10 Best Selling Seiko Watches Most Popular Under £100 Of 2016


10 Best Selling Most Popular Seiko Watches Under £100 Of 2016.

Today I’m taking a look at 10 of the best selling Seiko watches for under £100 in 2016. Seiko have actually been around since 1881 but only started making watches in 1924. Seiko are one of the most well known affordable watch brands going and they consitantly bring out high quality watches.

I wanted to focus on watches under £100 to showcase what you can get on a budget, and the quality of the watch you can get. Most of these watches feature a standard hardened mineral glass but I did managed to find one watch with a sapphire front (this is a very good deal if you ask me).

You’ll notice unlike the standard larger 42mm case sizes you find in newer watches these days Seiko has stuck to it’s guns with the traditional 36/38mm case diameter that you’ll find across most of it’s range. I’ve managed to find quite the range of metal, canvas and leather watches with solar and automatic movements.

If you’re looking for the best Seiko watch for the money I’d recommend the 5 series too.

Overall I’m very pleased with the outcome of the list and I hope you enjoy having a little browse through. Let me know what you think in the comments and please share online.


1. Seiko SNXS79K – 5 Gent Men’s Automatic Analogue Watch, Black Dial, Steel Bracelet Grey.

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This is a nice little watch from Seiko, the SNXS79K has a slightly smaller than average casing size with a diameter of 38mm.  It features a hardened mineral glass which is what you would expect on a watch at this price, hardened mineral will resist most scratches and some others can be buffed out.

The SNXS79K also utilizes a automatic movement meaning it runs on the movement of your wrist rather than needing a battery. This is actually one of my favourite movements.


2. Seiko Men’s 5 Automatic Watch SNXS77

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While this may look similar to the previous watch, this actually offers better value. It features a sapphire glass front which has a mohs hardness rating of 9. It’s 3 times stronger than the standard mineral glass you usually find on watches of this price range. You don’t often find sapphire glass on watches below £300 so this is a real bonus in my eyes.

It’s similar in size to the previous watch, again having a casing size of 38mm with a thickness of 12mm. It does also feature an automatic movement so again, no battery required here either.


3. Seiko Men’s 21 Jewels Automatic White Dial Stainless Steel Watch SNK789

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With a casing diameter of 36mm this is almost more of a unisex watch. 36mm is classed as small for a man whilst being large for a woman. there is nothing notably masculine or feminine so I see no reason why you shouldn’t get this watch if you’re happy with the case size. It has an easy to read dial with a clear date display feature.

The SNK789 has an automatic Japanese movement so this won’t require a battery either. I think the white dial adds a nice touch of luxury style, it’s nice to include something a little different in today’s list. Also just to add, the glass is a hardened mineral which as mentioned earlier is what you would expect in this price range. Overall it’s quite an elegant looking edition.


4. Seiko 5 Men’s Automatic Watch with Black Dial Analogue Display and Black Fabric Strap SNK809K2

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This is the first Seiko watch with a canvas strap to make the list. Now personally I’m not a fan of canvas straps, but who cares eh. If you like them then great, the Seiko 5 range offers great value for money. This watch features a automatic movement like the other Seiko 5 watches which is nice. It also has a mineral glass like I was expecting again and a casing size of 36mm. So again if you don’t mind a slightly smaller watch then this could be a good choice. Why not read my full Seiko 5 black SNK809 review next.


5. Seiko 5 Men’s Automatic Watch with Green Dial Analogue Display and Green Fabric Strap SNK805K2

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The SNK805K2 is fairly similar to the previous watch, main difference is the strap and dial colour. The glass is hardened mineral again and the casing size is 36mm again. These days the standard case is closer to 42mm so this is something you have to take into consideration when looking at these smaller watches.

Again this watch has an automatic movement so will never require a battery as it charges itself up from the movement of your wrist. My favourite movements are automatic or the solar powered watches. Hard for me to pick between the two, I just like the idea of never needing to replace batteries.


6. Seiko SNK615K1 – 5 – Men’s Automatic analogue watch, Blue Dial, Steel Bracelet, Grey

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Similar to the rest of the list this is another hardened mineral glass front Seiko watch with a 38mm casing. You’ve probably noticed now that quite a lot of the Seiko watches have smaller sized casings, this seems to be typical across a lot of this series. I do like the design of the dial with the stunning deep blue finish. Each of the markers are luminous making it easy to read in the dark.

This SNK615K1 also features an automatic 21 jewel movement meaning once you’ve done the initial wind up it will keep going utilizing the movement of your wrist and thus never needing a battery.


7. Seiko SNXS75K Gent’s 5 Watch Automatic Analogue Black Dial Steel Strap Grey

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Again we come across another watch in Seiko’s 5 series, this has obviously been a very well performing series for their affordable watches. I don’t want to keep repeating myself but do understand a lot of people skim read. This watch also has a hardened mineral glass which is perfectly fine for this price. Again as with the rest of the 5 series it has an automatic self winding movement that charges up from the kinetic movement of your wrist.

Size wise again this is only a 38mm diameter casing with a thickness of 8mm. If you’re happy with a slightly smaller watch that it’s a great choice. 38mm used to be the standard size for men’s watches it’s just more recently that 42mm has become more popular.


8. Seiko Men’s Solar Watch SNE032P1

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Finally looking into a different style from Seiko, this watch harnesses solar energy to power the watch. I’ve got one of these myself and love that you really don’t have to do anything and your watch just charges up, similar to the automatic watches these no longer require batteries either.

The glass again is a hardened mineral which prevents most scuffs and scratches. The sizing of the watch is similar to the other watches above being 38mm. This is Seiko’s standard size but it’s a little smaller than you find these days.


9. Seiko Chronopraph Mens Watch SKS479P1

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Finally we’ve come across a larger watch from Seiko with a 42mm case diameter. I think this is going to be the only chronograph in the list as you don’t often find many Seiko chronograph watches under £100. Like the others this does have a hardened mineral glass front but due to the cost of the chronograph etc this has a standard Japanese quartz movement and does use a battery.

Now personally I prefer the watches from earlier in the list but that’s just me, I’m not a huge fan of the two tone style myself.


10. Seiko Men’s Quartz Watch Solar SNE049P9 with Leather Strap

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So this is the only leather strap watch of the list. These were 10 of the most popular watches and only the one leather strap made it in, I guess the metal straps are just more popular for these types of watches.

I like that we again have a solar powered watch, no need for battery replacements and will constantly be charging itself up when in sunlight. It’s unlikely to ever run out unless you leave it in a drawer and don’t wear it. Again we have a hardened mineral glass with a 38mm casing size. Most the Seiko watches have kept to this sizing so doesn’t surprise me one bit.



Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed having a little look through at the top 10 most popular Seiko watches for men. If you get a chance why not check out my top 21 men’s watches under £200 next.

I’d love to know which was your favourite so common below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. My favourite has to be watch number two just from a value for money prospective it makes a lot of sense as you’re getting a very high quality watch at a good price.