Sunglasses for Chumps: Part 1 – Your first light blockers

Sunglasses for Chumps: Part 1 – Your first light blockers

By Shaun Fortes

So the sun is coming out and you need to keep those rays from burning your retinas. Solution, sunglasses, but now you’re stuck with a Sophie’s Choice-esque problem, which design to go for? With so many around and prices ranging from dirt cheap to the cost of an arm it can be tough to pick the right one, especially if you don’t want to look like a colossal (insert insult here).


Now I realise that not all of us were dictators that had a wealth of a nation to buy some new shades however buying the right pair is an investment. With that investment you will reap the rewards of looking good regardless of your attire and political struggles.

Well the first investment you should make is in a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. But that may seem to obvious am I right? Well yes it is, because they look good with just about any attire and as long as you don’t go spouting on about “my Ray-Bans” you will be the epitome of cool without even trying. Just look at the people who made the investment.

sunglasses pic

I mean you got to look good when entangled in illicit actives and these guys pull it off and so can you.

Finally if you’re wondering about what coloured frames it should be obvious which colour but if not I will mostly likely be hearing and seeing how you bought Ray-Bans.