Sunglasses for Chumps: Part 2 – Reaching new heights


Sunglasses for Chumps: Part 2 – Reaching new heights

By Shaun Fortes

If you took my advice on your first pair of shades in my previous article Sunglasses for Chumps: Part 1 – Your first light blockers you are most likely wondering why, even though you now look like you’re dressed to the nines, why my life is still going wrong. For guys it’s most likely you’re in the scenario Tom Cruise played in Risky Business getting laid but now having to pay. This is a lifestyle that you can’t continue, as you don’t have the money like the notable Ray-Ban Wayfarer wearers I showed previously. Life is looking a bit too bleak behind those shades.


However there is a way to perpetuate this new lifestyle. Your most likely wondering, how this is even possible? How can I reach that high again? The solution is easy just get a profession where wearing shades, looking good, and carrying out feats of awesomeness is part of the job, or at least pretend that you do.

So what is this career? It is fighter jet pilot. Our sunglasses enthusiast Tom Cruise discovered it by playing Maverick in Top Gun. He just simply put on a pair of aviators and instantly went from a teen prancing around in his underwear to a man who plays volleyball… with a bunch of dudes.


The sunglasses themselves are helpful in portraying you as a person who exudes confidence, has the physical and metal capabilities of flying high speed jets and in Tom’s case, being a taller person. With this second investment you can now rotate between being effortlessly cool with your wayfarers and actively badass, without the need to do any feats of badassery.

If you’re struggling to find a pair are a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators with a gold frame and dark green lens this, like my wayfarers I can use with any outfit or lack of one. With this second pair you can now continue living that lifestyle that you pretend to have.