Guess Watches Review – Are They Any Good?

Hello, today I’ve put together this in depth Guess watches review for you. I’ll be taking a look at some frequently asked questions about Guess watches, teaching you about the history of this brand and of course finishing off with a look at some of the best Guess watches you can buy for under £200. Sounds good right?

The History Of Guess Watches

The Guess brand was founded in 1981 by Georges Marciano, they introduced their first watch ranges in 1984 – the collections were known as “Guess”, “Guess Collection” and “Guess Steel”. Their range of watches has seen extensive growth over they years and can now be found in many department stores over the world. You can learn all about the history of Guess watches here.

Are Guess Watches Any Good? 

But are Guess watches good quality and do they offer value for money? That’s a tricky one to answer as it really does depend what it is you really want from a watch. If you want a rather beautiful and stylish timepiece from a designer brand, and the biggest thing you’re fussed about is the look then by all means go for it.

Here’s the thing – most designer brands don’t pay out huge amounts of money for exceptional movements, so you will rarely find the costlier movements inside of them.

This is of course, no problem for most people who look for designer timepieces. They’re still built well and look very nice and all in all offer fair value for money in my opinion.

How Much Are Guess Watches?

What does a Guess watch typically cost? The majority of their watches can be found for under £150 which is pretty reasonable to me. They’re an affordable watch brand I have no problem recommending.

Where Are Guess Watches Made?

Most of the Guess watch range, like many other well known designer watch brands are made in China.

Where To Buy Guess Watches?

I like to stick to recommending places I’ve actually got a history of buying from. As such if you’re after a Guess timepiece I can recommend checking out Amazon for excellent deals as you’ll often be able to find some discounted Guess watches available there.

Alternatively another highly recommended place I like to buy watches from is The Watch Shop who are dedicated to these products.

Best Guess Watches Under £200 

One of my earlier watch purchases was a nice Guess dress style watch that I bought when I was 16, I was pretty damn pleased with it and have been a fan of the brand ever since. I wanted to feature Guess watches under £200 so we had a range that was available to everyone. Take a good look through and don’t forget to comment with your thoughts at the bottom.


1. Guess Collection X81005G5S 44mm Stainless Steel Case Calfskin Men’s Watch

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Great monochrome design going here, I like the extended date display as it adds an interesting extra feature to the dial. I’ve also always loved the use of blue detailing on watches and feel this achieves it very well.


2. Guess Gent’s Jet Blue Dial & Two Tone Watch W0797G1

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This next watch from guess has a very luxury feel to it. The deep blue and gold has always been a popular choice among watch fans. It ends up giving you a very expensive looking watch at an affordable price.


3. Guess Men’s Quartz Watch with Black Dial Analogue Display and Multicolour Silicone W0366G4

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For those that prefer silicone over stainless steel straps this Guess offers a very comfortable and stylish option.


4. Guess W0247G3 45mm Steel Bracelet & Case Acrylic Men’s Watch

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Another fantastic Guess watch with the Rose gold and blue blended design. The rubber strap makes it a comfortable option for those who don’t like metal straps.


5. Guess Gents Watch Chronograph XL Leather W0076G4 Quartz

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Rose gold casing with the dark tan genuine leather strap is a popular combination. Again they’ve gone for the extended date display. Would make a great gift for someone after a statement dress watch


6. Guess Men’s 45mm Chronograph Gold Tone Steel Bracelet Acrylic Date Watch U0170G2

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Stunning black & gold chronograph from Guess, the U0170G2 definitely gives that luxury feel at a very affordable price. If you’re after a watch that gets notice make sure you take a serious look at this one.


7. Guess Men’s 46.5mm Black Leather Band Steel Case Quartz Blue Dial Analog Watch W0673G4

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The W0673G4 goes for that popular blue style again that has featured a lot in this list. One of the more relaxed styles available but that may well be what you prefer. It’s an interesting design they’ve gone for on the lugs though if you hadn’t noticed that on your first glimpse.


8. Guess Men’s Watch W0040G3

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I really like the textured dial on this one, if you look closely you’ll notice the effect they’ve used and it gives the watch an interesting dynamic. I also think the crown design is pretty unusual, if you like a watch with a bit of unique flair to it this one is worth considering.


9. Guess Men’s HORIZON 45mm Steel Bracelet & Case Quartz Blue Dial Analog Watch W0379G3

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Lastly we have the Guess W0379G3, it’s a rather traditional style watch with a classic chronograph display. If you’re looking for a watch as a gift then this is likely the safest option.


What did you think of our list of the best Guess watches?

So what was your favourite from today’s list? Let me know in the comments section below. My favourite would be watch number 1 the X81005G5S, it’s very much my style of watch and as I mentioned before I really like that date display.

Hope you enjoyed our Guess watches review. Stick around and read more of our most recommended articles below.