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Top 18 Affordable Watches With Sapphire Crystal

Top 18 Affordable Watches With Sapphire Crystal

Why Sapphire Crystal?

When it comes to wrist-watches, many companies and distributors go on making claims of longevity and durability for their timepieces but it’s a known fact that only a few live up to their claims.

The scratch resistance of timepieces has always been an aspect to be improved upon over the course of watchmaking history but today, we have an amazing contending material that gives scratch-resistance a new definition, “The Sapphire Crystal“.

Sapphire is the second strongest element according to Mohs’ Scale with a Solid 9 scaling. This gives us a rough idea of how advantageous Sapphire can be when compared to regular glass.

A regular glass window covering the watch-face is certainly liable to withstand a few accidental bumps and scratches occasionally, and this will certainly leave marks on the glass window at one point or the other, it’s inevitable.

While a Sapphire crystal window might be more expensive than a regular glass window, but a tougher and durable glass window to protect the appealing look of your watch is worth every penny on the long run.

Apart from being stronger than regular glass, Sapphire crystal also boasts incredible resistance to scratches with the only exceptions being Diamonds and Silicon Carbide. Unless your sapphire crystal watch window is tackled with objects made of diamond or silicon carbide, your sapphire crystal watch is pretty much impenetrable to the point where you choose to attack it with a diamond for some reason.


Cheap and Affordable Watches with Sapphire Crystal

While the main aspect which would drive people away from choosing Sapphire Crystal coverings for their wrist-watches is the price tag when compared to a regular scratch resistant, below is a compiled list of watches that offer Sapphire Crystal protection for a much better and affordable cost.

Here you can find the Cheapest watches with Sapphire Crystal and choose the best watch brands with Sapphire Crystal.

18. Casio Wave Ceptor Men’s Watch LCW-M170TD

Casio Wave Ceptor

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This amazing timepiece from Casio not only displays the company’s competency in watchmaking but also on the features they market at a particular price range.

The Casio Wave Ceptor, tagged at only £204.1, boasts Casio’s Wave Ceptor technology and a complete Titanium Build.

According to the Wave Ceptor Tech, Casio markets precision in its most concise form: A powerful, tiny antenna receives signals from six stations around the world thanks to Multi-Band 6 technology. Once the local time zone is configured, the watch is set virtually precisely to the atomic clock, wherever you are in the world. The power consumption of the watch is also extremely low.

Apart from that, the other features include

  • Display Illumination; The watch dial or display illuminates at the touch of a button, helping you to see everything, even in absolute darkness.
  • Daily Alarm; The daily alarm reminds you about recurring events with an acoustic signal at the time you have set.
  • Waterproof; Taking a shower or bath with this watch is not a problem. It has been tested for water resistance up to 5 bar/50 meters.

And the Main feature that we’re all reading this review for.

  • Sapphire Glass; Sapphire glass offers impressive durability and scratch resistance, allowing damage, scratches and tarnishing to be prevented.

The Casio Ceptor is slim, elegant and very light-weight with a clean, uncluttered face. This minimalistic design appeals to the simplicity and quality aesthetics of Casio’s Tradition.

The flat sapphire crystal covering does a good job at providing good visibility and readability even at very oblique angles so you can just glance at it and check the time very unobtrusively.


17. Mondaine Men’s Evo2 40 mm Sapphire

Mondaine Watch

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Mondaine timepieces offer the unification of timeless Swiss design with function, form, and invention.

Pure in both its technical and aesthetic quality, Mondaine wears the internationally revered ‘Swiss Made’ stamp of approval alongside its iconic status with pride.

Mondaine is an original Swiss watch brand in form and creation. Built using the Swiss pillars of design, craftsmanship, and technology, Mondaine’s DNA is perfectly set for our modern time.

The new Mondaine SBB evo2 has been subtly refined for contemporary life and a scratch-proof sapphire crystal has been added for better readability and extra protection. The slightly rounded shape with an almost seamless transition to its case back has been ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort.

Refined case lugs and a new functional crown sit in perfect proportion for precise balance. Timeless Swiss design with a twist. Unisex size, Highly visibility, Iconic design. Features easy-to-adjust, comfortable mesh bracelet and a large date window for ease of readability.

This scratch proof sapphire crystal watch equipped with Swiss Tech ensures longevity and improved readability of the watch dial along with the extremely comfortable stainless steel mesh band making it easier to keep it on for longer intervals without straining your wrist.

This amazing and cheap Swiss watch with sapphire crystal priced at £196.00 makes for an excellent choice for people who’re out to try the Sapphire Crystal trend.

16. Tissot Men’s Watch Le Locle Powermatic

Tissot Mens watch

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With a price tag of £396.08, this timepiece by Tissot is a unique watch that speaks for itself.

From the classy aesthetic design to the look and feel of the watch dial, the Tissot is a timepiece that is the love of every classical watch collector.

The watch has a relatively humble collection of features which include

  • Sapphire Crystal Window Lens
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Swiss Automatic Movement
  • Premium Leather Strap

Overall, a good classical and minimalistic timepiece, preferring classical aesthetics over blingy designs along with the Sapphire Crystal Window lens.


15. Luminox Black Ops 8880 series

Luminox Military Watch

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The first thing you’ll notice when taking a closer look at the Luminox Black Ops is the sturdiness of the build quality.

The Swiss company has poured in their resources into making the timepiece match its military naming scheme.

The black ops 8880 features a carbon case compound strap instead of the generic stainless steel, titanium and leather straps that most watchmaking companies go for. This is done in order to give the watch the ability to deal with the outdoor environment better.

This amazing Swiss watch fortified by the Sapphire Crystal window lens features the following functions;

  • LTT Luminox Light Technology; provides constant night visibility for up to 25 years, without pushing a button or recharging. Swiss technology featuring tiny gas lights on the hands, hour markers and on the bezel.
  • 20 ATM Water Resistance
  • Protected Double-gasket security Crown
  • Sapphire Crystal Window Lens with Anti-reflective Coating
  • Swiss Made Quartz Movement
  • 24 Hours Military Time indication

If you’re a fan of Swiss Watches and want to go for a watch that features Sapphire Crystal Lens, then the Luminox priced at only £355.00 is an amazing option to consider.


14. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Watch with Black Dial Chronograph Display and Silver Titanium Bracelet CA0260-52E

Citizen Eco Drive Watch

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An Eco-Drive model paired with Sapphire Crystal protection are the ingredients for a potentially immortal watch when considering the aspect of longevity.

Citizen is known for its reputable Eco-Drive watches and the general consumer feedback to this amazing lineup of timepieces. The Eco-Drive watches offer an incredible battery life to the wristwatch while the Sapphire Crystal provides incredible scratch-resistance and longevity to the face of the timepiece.

Apart from this combination, the CA0260-52E comes with the following features

  • Precise Quartz Movement
  • Water Resistance up to 100m
  • Day and Date Calendar
  • Silver Titanium Bracelet
  • Protective Sapphire Crystal

While the watch lacks an atomic timekeeping feature, the Precise Quartz movement is more than enough to meet the needs of someone who likes his watch keep time fairly well over a long period of time.

A well affordable wristwatch with Sapphire Crystal Protection.


13. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive AT4000-02E

Mens Citizen Eco Drive Watch

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Apart from the Sapphire Crystal window, The Citizen AT4000-02E features the company’s trademark technology, The Eco-Drive.

Fueled by Light and never needing a battery, the AT400-02E features a handsome interior design protected by the tough and trustworthy Sapphire window lens.

This amazing timepiece comes with Citizen’s precise Quartz Movement and Atomic timekeeping providing the maximum precision in timekeeping.

The price is a little hefty but certainly within affordable range at only £319.00 but this is a modest price tag for a watch that is built to last.

From looks and aesthetics to the build quality and functionality, the Citizen Eco-Drive AT4000-02E is certainly top class when choosing a good watch with Sapphire Crystal protection.

This timepiece not only offers incredible longevity to the watch face window but also provides battery life of the same tier. It’s like a 2 for 1 deal, but only better.


12. Bulova Men’s Leather Strap Moon Watch

Bulova Moon Watch

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The Bulova Moon watch gets its name and aesthetical design from its early Bulova Ancestor which was worn during the Apollo 15 Moon Landing Mission.

This Lunar Pilot watch has been authentically recreated and has been updated with exclusive high-performance quartz technology for unparalleled timekeeping accuracy to within seconds in a year.

The Main features of the Bulova Moon Watch include

  • Luminescent Hands
  • High-Performance Quartz Movement; Bulova’s exclusive Three Pong Quartz Crystal increases the standard vibration frequency to 262kHz which is eight times greater than a standard Quartz movement, providing unparalleled accuracy.
  • Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Strap
  • Tachymeter
  • Chronograph
  • 31 Day Calendar

Overall, the Bulova Moon Watch is a really nice timepiece which will inevitably be compared to its Omega Predecessor. The Sapphire Crystal window ensures that the watch-face will stay in an immaculate condition from the time you purchase it.


11. Davosa Swiss Ternos 16155550 Diver

Davosa watch for men

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Although the general consumer may not know about the Swiss Brand Davosa, it is by no means because it is not comparable to the other Swiss Watchmaking Giants, but because they chose to keep their target market localized.

Davosa makes amazing diving watches and the Ternos series clearly reflects their competency in watchmaking.

Diving takes you into previously undiscovered spheres and into some of the last unchartered waters of the earth. Whether as a hobby or calling, it is a sport that demands resilience, good condition, strong nerves and a love of adventure on the part of the diver.

One of the basic requirements of diving is to minimize the risks as much as possible, which is why good equipment is essential. This is where a watch that can resist extremes of water pressure and on which you can count in any situation comes into play: properties that are united in the Ternos series.

The Davosa Ternos is a simply amazing timepiece with a chunky design scheme from the watch indexes to the window dial all protected by the formidable Sapphire Crystal window.

The Davosa Ternos, ranging at £643.80, boasts the following features

  • Analogue Display
  • 40mm Stainless-Steel Case
  • Stainless Steel Strap
  • Unidirectional Ceramic Bezel
  • Swiss Automatic Movement
  • Sapphire Crystal Window Lens
  • Diver’s 200m Water Resistance

Although the price tag is definitely hefty, the build quality and sturdiness of this watch make up for it by adding in the protection of Sapphire Crystal.


10. Hamilton Men’s Analogue Automatic Watch H70455533

Hamilton Automatic Watches

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An incredibly affordable and marvelous to look at timepiece by Hamilton which gives a refreshing change of pace from the mainstream bulky automatic watches being marketed.

This Swiss timepiece features;

  • Sapphire Crystal Window Lens
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Swiss Automatic Movement
  • Analog Display
  • Leather Band with contrast stitching featuring a buckle closure
  • Water Resistance Up to 100m ( 330 ft.); Suitable for swimming and snorkeling

This Swiss timepiece by Hamilton is an amazing choice, there’s not much to say about it than a perfect classy watch paired with the perfect scratch-resistant glass window.



Alpina Watch For men

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This Swiss brand mainly focuses on manufacturing smart-watches aimed at the fitness niche.

But that does not necessarily mean that the company is incapable of producing decent timepieces for regular use. In fact, The Alpina AL-285S5AQ6 is an amazing wristwatch with a simple classy design paired with the Sapphire Crystal window lens.

The Leather strap is extremely comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time and the classic white dial is easy to have a glance at any time of the day.

The watch has the following highlighted features;

  • Sapphire Crystal with Anti-Glare coating
  • Swiss Quartz Movement
  • Date, Calendar, Luminous, Water Resistant


8. Victorinox – Men’s Watch 241727

Victorinox Swiss Watches

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The Victorinox 241727 is another amazing and wonderful Swiss timepiece rocking a Sapphire Crystal protected dial window.

The timepiece is incredibly minimalistic in its design scheme but that’s what makes it even better.

This wristwatch is capable of holding up to your daily outdoor routine and much more. Now on to the main features;

  • Sapphire Crystal Window Lens
  • Swiss Quartz Movement
  • Textile Band Material
  • Water Resistance up to 20 bars of pressure

An overall good Swiss watch for casual use.


7. Tag Heuer Formula 1 Men’s Steel Chronograph Watch CAZ1010.BA0842

Tag Heuer Mens Watch

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The qualities of Prestige, Performance, Avant-Garde Technology and absolute reliability all define the characteristics of the timepieces manufactured by this Luxury Swiss Brand.

Tag Heuer is known best for producing sturdy and tough watches and that’s what they did with the Formula 1 by adding another layer to the cake, the Sapphire Crystal.

The Formula 1 Feature;

  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Swiss Quartz Movement
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Water Resistance up to 600ft. (200m)
  • Date calendar, water-resistant, chronograph, screw-down-crown

A really amazing Luxury watch paired with Sapphire Crystal.


6. Tissot T17158652 PRC200 Chronograph Quartz

Tissot 1853 swiss watches

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Tissot is ranked among the Top Dogs of the Swiss Watchmakers. Their quality and competency can be judged from the design, functionality, and longevity of the machines they produce.

This timepiece from Tissot testifies to the above claim.

The wristwatch includes;

  • Precise Swiss Quartz Movement
  • Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal
  • Stainless Steel Case; Black Dial; Chronograph
  • Water Resistant to 660ft. (200m)

A really good choice if you’re looking for a watch that features Sapphire Crystal and Swiss Quartz Movement.


5. Dreyfuss Mens Analogue Classic Automatic Watch DGS00016/25

Dreyfuss and Co Watches Swiss Made

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Dreyfuss is actually a distributor partner of Rotary, the manufacturer of this watch and as Rotary’s reputation always manages to exceed the expectations of the consumers that review their timepieces, this specific one has done the same.

Steeped in tradition, a Dreyfuss & Co timepiece is the legacy of René Dreyfuss, master horologist, who dedicated his entire life to perfecting the art of watchmaking. The watchmaker’s eye sees the world differently.

A world of precision and passion which is beautifully reflected in the design and aesthetics of this classy timepiece.

This specific model belongs to Series 1925: The “hero” family of the collection that exclusively consists of automatic models and striking features as hinged case backs that offer an insight into the remarkable mechanisms of the timepiece.

The watch features;

  • Sapphire Crystal Window Lens
  • Premium Genuine Leather Strap
  • Swiss Made Automatic Movement
  • Analogue Classic Display

The best classical Swiss watch that you can buy with Sapphire Crystal Lens.


4. Victorinox – Men’s Watch – 241745

Victorinox watches

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At this point, there’s nothing much more to add to the description of the Victorinox collection.

The 24175 features a stainless steel case along with a beautiful matte-black dial window design with glamorous silver indexes and watch-hands.

The main features include;

  • Anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal
  • Luminescent hands and hour markers
  • Swiss made Quartz Alliance Chronograph
  • Swiss Quartz Movement
  • Water Resistant up to 100m (330ft.)


3. Citizen Men’s Navihawk Quartz Watch JY8037-50E

Citizen Navihawk

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The first thing you’ll notice is the number of details imprinted on the face of the watch. While to some, it may be annoying, but to the majority, it has become a trend.

This timepiece from Citizen is powered by their Eco-Drive tech and features an all-black design paired with brilliant silver indexing.

The main features of this watch include;

  • Eco-Drive Technology
  • Sapphire Crystal Window Lens
  • Atomic Timekeeping
  • Perpetual Calendar
  • Two Alarms with countdown timer

An amazing timepiece with a plethora of features. The watch looks great, feels great and most importantly, works great.


2. Glycine F 104 Automatic Watch

Glycine Automatic Watch

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Glycine, famous for its Airman Line wristwatch collection debut, has manufactured another amazing timepiece, the F104.

The aerial ambiance from its design scheme and aesthetics give the consumer a sense of professionalism. The timepiece is relatively humble in the design aesthetics, keeping it simple and classy.

But it is a really amazing Swiss watch that features the Sapphire Crystal window Lens.


1. Rado Centrix R30929712 Diamond Quartz Watch

Rado Centrix Gold Watch with Diamond Swiss Quartz Movement

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The top Contender on today’s List, The Rado Centrix.

This watch is an absolute beast in all aspects such as the design, aesthetics, materials used and the attention to the color details, not to mention the beautiful diamond pieces.

The Rado Centrix is a completely blissful wristwatch to wear and look at and its certain to attract the attention of many eyes towards your sense of style and fashion statement.

The watch features;

  • Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal Window Lens
  • Diamond Studded
  • Swiss Quartz Movement
  • Two Tone Ceramic Gold Plated Stainless Steel Case
  • Water Resistant up to 100ft. (30m)

Overall the best of the best.



I hope that you find the best watch featuring a Sapphire Crystal Lens within your budget and according to your tastes and I hope that going through this list helped you get a better insight on the watch that suits you best.

As always, Let me know what you think about the listed watches and if you own one, how has it served you in the comment section below. I’m looking forward to your feedback!