium watches for excellent luminosityLuminox produces watches with military groups in mind and has created custom watches for the likes of the special forces including US Coast Guard, Air Force, and even the Navy SEALs. That’s why I believe they’re perfect watches for the police.

the model I have featured here is the Luminox 3051, you can view my 10 best Luminox watches here. This model is built with a large 44mm ultra-light carbon compound casing that has a thickness of 13mm. This lightweight design makes it ideal for wearing over prolonged periods of use. The strap on this timepiece if made of PU rubber with a width of 23mm, it fastens with a double tang buckle clasp for a sturdy and reliable grip.

The dial has excellent visibility with these large bold numerals that stand out brilliantly against the contrasting black background. The hands are also finished in this bright white to make them more visible too.

As I mentioned earlier on, this timepiece ranks as one of the best brands for tritium watches. These are tiny gas tubes that illuminate in dark conditions to light up the dial, they have a lifespan of up to 25 years and don’t require any form of charging up to keep their brightness.

Functions of this timepiece include a small date indicator at the 3 o’clock position, double gasket security crown, unidirectional rotating diver bezel, and a 24 hour military time indication.

This Luminox watch is powered by a Swiss made quartz movement for excellent timekeeping and reliability. A tempered mineral crystal glass protects from scratches and of course shattering which is a main consideration for popular police watches. This timepiece also has a 200m water resistance rating which is always nice to see.

I found a neat little unboxing video review of the Luminox 3051 for you to take a look at below.

This is definitely one of the best watch for law enforcement.

I have a review of the more popular Luminox 3051 blackout version available. This is very similar to this model but instead, features a blacked out design. It’s not overly practical for a police officer in my opinion though which is why I opted for this clearer to read version instead.


5. Casio G-Shock Digital Watch

Casio GW-M5610-1ERCheck out the latest reviews ratings and prices on Amazon or Watch Shop

The 5th timepiece I wanted to display today is this more affordable yet still high specification timepiece from Casio. It ranks among the best tactical watches for police officers in my opinion. This timepiece combines the iconic casing design of the classic 80s Casio digital watches with the high tech functions that are available today.

The casing diameter on this model is approximately 45mm with a thickness of 15mm. This casing is made of stainless steel with a nice resin surround to protect from shock and vibration. The strap is also made of rubber with a width of 23mm, this fastens with a single prong buckle clasp.

The dial features an easy to read LCD display which shows all the relevant information available on this timepiece.  A backlight function with auto-light technology makes this easier to read in dim lit conditions.

Like some of the previous G-Shock watches featured in today’s article on the best wrist watches for police officers, this model is also powered by Casio’s Tough Solar technology and makes use of radio controlled timekeeping for excellent accuracy.

Extra functions of this Casio G-Shock watch include:

  • Chronograph
  • Countdown timer
  • World time display
  • Perpetual calendar
  • Alarm
  • 200m water resistance rating.

I’d consider this one of the best watches for a cop as it has a wide range of functions with a sturdy design and most importantly is relatively affordable which is something I rank quite highly.

Again I’ve provided a useful video review of this Casio G-Shock GW-M5610-1ER below that I found available on Youtube.


 6. Casio Classic Unisex Digital Watch (Very affordable)

Casio f-91 digital watchCheck out the latest reviews ratings and prices on Amazon or Watch Shop

This last timepiece that I wanted to include was actually a bit of a bonus edition that I felt I should feature. If you’re looking for a super cheap watch for a police officer, this is perfect. If you aren’t fussed about extra functions and features like many of the previous watches include, then something like this is ideal.

The Casio F-91 is a very affordable watch that’s from the classic collection. It’s a pretty basic watch, but maybe that’s all you really need right? With this sort of timepiece, you could break it and replace it for the price of a couple of pints, not bad at all really.

The casing of this Casio watch is approximately 34mm in diameter with a thickness of 9mm making this quite a thin watch. This casing is made of plastic and resin with a stainless steel caseback. The strap is also made of rubber and fastens with a simple and easy to use buckle clasp.

This tried and tested timepiece is ideal for casual wear too. The digital LCD display is clear and easy to read and even has a backlight function for better visibility in dim lit conditions. Extra functions of the watch include a stop watch and alarm.

Powering this “affordable wrist watch for a police officer” is a Japanese made quartz movement, as we know these are reliable, accurate, and require little maintenance which is perfect. Protecting the front of the timepiece is an acrylic plastic front, these can scratch easily but also buff out simply enough too. The great thing about the acrylic is that it is highly unlikely to shatter anytime soon.

Below I’ve included a video review of the Casio F-91 for you to take a look at.


Conclusion – Best Watches For Police Officers

As always I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to read today’s article about the best watches for police officers. What do you think the perfect watch for a police officer is? If you’re in the police force I’d love to hear your point of view on this subject too so comment below.

I’m hoping this has provided you with a little bit of help on your way to finding a suitable timepiece if you’re in the police. What was your favourite model featured today? Comment below and let me know.


3 thoughts on “6 Best Watches For Police Officers Reviewed – Tactical Timepieces”

  1. Considering Luminox specifically make them, I’d consider them the best watch for Law enforcement wouldn’t you? I’m not sure that cheap Casio watch would cut it. What do you think?

  2. I always recommend Casio watches for police officers. The G-Shock collection is great value and has everything you need for the job.

  3. Hello,

    Great review of watches listed.

    I’m a police officer with the London Met. I have worn #1 on the list- g shock stealth for approximately 4.5 years now to every shift. In short:

    Pros: durability is outstanding, it has survived many public disorders, petrol bombs, scrambles to the ground, 2 motorbike collisions and much more. The watch still looks new! Feels comfortable, light and looks appealing to the eye.

    Cons: It is hard to read at a glance. My main issue is the watch is clunky. When I am needed to kit up into disorder/riot gear at a haste or taking off/putting on my coat the watch gets trapped. Therefore I need to take it off everytime.

    However, I love the durability and design. So now I am looking at #5 on the list for its digital clock design and slimmer case width.

    Hope my experience helps any other officers out there!

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