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How to Wear Jewelry and Make It Look Great With Your Outfit

Whether you’re looking to add interest to basics like jeans and a tee or complement a formal ensemble, jewelry can make any outfit look great.

That said, learning how to wear jewelry isn’t as easy as throwing on any old necklace or pair of earrings. And, while we’re all for making your own fashion rules, there are ways to ensure your jewelry choices look well-considered and fashionable rather than haphazard or misjudged.

Want to know how to combine your favorite clothes and jewelry? Keep reading to find out what jewelry to wear to make any outfit shine.

Define Your Style

To define your style, take a look at your collection of clothes and jewelry. Are you into more bohemian looks, do you prefer retro pieces, or are you more of a minimalist?

Try on different combinations to see what makes you feel good. After all, the best clothes and jewelry choices are those that match your sense of style and make you feel comfortable. This practice will also help you learn how wearing jewelry you love is often better than following trends.

Accessorize for the Occasion

One of the most important lessons to learn is how to match jewelry to the occasion. If you work in a corporate environment or are attending a formal event, conservative and minimal jewelry is best.

You can still stay true to your style by choosing your favorite metals, stones, and shapes. But remember that studs are more suitable than oversized earrings while dainty necklaces and slim bracelets are more appropriate than chunky chains and big bangles.

However, if you’re headed out with friends or to an informal party, leave the conservative clothes and jewelry at home and opt for fun and daring accessories.

Complement Your Clothing

The clothes and jewelry you wear should complement each other rather than clash or create a distraction.

For example, animal prints and colorful stripes don’t need much accessorizing. If your outfit is already eye-catching, avoid layering necklaces over the top. Instead, a bold yet understated pair of earrings should be enough to create the perfect look.

For more basic outfits, a necklace or layered chains can help bring your look together. But remember to take your neckline into account to ensure that your necklace is visible and well-placed.

The same goes if you’re wondering how to wear an ankle bracelet. Pants that fall too low on the leg won’t show off your anklet as well as cropped pants or a skirt.

Mix and Match

If you’re into different metals, feel free to combine them for an edgy, fashion-forward look. Another way to mix and match your jewelry collection is to play with textures and sizes by stacking or layering for an individual look that’s personal to you.

Not sure how to wear jewelry together like this? Experiment by combining pieces to see what works, including both statement and minimal items for a contrasting yet complementary effect.

How to Wear Jewelry to Complement Your Outfit

As these tips show, it can take some time to understand what jewelry works well with which clothes, as well as how to choose the right pieces for different occasions and looks.

But once you’ve mastered the art of how to wear jewelry, you’ll find it much easier to try new combinations while letting your style and confidence shine through.

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