The Best Affordable Bering Men’s Watches

So today I thought I would take a look at the 5 most popular, best selling Bering watches available for men. It’s the first time I’ve featured them on the site and having found out what great value for money they offer I’m sure I will be featuring them some more in the future.

All these watches feature a sapphire glass front which you rarely see around this price range. The mix of great parts and stunning design work makes these a brand to really consider if you want your monies worth.

You can learn all about the history of this brand in my in depth Bering watches review.

Anyway, I hope you enjoying looking through these most popular Bering watches, do let me know what you think in the comments below.


1. Bering Time Men’s Chronograph watch 10540-404


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Now that’s a beautifully designed dial I must say. They have really nailed that clean and simple style perfectly. I was surprised to see that this watch features a sapphire glass at this price, that’s very good value. For those of you that don’t know at this price range you would normally find mineral glass on watches but sapphire is 3 times stronger than this.

This watch features a large 40mm casing diameter but with a thickness of just 6mm so that’s very slim. This has become popular as of late and you can see why people are latching onto Bering watches.


2. Bering Time Men’s Slim Watch 32139-309 Ceramic


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Another nice looking simple watch from Bering. The bezel of the watch is made of ceramic however the rest of the casing and strap is stainless steel. I like the use of the red and white detailing as well. Like the previous watch this one also has a sapphire glass, incredible value for money yet again.

The casing diameter of this Bering watch is 38mm and the thickness is 9mm which is classed as average. I do love these mesh straps these days, think they are becoming more and more popular at the moment.


3. Bering Time Men’s Slim Watch 11839-404 Classic


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I thought the dial design was a very clever way of displaying the day and date in a different way to your standard display. It’s a fairly clean design which seems to be something the Bering brand do very well in my opinion. It’s a slim profile watch with a case diameter of 40mm and a thickness of just 9mm.

Again I’m very impressed to see the sapphire glass instead of a mineral glass. Sapphire glass has a hardness rating of 9 on the mohs scale making it very effective at preventing any form of scratches on the glass.

If you’re after an affordable watch with nice design and great value for money, do take a look at this one.


4. Bering Time Men’s Quartz Watch Classic 11939-079 with Metal Strap 


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Nice to see a titanium watch make it into this 5 most popular Bering watches list. Titanium is a great material for using with watches as it’s stronger and weighs less. It’s more expensive than stainless steel so you don’t often see it at such an affordable price. It really is all value for money with this watch as like the others it has a sapphire glass front which offers a very high level of protection against scratches.

Looking at the size of this watch it’s a slim line design again with a casing diameter of 39mm and a thickness of just 7mm.

Another one that’s well worth checking out if you’re looking for value for money.


5. Bering Time Men’s Slim Watch 11139-404 Classic



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Perfect example of simplicity in watches done to a high standard. I love that one simple detail of the light blue on the seconds marker, very interesting design feature there. And the date just sits in on the dial so nicely, tucked away a little but visible for when you really need to see it.

As with all the other Bering watches this offers great value for money with the sapphire glass. Like some of the other watches it’s also a slim line design, the case diameter is 38mm and the case thickness is just 6mm. Nice and light weight.



Hope you found this one useful, what did you think of them? I think they’re pretty awesome and I’m a little disappointed in myself for not owning one yet if I’m honest. If these weren’t quite your type of watch do check out the rest of their collection here.

With any luck I’ll be reviewing a few of these in the future so look forward to that coming soon.

My personal favourite from this selection has to be number 5, I really like what they did with the seconds marker there.

As always, comment below and let me know your favourite, and have a great day.

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  1. It’s all about the titanium mesh watch that’s 4th. Considering getting it, would be my third watch I’ve ever bought, what do you think?

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