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23 Best Watches For Teenage Boys

23 Best Watches For Teenage Boys 2020 (Updated)

Hello everyone, today we’re going to take a look at 23 of the best affordable watches for teenage boys. There are so many different teenage watches available it can understandably be very difficult to pick the right one.

So I decided to put this list together to showcase the 23 coolest watches for teens. Whether they like digital watches, minimalist watches, or sports watches you’ll find something for every boy featured below.

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To make it easier to skim read through this list of the top watches for teenage boys, we’ve added an ‘affordable option’ into the titles of the cheaper watches to highlight that they are a more affordable watch. These watches still offer great value for money and are well worth checking out if you’re on a sensible budget.


Best Watches for Teenagers

When it comes to the most watches for teenagers I’d recommend looking at some of the cooler more stylish timepieces in today’s list. Brands like Armani, Fossil, and Daniel Wellington certainly top the list at the moment.

These are often mid range designer watch brands for teenage guys but some of them do offer quite good value for money. Daniel Wellington is currently one of the hottest brands of watches for teens right now and I’ve often been very impressed with what you get for the money from them.


Cool Digital Watches For Teenagers

If you’re looking for cool digital watches for teens then there’s a couple of brands I’d recommend focusing on. Casio’s G-Shock range offers a tough yet affordable option – this could be important to you if they’re not know for being too careful with things. Timex are another brand that have always produced solid affordable timepieces that you can’t go far wrong with.

When it comes to the coolest of the cool watches then a higher end Fossil Hybrid or Apple watch could be king. But with such a high end watch comes a high end price. They’re not cheap, but the Apple timepieces have proven to be popular watches for an 18 year old birthday.


Kids Designer Watches

What brands would I recommend in this selection? I think a lot of this comes down to how well the person receiving the watch can look after it. Emporio Armani and Hugo Boss are obvious contenders as they make some extremely stylish timepieces. However, they do cost a fair amount.


Best Watches For Teen Boys

When it comes to watches for teenage boys you want to take into consideration how the timepiece is going to be treated.

If you can trust your teens to look after the watch then you can really go for any of the watches featured below.

If, however, you know there’s a chance they could get a little damaged then I’d recommend looking at the watches that are marked affordable. A brand like Casio with their G-Shock collection are absolutely worth considering if you’re after a hard wearing teen watch.

1. G-Shock AW-591MS-1AER (Affordable option)

G Shock AW-591MS-1AER teenage watches

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One of Casio’s most popular watches is this G-shock model. It features a very interesting display with tons of features. It includes a stopwatch, multi-time zone, countdown timer, and alarm.

The window lens is scratch resistant and the strap is made of a lightweight nylon. This watch is ideal for teens who prefer a sports style watch. Casio is a very popular brand for teenagers due to their affordability and high-quality build.


2. Daniel Wellington 0103DW

Daniel Wellington 0103DW best watches for teens

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Possibly one of the most popular minimalist watch brands right now is Daniel Wellington, they create these beautifully designed low key timepieces that are extremely popular amount teens and young adults making them ideal for anyone seeking the best watches for boys.

This model features a nato style strap that’s very on trend, they do also have a selection with leather straps that have been equally popular. A big benefit of the Daniel Wellington watch brand is how easily the watch straps can be interchanged allowing you to quickly change up the style of the watch.

These are perfect if you’re looking for a smart watch for a teenager.


3. Timex T49962 (Affordable option)

Timex T49962 cool watches for teens

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Perfect for the teenager who prefers being outdoors adventuring, this simple yet effect watch from Timex offers you fair value for money.

It features a durable metal casing design and a long lasting fabric canvas strap. It’s a well-crafted update to the classic field watch. It offers twelve or twenty-four hour time settings.


4. Bulova 96B104 (Affordable option)

Bulova 96B104 watches for teenage guys

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If your teenager is looking for a more mature watch then this simplistic style watch from Bulova may be perfect for you. Bulova are one of my favourite brands and I’ll be featuring at least one more in this list today.

This watch utilises an accurate quartz movement. They’ve kept to a simple yet smart dial design with a small date display. It’s a very nice looking timepiece and great value for money.    


5. Invicta 8926

Invicta 8926 cool watches for teenage guys

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This Invicta 8926 is a very popular watch among adults and teenagers. It’s one of Invicta’s most popular watches and would be perfect for the teenager who is after a more serious watch.

It features an automatic movement and a 200m water resistance. This is a watch I would highly recommend considering.


6. Rotary GS00651/21

Rotary GS00651/21 nice watches for teens

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If you want a watch that looks extra impressive this skeletonised watch from Rotary is absolutely stunning. The dial design is superb, you can see through to the watch’s automatic movement that is bound to fascinate any young watch fan.

I’d say it’s more suited as a special occasion watch, say 16th or 18th birthday as you wouldn’t want them running about in a watch that’s this nice.


7. Sekonda 105827 (Affordable option)

Sekonda 105827 cool watches for teen guys

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This is a really nice affordable watch for a teenager from Sekonda. With a very eye-catching dial design, it features 50-metre water resistance, chronograph timekeeping and luminous markers for easier reading in dim lit conditions.

It’s great as this watch looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.


8. Emporio Armani AR2453

Armani AR2453 good watch for a teenager

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Some of the most popular watches for teenagers are by Armani, it’s a well recognised desired brand among youngsters and they’re very cool watches.

They look extremely smart and stylish and are well built. The black ion plated stainless steel finish gives a very classy look to this timepiece.


9. Sekonda 3078.71 (Affordable option)

Sekonda 3078.71 best watches for teenage guys

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This is another affordable teenagers watch from Sekonda. It has a nice smartly designed dial with that diver’s theme in mind. It looks the part of a divers watch but at 50-metre water resistance, it wouldn’t be suitable for that type of use.

It’s a cheap and cheerful option that looks really nice in my opinion.


10. Casio AQ-S810W-1AVEF (Affordable option)

Casio Tough Solar AQ-S810W-1AVEF watches for young adults

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This is another ideal watch for a teenage guy who wants a sporty watch with great features. The Casio AQ-S810W-1AVEF features Casio’s Tough Solar technology meaning it charges up using the power of the sun.

This is another very affordable option that offers great value for money. Extra features include solar powered, countdown timer, multi-alarm, multi-time zone, and water resistance of 100m. It’s built with an extra durable thick resin case. These watches are built to last.


11. Fossil CH2573

Fossil CH2573 good watches for teens

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This is a very robust and stylish watch from Fossil. Fossil have been making great watches since 1984. They focus on style and are make great watches for teenagers.

The silicone strap makes this a great watch for people involved in sports. If you want something that can handle physical activity yet remains nice looking then this timepiece from Fossil is a must to consider.


12. Emporio Armani AR2447

Emporio Armani AR2447 best watches for young men

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It’s safe to say this is one of the more expensive options on our list today. However, it is one of the most sought after Armani watches by teenagers looking for a designer watch.

If they want a very stylish looking watch from an instantly recognisable brand then this is one to consider. It features chronograph timekeeping and a small date display. It’s a watch that older teenager would love.    


13. Emporio Armani AR5889

Emporio Armani AR5889 cool watches for boys

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Yet again another very popular watch for teenage boys from Armani, and as you’d expect does come with the Armani price tag.

Like the previous model mentioned this one tool has a very smart looking dial display with a chronograph and date display. A big difference, however, is the strap which is silicone coated and extra comfortable.


14. Mudder Montre- 01 (Very Affordable option)

Mudder- montre- 01 cool digital watches for teens

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This watch is perfect for those seeking a very inexpensive digital watch for a teenager. The display is very easy to read and utilizes a Japanese movement.

It features 50m water resistance and has a sturdy rubber build. It’s not as durable as a G-Shock but it is a fair bit cheaper. Great if your teenager just wants a cool looking watch for running around in.

Consider this is one of the cheapest timepieces on the list, it’s an ideal smartwatch for tweens.


15. Bulova 96A175

Bulova 96A175 tween watches

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This beautiful looking watch is one of my favourite relatively affordable options as a watch for a teenager.

It has a very smart design with an impressive strap that has a lot more going for it than some of the other watches featured earlier.

It’s another chronograph timepiece and has a 30 metre water resistance. Bulova make some great accurate watches that look very smart.


16. Fossil FS4487

Fossil FS4487 best watches for boys

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Next up in our list of the top watches for teens is this popular black Fossil watch that’s finished with a comfortable silicone strap and luminous hands for better visibility in dim lit conditions.

A specially hardened mineral crystal dial protects against scratches and you’ll also find the watch has a decent 50m water resistance rating.


17. Stuhrling Original Symphony Ascot Agent

Stuhrling watches for youngsters

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If you’re looking for cool watches for teens then perhaps a Sturhling Ascot Agent could be right for you.

It has an elegant design to it with white contrasting hands that stand out against the black background of the dial, this is paired up with a comfortable genuine leather strap.

Sturhling are one of my preferred brands when it comes to value for money, you can’t go far wrong with them.


18. Nixon Time Teller

Nixon cool watches for boys

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This all black Nixon time teller is ideal for anyone seeking watches for teenage guys. This is more suited to an older teenage boy who’s after something trendy and cool looking.

The Nixon Time Teller features a 3 hand Japanese quartz movement with a double gasket crown and a custom stainless steel flex. It’s water resistance rating is 100m and it also makes use of a hardened mineral crystal glass for scratch protection.

When in comes to cool watches for boys, something in a sleek all black could be perfect.


19. Calvin Klein Time K4N21141

Calvin Klein guys watches

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Another brand popular for teens watches is Calvin Klein. They have a similar following to that of Armani watches.

Teenagers like to go for well known popular watch brands and Calvin Klein certainly fits the bill. This model is built with a strong stainless steel acciaio INOX casing with a 40mm diameter and a slim 7mm thickness.


20. Henry Jay Teens Watch

henry jay teenage watches

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Another popular watch for teens at the moment is this Henry Jay timepiece. It has quite a luxury look to it with its gold and blue colouring but it’s actually a fairly affordable watch.

Details like the coin edged bezel, the magnifyed date display and the crown guard are nice to have a watch. You’ll find the time easier to read in dim lit conditions also due to the luminous hands and hour markers.

The watch features a 100m water resistance rating and is powered by a Miyota quartz movement so all in all, I’d say you’re getting good value for money with this brand.

21. Fossil Men’s Watch FS4813

Fossil watches for teenagers

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Here we have another watch from Fossil that’s proven to be a decent watch brand for teens over the years.

Again they offer very good value for money and a huge range of designs to choose from. This model is quite popular among teenagers at the moment.

It has a style that works well with most outfits so is suitable for evenings out. The watch itself has a nice oversized design with a 44mm casing and an 11mm thickness.


22. Fossil Men’s Hybrid Smartwatch FTW1122

Fossil Hybrid smartwatch for tweens

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Perhaps your teens perfect something with a little more tech in it.

Opting for a hybrid like this model from Fossil offers you an affordable option for a classy looking timepiece with mobile phone connectivity (be sure to check the specifications to make sure this model works with your device).

This watch can track your fitness or your sleep and also notify you of any messages on your mobile.


23. Apple Watch Series 1

Apple watch for teenager

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There’s no denying that Apple makes some pretty cool watches for teens. I think most teenagers would be pretty ecstatic to receive one as a gift.

Due to the price and technology involved with this watch I’d say it’s better suited to teenagers rather than boys as you wouldn’t want to risk it getting broken.

The Apple watch series one has a S1P dual core processor, Ion-X glass, OLED Retina display and a digital crown. For full details on this awesome watch I recommend checking out the details on the specs page.

Apple make some of the best watches for young men who have a keen interest in technology.



I hope you enjoyed having a look through are 23 best watches for a teenager. With any luck, you’ll have a slightly easier time choosing the right timepiece. As always let me know what you thought of these most recommended watches for teenage boys in the comment section below.

If you know of any other nice watches for boys or girls then please do comment below.

8 thoughts on “23 Best Watches For Teenage Boys”

  1. I’ve been looking for a watch for my son to give him for Christmas. I have a budget of around £150 or so. Fossil seems like a safe bet.

    That Hybrid smartwatch by Fossil on number 22 looks good. Does it work with all the modern phones?

  2. When it comes to teenage watches I’m always looking for a compromise between quality and affordability. Like others have mentioned, I think Fossil is quite good for that.

    I like the look of Armani watches but I feel like everyone in my class goes for them, I’m after something a bit different. Perhaps a skeleton watch from Rotary or the like would be good for me? What would you recommended. I want something stylish, yet different and affordable.

    1. Try a Seiko 5. These have exhibition case backs and are accurate. Look great, too.

  3. Do you have any suggestions for teenage watches for girls? I had a search on your site but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Might you be putting one out before Christmas? I’m looking for an affordable watch for my daughter.

  4. I actually think Armarni are decent when it comes to teenage designer watches. My son says his friends all seem to like the brand. As much as they may be costly for what they are (I’m more a Seiko man myself), if the kids like them, that’s the main thing for their age.

  5. I’m looking for a digital watch for my son. Ideally under £100 whilst still being durable enough to survive his day to day activies at school and on the field during lunch. Would a Casio watch be ideal for my son?

    1. Seiko 5.
      Try an snk809 is you want a field watch
      Try an snxs73 if you want something a bit smarter

  6. Armani make some great watches for young men. They seem to be very on trend at the moment, both my sons are after one! Another good brand that makes nice teenage watches is Hugo Boss in my opinion

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