Dreyfuss and Co Watches Review

A Dreyfuss & Co watches review

Hey everyone, today I’ve put together a Dreyfuss & Co watches review for you to have a read through. I’ll be talking about the hisotry of Dreyfuss & Co watches along with a look at the overall quality of the brand. I’ll finish things off with a look at 5 of their most popular timepieces

So who are Dreyfuss and Co watches? The Dreyfuss and Co brand is actually part of the Rotary watches company. Established by Moise Dreyfuss in 1895 Rotary watches Ltd began in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

In the 1920s members of the family Georges and Sylvain Dreyfuss started to import Rotary watches into the British market. This later grew to one of Rotary’s most successful markets. Since 2014 Rotary watches Ltd has been owned by Citychamp watch & Jewellery Group Limited. Citychamp was previously known as China Haidian Holdings, an investment holding company.

 Are Dreyfuss & Co watches any good?

Ok so now you know a bit about the history of Dreyfuss & Co watches and the fact they’re actually part of the Rotary watches brand. But are Dreyfuss and Co watches actually any good? That’s what you really want to know isn’t it?

The Dreyfuss & Co watches were introduced by Rotary as a more exclusive brand with higher end quality timepieces available. They’re more up-market than Rotary and are typically Swiss made with Swiss movements at the heart of them. Many of them feature sapphire crystal glass and decent water resistance ratings.

Dreyfuss & Co are not some fly by night brand. They build high quality, premium watches that offer you resonable value for money in my opinion. I personally have my eye on watch number 3 in today’s list, I’d love to add it to my personal collection.

dreyfuss and co watches review

 5 Best Dreyfuss & Co Watches

Below I’ve put together a list of a few of the most recommended Dreyfuss & Co watches currently available. This is just a small sample of what’s available and is designed to give you an idea of the type of watches this brand offers.

If you have any questions about any of the watches featured below simply comment at the end and I’ll try to assist you as best I can.



1. Dreyfuss Co Men’s Automatic Vintage Style Dress Watch

Dreyfuss co DGS0010210View the latest details and prices on Amazon or Watch Shop

First up in today’s list of the most popular Dreyfuss & Co watches currently available is this vintage inspired men’s dress watch. The casing of this Dreyfuss co watch is made with a PVD rose gold plated stainless steel. It has a diameter of 40mm with a thickness of 11mm. This has been paired up with a soft genuine leather strap in black.

The dial features a soft salmon colouring with rose gold toned hands and baton style hour markers. There’s also a simple date indicator at the 6 o’clock position on the dial.

Powering this rose gold coloured Dreyfuss and Co watch is a Swiss made automatic for reliable timekeeping. Automatic movements are powered by the motion of your wrist and never require a battery. A mineral crystal glass also protects from scratches and shattering.

You can read my full Dreyfuss and Co DGS00102/10 watch review here soon.


2. Dreyfuss & Co Men’s 1953 Chronograph Watch

Dreyfuss and co DGS00032/04View the latest details and prices on Amazon or Watch Shop

 Up next in our list of the top Drefyss men’s watches is this elegant looking classic styled Swiss made watch. This stunning Dreyfuss & Co men’s watch is made with a 40mm stainless steel casing that has a thickness of 11mm. It’s been paired up with a black genuine leather strap that with a special buckle clasp.

The dial features a super-stylish textured black design with 3 chronograph sub-dials on display as well as a date indicator at the 4 o’clock position. The hands and finished in a silver tone along with the hour markers to stand out on the dial.

At the heart of this Dreyfuss & Co watch is a Swiss made quartz movement. This provides you with a excellent timekeeping and reliability as quartz movements require very little maintenance. A sapphire crystal glass lens give you a very high level of scratch resistance as it has a Mohs hardness rating of 9. The timepiece also features a 50m water resistance rating.

You can read my full DGS00032/04 Dreyfuss & Co watches review here soon.


3. Dreyfuss Co Men’s 1974 Swiss Quartz Watch

Dreyfuss DGS0014206View the latest details and prices on Amazon or Watch Shop

 This has to be one of my personal favourites from Dreyfuss & Co watches. This is a rectangular timepiece built with a PVD rose gold plated stainless steel casing that has a width of 30mm with a casing depth of 9mm. This is paired up beautifully with a brown coloured genuine leather strap that fastens with a deployment buckle clasp.

The dial design on this Dreyfuss and Co watch is very impressive. It features an inner textured section that hold the blue tinted hands and a separate sub dial for the seconds hand. This textured section is then surrounded by black, bold, Roman numeral style hour markers. There’s also a date indicator at the 3 o’clock position on the watch.

Like the previous watch, this timepiece is powered by a high quality Swiss made quartz movement. Quartz movements provide accurate and reliable movement and require little maintenance.

You can read my full DGS00142/06 Dreyfuss & Co watch review here soon.

4. Men’s Dreyfuss & Co Chronograph Watch 1953

dreyfuss and co DGB0003206View the latest details and prices on Amazon or Watch Shop

 In at number 4 we have this impressive looking chronograph timepiece from Dreyfuss and Co watches. The sleek Dreyfuss Co 1953 model is built with a large stainless steel casing with a diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 11mm. The classic stainless steel bracelet fastens with a hidden deployment style clasp.

The dial features a nice textured style background in a silver colour which allows the gloss black sub-dials to pop out at you making them easier to read at a glance. The white hands and hour markers can be a little hard to spot at times, but overall, this doesn’t take away from the quality of the watch.

Powering this Dreyfuss & Co chronograph watch is a Swiss quartz movement for excellent timekeeping and reliability. A sapphire crystal glass provides you with an high level of scratch and knock resistance with its Mohs hardness rating of 9. This model also has a water resistance rating of 50m.

You can read my full DGB00032/06 Dreyfuss and Co watch review here soon.


5. Dreyfuss & Co Men’s 1924 Calibre 39 Manufacture Mechanical Watch

Dreyfuss co DGS0016419View the latest details and prices on Amazon or Watch Shop

In at number 5 we have this very impressive Dreyfuss & Co mechanical watch. It’s built with a stainless steel 46mm casing that has a thickness of 12mm. This is accompanied by a black genuine leather strap that has contrasting white stitching for detail.

The dial has a bit of a pilots watch style inspiration to it with the large and bold high visibility hands and numeral style hour markers. Theres a coating of lume on the hands and hour markers which makes them easier to read at night.

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The timepiece is fitted around the centrepeice Calibre 39 movement. This is based on the Eterna Calibre 30 and is completely built in house. You can view the movement working away through the rear exhibition style caseback, one of my favourite features on a watch. As the watch runs on a mechanical movement you will need to manually hand wind this timepiece.

You can read my full DGS00164/19 Dreyfuss and Co watches review here soon.


Where to buy Dreyfuss & Co watches

If you’re looking to buy a Dreyfuss and Co watch I recommend taking a look at either of the following retailers. Both of these have a large collection available so there’s more than likely to be something that takes you fancy.

Dreyfuss and Co watches on Amazon

Dreyfuss and Co watches on Watch Shop



Thanks for taking the time to read through today’s Dreyfuss and Co watches review. What was your favourite model from today’s list? Comment below and let us know.

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2 thoughts on “Dreyfuss and Co Watches Review

  1. Leyton says:

    Are Dreyfuss watches any good? hmmmmm, my one has run well for 3 years now. I’m considering adding another one but would want to make sure they’re still up to standard. If anyone has bought one of their newer models I would like to know what you thought of it?

  2. Cain Morton says:

    I purchased a Dreyfuss & Co skeleton watch recently, it’s an absolute dream of a watch.

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