Ultimate Watch Gift Guide Valentines For Him. Buy Your Man The Perfect Watch.


Valentines gift ideas for men


so you’re looking for Valentines gift ideas for your boyfriend / Husband.  Luckily I’m here to help! Providing you’re doing the right thing and getting them a nice watch. I’m not going to showcase individual watches in this post, but more point you in the direction of some of our most useful content on this site to help you pick the right gift for your man on valentines. This is pretty much the ultimate guide you’ll need for gift ideas for valentines for your man.

Obviously I understand people have a variety or budgets but I’m sure I can help you find something no matter how much you have to spend. I’ve loved watches for a very long time with a personal collection of over 50 pieces. And over the years that i’ve been running this site i’ve put together plenty of posts that you’ll find helpful.

First up here’s my most popular article. Top 21 Men’s Watches Under £200. Here I looked at some of the most popular watches for under £200 and showcased them in an easy to read list. But maybe you have more than £200 to spend on your love for valentines? Well in that case my Top 21 Most Popular Men’s Watches Under £500. To top it off if you’re really going all out. I recommend a Tag Heuer watch. Purely because I want one, and my girlfriend may actually read my work and see this MASSIVE HINT.

Over the years though I’ve also shown off some fantastic watches that you can get for a budget. Like perhaps my 50 under £50. Or even better. 30 under £30! You’ll be impressed with what you can actually buy with these budgets.


Still wondering what to buy my man for valentines? So what styles are actually in fashion at the moment? There’s 3 styles that have got big these last few years. Any one of these will showcase you a nice selection of each style.

1. Rose Gold Watches (I took a look at 15 of the most popular rose gold watches for men)

2. Oversized Watches (Watches with the oversized style dials)

3. Skeleton Watches (these happen to be some of my favourite of all time. They showcase the inner workings of the watch and are normally of the automatic variety)

Remember. Do the right thing and get a watch for valentines 😀 Sure to impress.

Are you still not sure?. Just comment below, maybe tell me what types he already has. I’d be happy to give some suggestions for you.