Mondaine Stop 2 Go Men’s Quartz Watch A5123035816SBB Review


Mondaine Stop 2 Go Men’s Quartz Watch A5123035816SBB Review.

Hello today I’m doing a Mondaine A5123035816SBB review. It’s only the last few years that here in the UK Mondaine have made a name for themselves. I’ve started to see them popping up in shops and airports and also making it into the most popular brand lists on watch sites and marketplaces.

Mondaine are known for creating high quality watches at an affordable price. This is something people are after more and more these days so has clearly helped with their boom in populairty.

I’ve been wanting to feature this brands watches on the site for a while now so I’m happy to finally be getting round to it. Hope you enjoy.

Anyway I’ll get on with my A5123035816SBB review below and you can find the price on Amazon, enjoy.



My Initial Thoughts On This Watch

After recently seeing so many watches with an abundance of features on the dial it’s nice to finally come across something with a simple clean design. Some people don’t want all this fuzz on the dials and I completely understand where they are coming from. I love how they have nailed the design with the Swiss railway clock theme. Also the parts are all pretty top notch in my opinion. I noticed the sapphire glass front which is always a big plus in my eyes.

A big technical feature that people should take note of is the stop 2 go movement, the second hand stops at the top of the dial for two seconds before the minute hand moves. To achieve this the watch actually manages it’s 60 second rotation in 58 seconds to allow for the 2 second delay. Thus the name, stop 2 go. instead of a gradual rotation of the minute hand it actually ticks along one at a time.

You’ll also notice the detailing of the crown, it’s quite different to what you would normally expect to see on a watch. All these little features add up to make for a stunning watch.

Type of glass

I was very excited to see this watch features a sapphire glass front. This has a hardness rating of 9 on the mohs scale and if very difficult to scratch. If you’re a watch geek like me you’ll love this feature on watches. It’s actually 3 times tougher than the mineral glass you find on most affordable watches, and 20 times tougher than your basic acrylic.

You basically get a very good level of protection on your watch which is always nice to have as the moment I get a scratch on any watch I get a little put off using it, or have to fork out to have it repaired.


It’s a very traditionally sized watch. These days your standard men’s size is a little larger at 42mm than it use to be. This watch has a casing diamater of 41mm which I consider near perfect as my favorite is the 42mm. Not too oversized which is ideal. The thickness of the watch is 10mm which is classed as average.

Overall you can expect this watch to sit very nicely on the wrist with pretty standard sizing for men’s watches these days. The added benefit of the leather strap also adds to the comfort of the watch.


The watch doesn’t have a feature but this is due to it being inspired by the traditional Swiss railway clocks. So you shouldn’t expect to see a date feature on their watches.

Watch strap and clasp

The watch features a nice thick genuine leather strap that’s features in the image below. The width of the strap is 20mm which is standard for a men’s watch. This should all fit in perfectly with the size of the casing.

A5123035816SBB Case Back


Brand: Mondaine

Model: A5123035816SBB

Dial Window Material: Sapphire

Clasp Type: Buckle

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Case Diameter: 41mm

Case Thickness: 10mm

Band Material: Genuine Leather

Band Width: 20mm

Calender: No Date Function

Movement: Quartz

Water Resistance: 3 Bar



Thanks for taking the time to read the review, I think this is a stunning watch from Mondaine and I can see why they’ve grown in popularity so much lately. I love that they found a theme they liked and have really stuck to it. It has some nice parts with it like a sapphire glass and that movement. The fact it’s a Swiss made watch at this price is also a nice bonus.

I think this brand is really going to go places. I’ll hopefully be showing off some of my favorites from them,most the designs are similar but on the cheaper options you’ll have for instance a mineral glass rather than sapphire. Personally I’ll go for the sapphire when given the option but that’s just what I favor.

If this isn’t quite for you maybe check out my top 100 under £500, it was a huge list of stunning watches I put together a while back.

Hope you found this Mondaine A5123035816SBB review useful and enjoyable. You can buy this watch on Amazon Find out the current price here.