Emporio Armani Classic Blue Dial Watch AR2448 Review


Emporio Armani Men’s Quartz Watch AR2448 Review.

Today I’m taking the time to do a Emporio Armani AR2448 review. Continuing on with my Armani review series where I aim to take a look at all of their best selling watches and will hopefully end with comparing them all for you to find the best. Emporio Armani offer one of the most popular affordable watch brands and it’s interesting to look into why. In my eyes, people just love the Armani brand, and that’s ok. Do you want an Armani watch because you want a watch with the Armani brand on it, or do you want something that offers great value for money? If you’re after value for money, take a look around my site, there are some watches that offer immense value for the same money.

To be fair they do offer some stylish watches with great designs at fair price that people love, it’s just sometimes you can getting something just as good for less, maybe check out my top 21 under £200 and have a browse.

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Anyway I’ll get on with my AR2448 review below and you can find out the price on Amazon today, enjoy.

AR2448 review


My Initial Thoughts On This Watch

Now I personally do have a couple of Armani watches in my collection and do quite like them from a style point of view. I think value for money you could look at the Swiss army watches as they have better components for a similar price, but not quite the selection as you find with Armani watches. I am a sucker for a watch with any form of blue in it, I don’t know why, they just look nice, so this dial design obviously appeals to me. This is actually one of Emporio Armani’s most popular watches so it should be good to have a look at the parts and break it all down, although I’m sure most people are here because you’ve 95% made up your mind this is what you want and you like how it looks, I’m talking to you lot about the parts anyway, deal with it haha.

Type of glass

As I was expecting from this watch it comes with a mineral crystal glass front. Mineral glass is specially hardened to resist most scratches and others can sometimes be buffed out. It obviously isn’t as tough as a sapphire glass but that’s the trade off when you go for such a popular brand such as Armani. In all honestly at this price range with most watches you wouldn’t expect a sapphire glass, it’s just the rare gems where you get these.


The diameter of the casing measures 41mm which is just about classed as large, in my opinion the new average for men’s watches is really 42mm so it’s close enough. This is pretty close to the most common size you find on men’s watches these days and it’s what I was expecting it to be around. The thickness of the watch is 11mm which is classed at the top end of ‘average’ basically it’s not too thin, and not too thick, a nice middle ground for a watch if you don’t want anything too chunky.


As with a lot of the Emporio Armani range this watch features a standard date display between the 4 and 5 o’clock position. It’s nice to include a little date display and I don’t expect to see anything more advance on these watches. Most people aren’t after any of the fancy perpetual calender displays etc that you find on more advance watch, they’re after something that looks great and is efficient.

Watch strap and clasp

With a stainless steel strap measuring 20mm it fits in perfectly with the casing size. What I do love is the clasp they’ve gone for, a deployment push button clasp, shown below. These are one of my preferred clasps, I love that they’ve decided not to go for the standard fold over clasp. It’s a massive plus from me for going for this design.

AR2448 back


Brand: Emporio Armani

Model: AR2448

Dial Window Material: Mineral

Clasp Type: Deployment Clasp With Push Release

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Case Diameter: 41mm

Case Thickness: 11mm

Band Material: Stainless Steel

Band Width: 20mm

Calender: Standard Date Display

Movement: Precise Quartz Movement



So that’s another Emporio Armani watch review in the bag, I’m quite enjoying the series because to me it’s quite fascinating that so many people buy these, it’s impressive from a marketing prospective. Armani are a brand that people want, and people are willing to pay for, they offer nice watches with great popular designs so people keep coming back. I have to admit my Armani watch with a leather strap is possibly one of the most comfortable straps I have so they do offer good quality. If you’re after a Emporio Armani watch, it’s definately worth considering that’s for sure. Also why not check out my top 10 Armani watches for men, you may find something you like more.

As always I suggest taking a look around my site, seeing what you can get for your money and having a little think before buying. If you came here because you want someone else to tell you you’re making a good decision, then yeah, I’ll back you up I do love the watch design.

Hope you found this Emporio Armani AR2448 review useful and enjoyable. You can find out the price and more details on Amazon