Casio F-91W

Casio F-91W Review Fantastic Digital Watch F-91W-1YER

Casio F-91W Review

My rating: 9/10. Excellent watch. Value for money.

Today I’m doing a Casio F-91W review. The Casio F-91w is one of the best selling affordable digital watches available. So yes, I am about to spend a good chunk of time writing about a watch that’s this cheap.

The Casio F 91w is a retro style timepiece with that classic Casio rectangular build and digital display. It’s also got quite a lot of handy features that I’ll look at in some detailing later on.

You’ll see from this Casio F 91W review just how great the watch is, and why it’s such a brilliant timepiece that’s remained popular to this day.

Casio F-91W

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Casio F-91W Technical specifications

To start I wanted to quickly showcase some of the general watch specifications of the Casio F-91W. This should give you a chance to quickly grasp some of the important details of the watch before I look into everything in more detail below.

  • Model Number: F-91W or F-91W-1YER
  • Crystal Material: Acrylic
  • Case Diameter: 34mm
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Extra Features: Alarm, Stop Watch, Back light
  • Water Resistance: 30m / 3 bar
  • Strap Material: Black plastic resin


Casio F-91W Design And Build Quality

The Casio F-91W was introduced in 1991 and is still in high demand to this day due to its popularity for the simplistic design that’s reliable and unpretentious, it simply does the job you need it to. The watch has a retro feel to it, of course now being over 25 years old itself. The casing is made of a plastic resin mix giving it this lightweight feel, easy on the wrist. At the end of the day, for a watch to remain this popular over such a long time frame, it must be well made, and it is.

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Casio F 91W Dial

The dial is pretty simple in keeping with the whole ‘straight to the point’ design of the watch. It’s a digital dial with a back light feature to illuminate the watch in dark conditions, making it easy to read. The LCD digital screen showcases all the information for the extra features of the watch too, these I’ll point out later on.

Casio F 91W Sizing

Being an older watch it features a smaller design that some of these modern timepieces we say around today. The case width is approximately 37mm and has a case thickness of 9mm. It’s classed as a unisex watch but it’s worth noting that 37mm is going to look a little big on some women’s wrists. Overall though it’s proved an ideal size for many, it sits nice and flat on the wrist and isn’t overly in your face at all.

Casio F-91W Crystal

This Casio watch features a pretty basic acrylic glass. It’s no surprise to see this really, we’re looking at a very affordable watch, and when it comes to keeping costs down, using an acrylic glass is a decent way to achieve this. Whilst I’m not often a fan of acrylic glass, I think it’s perfectly accepted in this case, with the whole design and pricing in mind.

Strap & Clasp

The strap of the F 91W is made of rubber which is a lightweight, comfortable option for many. The strap itself is a pretty good medium thickness in my opinion, and has a width of 15mm. There’s no extras bells or whistles to the strap, it’s just a simple easy to use design aimed at comfort and durability.


Casio F-91W Water Resistance 

The Casio F-91W features a really basic water resistance rating of 30m also known as 3 bar. Now 30m water resistance really isn’t much, but I’m sure many people won’t be too surprised considering the cost and all. This 30m rating makes the watch suitable for everyday use. Splash/rain resistant. Not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkelling, water related work and fishing.

The thing with water resistance testing is that it’s done in a still environment with no added pressure. So 30m resistance doesn’t mean you can take it 30m deep. The very motion of moving your arm would increase the pressure forced upon a watch greatly from that that it would experience just submerged.

Casio F-91W Caseback

The caseback of the Casio F 91W is pretty basic. It’s a screw down stainless steel case back with some basic produce details along with the word ‘Casio’ engraved on the back.

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The Casio F-91W Movement

The watch is powered by a reliable Japanese quartz movement. This gives the watch accurate timekeeping losing at most around 30 seconds in any given month. Powering the quartz movement is a CR2016 3 volt lithium button battery which gives the watch an average 7 years worth of usage, depending on how often you use the back light and alarm function.


Casio F-91W Extra Features

The F91W has a stopwatch function that can time up to 59:59:99, just below an hour. It can also mark net and split time for lap timing. Another useful feature is the alarm function, this can give you an hourly time beep or a single daily alarm that lasts 20 seconds. There’s also an automatic calendar, although it’s not quite to the same standard as modern ones. This calendar adjusts for the varying amount of days in each month, but can’t account for a leap year as it doesn’t track the year. Last but not least is the backlight feature. A green LED is located to the left of the display, it’s not overly bright or evenly distributed but it does provide enough light to read the screen.

Casio F-91W Pros & Cons

I figured I would take a look at some of the pros & cons of the Casio F-91W and display them in an easy to read format for those of you who love to skim read, I got your back.

Casio F 91W Pros:

  •  Popular retro design
  • Lightweight build
  • Reliable quartz movement with 7 year average battery life
  • Back light for easier reading at night
  • 30m water resistance offers you splash protection and is suitable for everyday use
  • Alarm function
  • Automatic calendar
  • Stop Watch
  • Very affordable


Casio F-91W Cons:

  • The watch features a basic acrylic glass that doesn’t offer much in the way of scratch protection
  • 30m water resistance isn’t very high, it’s suitable for day to day use but you can’t go swimming etc with it


A final Word On The Casio F-91W

So there you have it, a fairly detailed look at the Casio F-91W.It’s no surprise to me why this has proved to be such a timeless popular watch. A lot of people are switching to this retro style with a no fuss attitude, and the Casio F-91 provides just that.

Overall I highly recommend the Casio F 91W, and it deserves it. We took a look at some of the watches benefits and highlighted some of the negatives associated with it but I feel it still whole heartedly deserves the 9/10 that we’ve awarded it.

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Where To Buy The Casio F-91W

I’d recommend buying the Casio F-91W from Amazon here, it’s been a big seller on Amazon and has lots of reviews from other buyers available for you to read through as well. Amazon offers great customer service and Amazon Prime customers can get their watch within a day.

Why not check out some of the other colour variations available on Watch Shop too.


Thanks For Reading

I hope you enjoyed having a read through of this extensive Casio F-91W review. As always let us know in the comments what you thought.