Raymond Weil Watches Review – Are They Any Good?

In Depth Raymond Weil Watches Review

So today I’m taking the rare opportunity to have a peek at a the luxury watch brand, Raymond Weil. Now Raymond Weil was founded back in 1976 in Geneva and is one of the last independent luxury Swiss watch brands in the industry. I would say they are one of my preferred luxury brands and at present I have just the one in my personal collection. Having completed this list of the best selling most popular Raymond Weil watches however, I’m thinking of adding a second watch.

I hope you enjoy having a look through the post, let me know what your favourite is in the comments below.


1. Raymond Weil Maestro 4830-STC-05659 41mm Automatic Stainless Steel Case Black Calfskin Anti-Reflective Sapphire Men’s Watch

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First up in my Raymond Weil watch selection is this automatic edition. It’s a great looking watch with very good parts as you would expect from this brand. It features an anti reflective sapphire glass which is some of the best protection you can get on a watch. At this price you would expect to get sapphire glass so I’m happy this watch has it.

It’s utilizing an automatic movement meaning you’ll it charges up from the movement of your wrist, all you’ll need to do is the original first full wind. Looking at the size of the watch it’s all pretty standard, the casing diameter is 41mm which is classed as large, and has a thickness of 12mm also classed at large. These days 42mm is the average diameter you tend to find.


2. Raymond Weil Men’s Leather Band Steel Case Automatic Silver-Tone Dial Analog Watch 2827-STC-65001

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I actually like this one a hell of a lot more than the previous watch. I love when watches showcase the automatic movement and this watch does it in a very subtle way keeping the rest of the dial design very clean and simple. It also has an exhibition case back meaning you can see all the movement through the back of the watch.

Overall they design is very sleek with a smart all round design, I think the blue detailing on the hands and hour markers has been done exceptionally well. As you would expect the glass is a sapphire anti reflective crystal again, nothing but the best for Raymond Weil watches.

It’s actually ever so slightly smaller than the previous watch, this one has a casing diameter of 39mm which is a medium size, and a thickness of just 9mm, also classed as medium but it will likely feel a little thinner than your average watch.


3. Raymond Weil Freelancer 2770-ST-20011 38mm Automatic Silver Steel Bracelet & Case Anti-Reflective Sapphire Men’s Watch

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Moving on to something slightly different for watch number 3, leaving behind the leather strap watches. This is an interesting watch from Raymond Weil, it’s an extremely simplistic design dial with a creative date display. Like the other watches it does have an exhibition case back which I am a fan of, if you create such a stunning mechanism you’re doing a disservice is you don’t show it off.

Looking at the size and features now, as expected it has a sapphire glass front, I don’t personally agree with paying this type of money for anything less than sapphire. The casing diameter size is 38mm, similar to the previous watch. The thickness of the casing is 10mm so it’s considered average size.


4. Raymond Weil Men’s Steel Bracelet & Case Swiss Quartz Silver-Tone Dial Analog Watch 5484-ST-65001

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This is definitely a cheaper option for those looking to add a Raymond Weil to their collection but don’t quite wish to pay the level that most of their watches deserve. As you would expect with a lower cost option you don’t get the same quality in the parts. Instead of a sapphire glass this watch features a hardened mineral glass, they’re designed to resist most scratches but it’s no as good as the sapphire.

However it does have a nice simple designed dial with a Swiss made quartz movement. It’s an interesting use of a secondary dial for the seconds which I think was pretty clever. The strap also has one of my preferred clasps with a push button deployment instead of a standard fold over.

When it comes to size, it’s similar to the previous models again with a 39mm casing diameter and a thickness of 8mm.


5. Raymond Weil 2837-PC5-65001 Automatic Gold Plated Stainless Steel Case Brown Calfskin Anti-Reflective Sapphire Men’s Watch

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So this one is by far my favourite, the rose gold casing blended with that dark leather strap, stunning. Also check out the detailing on that dial it’s very impressive. This is a watch I would be more than happy paying this much for and would be proud to have it as part of my collection.

When it comes to the watch features, as you would expect it has a anti reflective sapphire glass with a mohs hardness rating of 9, good luck scratching that. Like some of the previous watches it’s also using a automatic watches, I do prefer these over standard battery watches as they charge up using the kinetic movement of your wrist.


6. Raymond Weil Men’s Parsifal 41mm Black Leather Band Steel Case Automatic Analog Watch 7260-SC5-00208

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So this one was an interest last edition, and it’s the most expensive. Would I personally go for this one? Nah I’m all over number 5 myself. But different people understandably have different designs they prefer, and if you’re after a watch that going is to get noticed, you can’t go far wrong with this. It has a very luxury ‘look at me’ style to it, I can imagine people constantly spotting this and wanting to know what it is and where you got it etc. Let’s be honest who doesn’t like it when people take a massive interest in your watch.

It has all the quality parts you would expect, an anti reflective sapphire glass which is some of the best protection available. It utilizes an automatic movement which is Eco-friendly and powers the watch from the kinetic movement of your wrist. The case actually has 18k Rose gold plating which is very nice.

If you have this type of money available to you, then it’s worth considering.



I’m really loving the watch number 5, I’m going to have to get it soon I think. Raymond Weil continues to offer quality luxury Swiss made timepieces so it’s nice to take a moment to feature them on the site, I don’t often feature luxury brands but my continue to add them in every now and then as it is nice to look at watches of such high quality.

If you’re looking for something a bit more in budget why not check out my 100 most popular watches under £500.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments, cheers and having a nice day.

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