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10 Best See Through Watches With Mechanical Movements

10 Best See Through Watches

Hi everyone, today we’re going to be taking a look at 10 of the best and most popular see through watches currently available. These are better known as skeleton watches and feature automatic mechanical movements.

There’s a range of both cheap skeleton watches and your standard affordable see through watches to be seen in today’s list. Hopefully this gives you a little idea of what it is you actually want from your next skeleton watch. If you have any more questions just comment below and I’d be happy to help. For now, enjoy the list.

1. ESS Men’s Black Bezel Skeleton Dial Automatic See Through Watch

WM257Buy on Amazon

This is a very affordable see through watch from EKM. It’s a Chinese made cheap skeleton watch that’s powered by a self-winding automatic movement. Obviously from a cheaper skeleton watch such as this the power reserve isn’t as long as more expensive versions so that’s something worth keeping in mind. But as far as affordable transparent watches go, it’s not a bad starting point.


2. Alienwork IK Automatic self-Winding Skeleton Mechanical Watch

Alienwork 98226-11Buy on Amazon

The next see through watch we’re taking a look at is this popular open mechanism watch from Alienwork. This is another cheap skeleton watch with a stylish design and self-winding automatic movement. The movement can be seen through the skeleton face or exhibition case back of the watch. It’s a nice affordable open face watch from Alienwork. If you like the look of this model and don’t mind cheaper skeleton watches, you should check out the rest of the timepieces available from this brand.


3. AMPM24 Vintage Bronze coloured Automatic Mechanical Skeleton See Through Watch

AMP24 PMW368Buy on Amazon

The last of our super cheap skeleton watches on the list is this model from AMPM24. It’s a vintage style skeleton watch with a nice brown genuine leather strap. It’s a watch showing gears of the automatic movement through the see through dial and exhibition style caseback. Again, as this is a very cheap skeleton watch, I wouldn’t expect much power reserve from the movement. You’ll need to hand wind it each day before you wear it.


4. Rotary Men’s Automatic Skeleton Watch with Brown Leather Strap

Rotary GS0031001Buy on Amazon

Next up in our list of the best see through watches is this popular timepiece from Rotary. Now Rotary are a brand that make some fantastic skeleton watches. This see through watch from Rotary features a rose gold PVD plated casing and runs on a high quality automatic self-winding movement. It’s well worth checking out Rotary’s full range of transparent watches in my opinion, they have a huge selection of styles and designs available.


5. Bulova Men’s Designer Automatic Self Winding Watch

Bulova 97A109 Buy on Amazon or Watch Shop

This next timepiece is a little bit different and comes from the awesome brand Bulova. It features just a keyhole skeleton dial design, showcasing just the smallest amount of the automatic movement. Of course the whole movement can still be viewed through the transparent case back of the watch. This bulova skeleton watch is powered by a 21 jewel automatic self winding movement and has a 30m basic water resistance rating. Defintely one of my favourite automatic skeleton watches.


6. BOS Men’s automatic Self Winding Mechanical Skeleton Watch

bos 9008Buy on Amazon

 Here we have another fanatstic see through watch, this time from BOS. There’s a wide selection of watches available from this brand, many of which feature these open mechanism designs. Bos produces a large range of men’s mechanical watches. I particually like this skeleton watch that features these beautiful touches of colour on the dial. The watch is see through and features an exhibition transparent case back too. It’s powered by an automatic self winding mechanical movement and has an impressive 1oom water resistant rating. If you’re after a black skeleton watch, defintely check this model out.


7. Stuhrling Original atrium Men’s See Through Watch

Stuhrling 747M.01

Buy on Amazon

 Stuhrling are another decent brand when it comes to see through watches. They produce a large range of automatic mechanical skeleton watches for men and are built to a good level of quality that offers decent value for money. You can see the automatic movement through the skeleton dial of this watch. It also features an exhibition style case back making the watch completely see through. The dial is protected by a Stuhrling Krysterna crystal glass that offers a good level of scratch and knock resistance. I like the mesh style stainless steel strap on this watch as I find them comfortable and easy to adjust.


8. Rotary Skeleton Face Watch Automatic Self Winding

Rotary GS0065121Buy on Amazon

 This is another one of the most popular skeleton mechanical watches for men from Rotary. I love the blue detailing for the hands and hour markers on this timepiece, it’s a brilliant use of colour. The watch features a see through dial design with its skeleton style showcasing the automatic mechanical movement of the watch. If you’re after a bit of a higher end skeleton watch, then this is defintely the way to go in terms of still keeping good value for money.


9. Fossil Men’s Designer Skeleton See Through Watch

Fossil ME3054Buy on Amazon or Watch Shop

Next up on our list of the best see through watches for men is the Fossil Grant automatic mechanical watch. This stylish timepiece features a PVD rose gold plated casing that measures 43mm in diameter. It’s paired beautifully with a dark blue genuine leather strap that matches up with the outer ring of the dial. The watch is powered by a Japanese automatic movement that can be see through the skeleton watch dial and exhibition caseback. Extra features of the watch include a 50m water resistance rating.


10. Michael Kors Men’s Automatic See Through Watch

Michael Kors MK9036Buy on Amazon or Watch Shop

 This is the last timepiece to feature in our list of the best see through watches for men. It’s a mechanical automatic self winding watch with the gears on show. It has a stunning open face watch design with a huge amount of the movement on show. This skeleton watch is powered by a Japanese automatic movement and has a 50m water resistance rating. I really like this blue ion-plated steel on the casing and strap, it’s not something you see every day, which is why I really like the look of it.


Thanks for reading through today’s list of the best see through watches for men. I enjoyed putting this one together, skeleton watches are some of my favourites as I love being able to see the mechanical watch movements at work. What was your favourite? Comment below and let me know.

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  1. I absolutely love see through watches, it’s so interesting watch the movements do their thing. I have one on me that my wife purchased me, she did well that day I have to say!

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