The Watch Blog On Social Media


Hello everyone! First and foremost a massive thank you to all our fans as we’ve now reached over 1000 followers on Twitter @the_watchblog.  Been aiming for it for a little while so it’s nice to achieve this. Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m no twitter professional, I’m just a massive fan of watches. If we’re doing the sort of tweets you like to see, then great. But if we’re doing something that’s just annoying you, don’t just leave us! Let us know how we can improve and we’ll aim to do our best!


Facebook…..oh Facebook why are you so difficult? (Here’s our Facebook link btw) Currently sat with 182 likes which compared to the 1053 is a little sad. The problem with Facebook is that it only shows a tiny % of people who follow you the actually things you share. If we post something on Facebook we’d be lucky if 10% of our fans see the post. The reason Facebook does this is A-it doesn’t want to clog up Facebook users feeds with businesses instead of their friends. And this I can understand. We’re human too, no one likes spam! Point B however is they want us to pay to promote posts which in our type of business we can’t really be doing.

It’s a real shame as we’d like to thing if someone has gone through the effort of liking a page, the’d like at least be shown there posts. The only alternative to this is to post most, for instance 5x as often. This is something you’ll notice the big players like Mashable doing. They’ll recycle their content regularly and it’s unlikely to overlap too often. This is something we may try so bare with us. If you get two of the same post come through, firstly you’ve actually got quite unlucky with that, and secondly we are sorry it’s just something that may happen whilst we are testing out strategies.


Instagram, Completely new to this. Well….2 days. I don’t even have a personal Instagram so i am a complete noob in the respect! As of right now we have 18 followers. It’s a start don’t judge! The idea here is that we can showcase awesome watch picture from around the internet, showcase our #watchoftheday choice. And also be cool to showcase fans submitted pics. You can find the Instagram here @the_watchblog. And again, let us know what you like or dislike and we will continue to improve! (If this computer asks me to change Instagram to pentagram one more time it’s going out the window)


Pinterest we’ve had this a little while but am looking to increase using it as it has been left a little while on it’s own with no updates….poor Pinterest account. Here’s our Pinterest. We’re into a bit of everything here. Whilst primarily watches, we also showcase luxury living pictures, Whisky & Alcohol and also cake. Because why wouldn’t that list of things go together.


G+ anyone….anyone using G+? Just us? Not trying to make you all jealous and come over and join us on G+ but it is currently a super private club of 9 people. With very tough barrier for entry. You have to click this follow button. If you have the skills to achieve that, I suppose we can let you stay. Here the link…I know you want it. The Watch Blog on g+


If you have an interest in social media marketing at all, we’ll be coming back to this in a few months and doing an update. See if we actually learn anything and grow or just stay the same. Time shall tell!


Have a good day everyone, thanks for reading.