Shark Sports Watch Review | Tawny Shark SH446

Hello, today we’re doing a Shark Watches review. I’m specifically looking at the Tawny Shark model, SH446 but I’ll also be taking a brief look at the rest of their collection as well. I was quite happy to be sent this model to review from the Shark watches team. 

You can find this watch on their website here

Shark watches have been around since 1997 but it wasn’t until 2010 that their popularity really gained momentum. Most of their watches are very affordable at under £100 with a wide selection of interesting designs. The Tawny Shark is part of their Shark Fashion series, but you should also check out their Racing Shark and Duo Shark collections.

I’m looking at the Tawny Shark today which was popular enough to receive over double its Kickstarter goal which is pretty impressive. I hope you enjoy taking a closer look at this timepiece with me.

When I first opened up the box I was impressed with the sheer size of the watch. I’m a fan of these oversized designs so a watch with a 48mm casing diameter really appealed to me. I’ve got a medium size wrist so it was ideal for me, people with smaller wrists might not do so well with it, however. It’s also quite chunky with a 14mm thickness but that’s something I quite like on my watches.

The dial has an interesting minimalist feel to it. There’s no numerals or other distractions on the dial. Just simple white lume tipped hands and this interesting date display that they have featured. The date can be a little hard to read at times, but I really like this idea of featuring something a bit different to your standard watch.

The dial is protected by a mineral glass window. Mineral glass is specially hardened to be extra scratch and knock resistant. This is a popular choice for many affordable watches and something I expected to see on this timepiece.

As for the movement, it’s a quartz QTM9. I’ve not heard much about this movement in the past and can’t find any extra information on it. I’ve had the watch for over a month now though and so far it’s kept pretty good time and I haven’t had any issues.

I’m really impressed with the strap, it looks and feels really sturdy, and with a 24mm band width, it goes perfectly with the larger watch design. The strap is made of a genuine leather, it’s comfortable and quite thick that gives it this quality feel and the red stitching looks great too. The buckle is also nice and large, overall the whole strap looks like it would be very hard wearing.

Another interesting aspect of this watch is the crown protector that you can see in the images. At first, I thought ‘this may make it harder to operate the crown’ but I was completely wrong, it actually made it easier which was surprising to me.

The Tawny Shark has a water resistance rating of 30m also known as 3ATM. This makes the watch suitable for everyday use. Splash/rain resistant. Notsuitable for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkelling, water related work and fishing. From a sports watch, I was expecting a high rating to be honest. But if you don’t need it to have a higher rating than 30m then I guess it doesn’t matter much.

As you can see there’s a selection of popular colours to choose from in this range. I’d probably go for the White model for easier reading, but the brown leather strap edition also looks really interesting, tough choices.



Overall the Tawny Shark is quite an interesting watch. If you’re after a watch for its design and style, something that stands out and is bound to get noticed, then this could be a great buy for you. It may not be the watch snobs dream but it’s still going to be perfect for people who like a watch for just being a nice looking watch.

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