Tissot watches review

Tissot Watches Review – Are They Good?

An In Depth Tissot Watches Review

Hello everyone, today I’m putting together a Tissot watches review followed up by a brief look at some of their most popular timepieces.

I’ll start things off with an introduction to the Tissot brand and their history and also give you some suggestions on the best places to buy Tissot watches online. After that, I’ll be featuring 7 of the best Tissot watches currently available.

Brief Tissot Watches History

In 1853 Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Émile Tissot founded Tissot in the Swiss city of Le Locle, Switzerland. They were the first company to introduce mass-produced pocket watches as well as the first pocket watch with with two time zones displayed in 1853. Later in 1929-1930, they produced the first anti-magnetic watch.

Tissot has a history of being the first to use new materials when it comes to watchmaking. They used plastic in 1971, stone in 1985, mother of pearl in 1987, and wood in 1988.

Since 1983 Tissot has been a member of The Swatch Group Ltd which owns a huge range of brands for affordable, mid-range, and luxury markets.

You can learn all about the history of Tissot watches from their wiki page here.

Tissot watches logoAre Tissot Watches Good?

So are Tissot watches any good? That’s what many of you have come here to find out. Maybe you don’t know the brand so well or you’re just considering the idea of going for a slightly more expensive brand that you’re used too, luckily this article should put your mind at ease.

Tissot has been producing innovative Swiss watches since their launch in 1853. They coupled world-class design with famous Swiss time-keeping technology to offer watches that push the limits of fashion and timepiece development.

Tissot watches are known for their reliability, luxury finish, and elegant designs. Knowing the Tissot brand is part of The Swatch Group is another piece of information that will put most peoples mind at ease. They own brands such as Breguet, Glashutte, Omega, Longines, Hamilton, Calvin Klein and more. When it comes to watch making, they’re one of the biggest and most experienced companies in the world.

Tissot are also the official timekeeping and partner for many sports including basketball, cycling, motorsports, rugby, fencing and ice hockey.

So to conclude on this section, I’d happily say Tissot watches are a brand you can trust and one that produces a stunning, large range of timepieces that offer decent value for money.

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Best Places To Buy Tissot Watches

Obviously, there’s a huge range of places you can purchase Tissot watches from online, but personally, I like to stick to places I’ve personally bought watches from in the past. That way I’m happy knowing my readers get the same quality buying experience I’ve had myself. Below are 3 retailers I recommend for buying Tissot watches.

Watch Shop are an official stockist for Tissot watches with an absolutely huge range available (over 250 watches at present). I’ve personally bought from Watch Shop many times over the years so I’m more than happy to recommend them. View all Tissot watches on the Watch Shop

Goldsmiths are another official stockist of Tissot watches, again with a very large range available including their latest designs. Goldsmiths are a company I usually go to for my higher end watches as places like the Watch Shop don’t keep the full selection of luxury Swiss brands like Goldsmiths do. View all Tissot watches at Goldsmiths.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Amazon before. If you’re after an affordable Tissot watch, this is the place to head. The beauty of buying through Amazon, of course, is the benefits of prime and their (quick delivery of products when available through prime). View all Tissot watches on Amazon.

Tissot watches review

7 Best Tissot Watches For Men

Now we’re finally going to be taking a look at some of the most popular Tissot watches for men. These are some of their best-selling timepieces currently available from the brand. There’s a mixture of designs and styles on show to give you just a hint of what’s to offer from this luxury Swiss brand.

I hope you enjoy today’s list and remember if you have any questions simply comment below and I’ll try to assist you as quickly as I can.

1. Tissot Tradition Men’s Chronograph Watch

Tissot T0636173603700Click here for the latest reviews, ratings, and PRICES on Amazon, Watch Shop or Goldsmiths

First up in today’s list of the top Tissot watches is this Swiss made quartz model with this beautiful PVD rose gold plated stainless steel casing. The Tissot T0636173603700 Tradition chronograph watch is powered by a high end reliable quartz movement for accurate timekeeping.

The dial is finished in this cream colour with rose gold coloured detailings on for the hands and hour markers. There are 3 chronograph sub dials as well as a small date indicator on display.

Key features of this elegant watch include the soft genuine leather strap as well as a quality sapphire crystal glass for excellent protection from scratches.

You can read my full Tissot Tradition Chronograph review here soon.


2. Tissot Men’s PRC200 Chronograph Watch

Tissot T0554171705700Click here for the latest reviews, ratings, and PRICES on Amazon or Watch Shop

 Next up we have another popular Tissot quartz watch. This model features a large easy to read black dial with bold white numerals. The Tissot PRC200 boasts an updated casing design with high-quality sapphire crystal glass and an impressive 200m water resistance rating with a large 42mm diameter.

Powering this Tissot watch is a Swiss quartz 1/10 second chronograph movement with date indicator. The rubber watch strap is a nice addition for those who prefer this style for their diving watches.

You can read my full PRC200 Tissot watch review here soon.


3. Tissot Men’s Classic Dream Watch

Tissot T0334101105301Click here for the latest reviews, ratings, and PRICES on Amazon, Watch Shop or Goldsmiths

 Here we have a much more affordable Tissot watch on show. This men’s Classic Dream timepiece is built with a 38mm stainless steel casing and is powered by a high-end Swiss ETA movement (805.112) for excellent accuracy and reliability.

The 8mm thickness makes this quite a slim watch which I’m sure many people will be pleased with when it comes to smart dress watches. The stainless steel strap on this Tissot watch fastens with a deployment style clasp which happens to be one of my favourite variations.

You can read my full Classic Dream Tissot watches review here once it’s complete.


4. Tissot Men’s Couturier Automatic Chronograph Watch

Tissot T0356271603100Click here for the latest reviews, ratings, and PRICES on Amazon or Watch Shop

Switching things up a little this time around we have a Swiss made automatic watch from Tissot. The Tissot Couturier watches are a higher end selection from the brand. This particular model features a 43mm stainless steel casing that has a thickness of approximately 15mm.

At the heart of this Tissot watch is a quality Swiss automatic movement calibre C01.211. You can view this movement and part of its 25 jewel detailing through the keyhole exhibition caseback on the rear of the watch. Both this caseback and the front lens are made from sapphire crystal glass for excellent scratch protection.

You can read my full Couturier automatic Tissot watch review here soon.


 5. Tissot Stainless Steel Chronograph Swiss Automatic Watch

Tissot T0356271105100

Click here for the latest reviews, ratings, and PRICES on Amazon, Watch Shop or Goldsmiths

In at number 5 we have another variation of the popular Tissot Couturier automatic watch, this time featuring a stainless steel casing that fastens with a push button deployment style clasp.

This model features a high end Swiss automatic movement along with a sapphire crystal glass and a 100m water resistance rating. Like the previous Tissot watch, this model also features a keyhole exhibition caseback.

You can read my full Tissot automatic watches review here soon.


6. Tissot Diving Watch Seastar 1000 Chronograph T-Sport Timepiece

Tissot T0664171705700Click here for the latest reviews, ratings, and PRICES on Amazon or Watch Shop

This attractive looking men’s Tissot Seastar 1000 is ideal for anyone seeking a high end diving watch. The diving inspiration for this Tissot watch shapes both the appearance and functionality of the timepiece.

It features a high visibility dial with bold hands and hour markers that are coated with SuperLumi-Nova for excellent visibility in dim lit conditions. This Swiss made diving watch also features a unidirectional bezel, divers’ buckle and extension with the strap, 300m water resistance rating, and a helium valve to allow the timepiece to automatically depressurize.

Powering this Tissot dive watch is a Swiss quartz movement for reliable and accurate timekeeping. A sapphire glass also gives you an excellent level of scratch resistance which is always handy to have.

You can read my full Tissot Seastar 1000 watch review here soon.


7.  Tissot Men’s T-Race Chronograph Watch

Tissot T0484173705700Click here for the latest reviews, ratings, and PRICES on Amazon or Watch Shop

 The last Swiss Tissot watch that we’re featuring today is this T-Race Chronograph edition. It’s made with this brilliant black ion-plated stainless steel making it ideal for people who like black, men’s watches.

This Tissot T-Race features a comfortable rubber strap with a push button deployment clasp. A Swiss quartz movement is used to power the chronograph watch accurately and reliably. On the front of the watch is a sapphire crystal glass for excellent scratch protection too. Last but not least is the 100m water resistance rating which should prove plenty for most peoples’ needs/

You can read my full T-Race Tissot watches review here once it’s complete.



I hope you enjoyed today’s brief Tissot watches review and the look at their 7 best timepieces currently available. What was your favourite model featured today? Comment below and let me know which one you’d love to own.

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  2. Tissot watch quality is second to none! The Tissot 1853 collection has to be one of my favourites. They’re good watches with excellent design and taste.

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