The New Carbon Leather Vanacci Watch


Vanacci Watch 1

I’ve had the pleasure of being sent the new carbon leather watch from Vanacci. Now I’ve got to say, I’m impressed.

This watch is coming out in 2016, as soon as i find out the exact date I’ll update this area and let you know. Vanacci’s website can be found here

First off take a look at this short video from their site.

That Wrist Strap.

Straight away after taking this watch out the box, first thing I noticed was that strap. It’s such good quality. The strap is made using a new type of weave that’s not been seen before on a wrist strap. ‘The micro carbon fibre pattern is a delicate reflection of our GT style weave, but miniaturised to sit neatly on a wrist strap. The pattern its self is fused to a high quality top grain, chrome-tanned leather, making the straps extra supple for maximum comfort’ And provide maximum comfort they did! Out of my collection of over 56 watches I can honestly say this is the nicest leather strap I’ve ever seen.

Vanacci Strap


That Watch Face

I really like the simplicity for the design of the face of the watch, it compliments the strap with the sleek overall feel of the watch. Nice and clear, great use of the Roman numerals on the 12 and 6 marks. The face is a deep blue dichroic colour. This means the watch face can vary from black to a lovely deep blue colour that I think looks great.

vanicci watch

Let’s Look at the Specifications

  • 38mm Case
  • Water Resistant to 3 atmospheres
  • Swiss Movement
  • Stainless Steel Case & Body
  • Carbon Leather Strap
  • Beautifully Designed
  • Luminous Hands

 The Movement

This watch has a Swiss Ronda movement at it’s heart. This is a high quality  movement assembled in Switzerland, perfect for this watch.

Where it was made

This is a feature I’m impressed by. The watch is actually built in Yorkshire. I love the idea of buying something that is actually manufactured in Britain. Honestly can’t find a single fault on the watch, not one stitch out of place.

vanicci creation

Why buy from Vanacci?

From what I’ve seen so far, they quite clearly care about the high quality of their products, and at the same time, don’t overcharge at all. Their website offers a large range of carbon leather wallets with RFID security from £39.99. Hopefully I can get my hands on one sometime to bring you a review of this also.



My honest opinion.

I love the watch, and I think the company as a whole has great potential. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a company that offers such good quality whilst also offering value for money for the customer. I’ve worn the watch for a couple of weeks now and think the weight of the watch is near perfect. I prefer watches that aren’t too weighty. And the 38mm dial is ideal for a smart looking watch in my opinion.

Hope you enjoyed reading my view on the Vanacci watch. Let me know what you think, comment below.