5 Best Kenneth Cole Watches For Men

Ok everyone, today I’m going to be looking at 5 of the best Kenneth Cole watches available for men at the moment. I’ve owned my first Kenneth Cole watch for a fair few years now, it was an automatic with an exposed skeleton design, I love it to be honest. I don’t feel the Kenneth Cole brand gets the recognition it should deserve, they really do offer a great range of watches.

You can learn more about the history of the brand in my in depth Kenneth Cole watches review.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll bring in a more extensive list, but for now, you have the top 5 most popular Kenneth Cole watches. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


1. Kenneth Cole Men’s Watch IKC1514


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If you’re looking for a stylish skeleton design watch this could be the beauty you’ve been looking for. The exposed automatic movement looks amazing, I love just watching these things work away. Kenneth Cole do offer a nice selection of these type of watches so it should be interesting to see what else makes the list.

Looking at the size of the watch, the casing diameter is 43mm which is classed as large but these days it’s pretty much the men’s standard that you come across. The thickness of the case is just over 12mm, again classed as large but it’s not going to be too chunky in my eyes. They’ve decided to go for a mineral glass which is what I would expect for this price range.


2. Kenneth Cole Men’s Watch IKC1945


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This Kenneth Cole watch has a rather interesting look to it, I love the design on the dial with the use of the day and date display here. It’s a dial design they went with for a few of their watches in the past but this is likely the only one making it into this list today. Other than the dial design I think the colour scheme is, well, interesting. Let’s just say I don’t really like it, but a lot of other people obviously seem to do.

Looking at some specifications, the diameter of the watch casing is 44mm, again just slightly above average and it has a thickness of 11mm which if an average size. It going to have a standard fit on your wrist, not too small, not too big. As expected, and likely with all the watches in this post it has a mineral glass. Mineral glass is specially hardened to resist most scratches, at this price range it’s what you would expect.


3. Kenneth Cole Men’s Watch IKC9115


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I love this style of watch design on the dial with the semi see-through style. I also like the extra little detailing on the crown of the watch with the studded effect. It’s similar in size to the other watches with a diameter of 44mm and a thickness of 11mm. The day and date display almost looks like a chronograph dial so it could be a bit misleading to some, but still looks good.

One thing I do really like about this watch that you can’t see in this photo is the push release fold over clasp. I just don’t like the basic fold over clasps you see, so anything different is a benefit to me.


4. Kenneth Cole Gents Watch Day Date KC3787


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A great thing I love about these Kenneth Cole watches is the huge variety of styles available. We have something totally different to look at again. With this watch we have the classic rectangular design that you don’t see as often as I’d like to be honest. They’ve gone for an interesting take on the dial design, let me know what you think of it in the comments as I’m not really too sure on it. Although it does have just a standard fold over clasps it still has a hardened mineral glass finish.


5. Kenneth Cole Mens Black Leather Strap Automatic KC8089


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Similar to watch number one this Kenneth Cole has a stunning exposed skeleton design to it. The automatic movement in these watches is something you can just waste hours starring at.  When it comes to sizing it’s very similar to the previous watches having a casing diameter ot 44mm and a thickness of 13mm, perhaps just a tad chunkier than others.

It has a hard wearing feel to it with the exposed screws on the case and a hardened mineral glass. It will resist most scratches, some others can be buffed out but it won’t protect to the level of sapphire glass, and you shouldn’t expect this in this price range.

As much as it has a similar design to watch one, this watch is almost half the price, and interesting thing for you to ponder over if you aren’t sure which one to go for.



Thanks for taking the time to have a look through, what was your favourite in today’s list? Comment below and let me know.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m somewhat a fan boy of their affordable brand design, they offer something different that the normal joe can get hold of.

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  1. I’ve recently purchased a Kenneth Cole automatic watch from Chennai, India. I’m worried whether it is authentic or not ! Are automatic watches powered by a battery source? Do i need to replace batteries? Kindly, instruct & give care instructions, regarding winding & other important aspects.

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