Casio G-Shock Men’s Watch AW-590-1AER Review


G-Shock AW-590-1AER Watch Review Summary

My rating: 8.5/10. Great watch. Value for money, tough, durable watch.

Hello, today I’m doing a G-Shock AW-590-1AER review. We’re taking a look at another one of G-Shock’s most popular affordable watches today.

I hope you enjoy this AW-590-1AER review below.

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Watch Review

Dial & Case Design

I love the clever design of the dual digital/analogue display on this watch. The hour hand stands out nicely with the use of the red colouring. The whole display has a very easy to read finish to it, there’s an LED light as well as a use of lume on the watch hands. The casing itself is protected by a thick durable resin that protects the watch from shocks and vibrations. Head here if you’re after a digital analog watch.

Type Of Crystal

This model features a mineral crystal glass to protect the face of the watch. Mineral glass is specially hardened to offer a good level of scratch and knock resistance. Another key feature of mineral glass is the shatter resistance which is ideal for this type of active watch.

Watch Movement

As with many of the G-Shock line, this watch uses a Japanese quartz movement. Quartz movements are often used as they are reliable and accurate.

Watch Size

This is another more reasonably sized watch from Casio. The watch casing diameter measures 47mm and has a thickness of 15mm. It’s fair to say this is still a pretty large watch, it’s just not as over the top as many of the other G-Shock watches we see about.


The strap is made of a comfortable rubber resin similar to the one that’s used to protect the casing. It’s thick as well as wide at 25mm and has a very durable feel to it. The strap fastens with a standard buckle clasp.

Extra features

G-Shock are known for their multifunction capabilities and this timepiece is no different. Extra functions of this watch include a world time display, world time display, automatic calendar,  countdown timer, 5 alarms, super led light, stopwatch.

Water Resistance Rating

The water resistance level of this watch is 200m, this is what you find in many of the G-Shock watches and something I’m always impressed with. A rating of 200m / 20 Bar / 600ft makes this watch suitable for professional marine activity, serious surface water sports and skin diving.


Watch Specifications

  • Band Resin strap, standard length, 25mm width, standard buckle style clasp.
  • Case Stainless steel casing with resin surround, sizing diameter: 47mm and thickness: 15mm.
  • Dial Digital/analogue display. The window lens is made of mineral glass, this is specially hardened to be resistant to scratches and knocks.
  • Movement Accurate Japanese Quartz movement.
  • Water Resistant A water resistance of up to 200m / 20 bar.

Watch Advantages

  1. G-Shock watches are known for the excellent durability & toughness
  2. Backlight feature for easier reading in dim lit conditions
  3. Mineral glass offers a good level of scratch & shatter resistance
  4. Multi-function watch with stopwatch, alarms, countdown timer, and world time display and more
  5. 200m water resistance rating

Watch Disadvantages 

  1. It’s not quite as big as some of G-Shock’s other watches, but at 46mm it still might be a little too large for some people’s wrists.


My Final Thoughts On This G-Shock AW-590-1AER Review:

The G-Shock AW-590-1AER is a very useful, and extremely affordable G-Shock watch. It’s perfect for people who are after a tough, durable timepiece that comes with all the extra features you’d expect from a G-Shock watch.

After looking into the watch design, quality, features, and pricing this watch received an 8.5/10 from us at The Watch Blog.

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Where to buy the AW-590-1AER

I like to stick to listing retailers that I’ve actually had experience buying from in the past. Below I’ve listed some of the top places to buy this watch from, check all for the best price. Variations of this model include: AW-590-1AER

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Hope you enjoyed this G-Shock AW-590-1AER review. Find more watch reviews below.