EMPORIO ARMANI Men’s Chronograph Watch AR2453 Review


EMPORIO ARMANI Men’s Chronograph Watch AR2453  review

Today I’m featuring the Emporio Armani AR2453. You may also like our top 10 Armani watches for men. Armani have long been one of the more popular affordable designer brands. And they have a huge selection. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the watch I have to show you today.

Today I’m doing a Emporio Armani AR2453 review. This watch is available on Amazon.



Firstly lets take a look at the specifications and watch features.

The dial window is made of a material glass. the case itself is 41mm in diameter which is a nice slightly oversized men’s size. The watch features a chronograph display and a push button clasp. Push button clasps are actually one of my favourites, you can see it in the pictures below.

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The Emporio Armani AR2453 is a watch you need in your collection. Now I got my first Armani many years ago but I’ve loved them ever since. They’re well built and a nice affordable price for a designer watch. I know of someone who just collects Armani watches. Personally I’d have to add in other brands. But it does show you how much people like them. I really like the full black design. And as I say, check out the clasp in the image below. I wouldn’t say it’s a head turning watch but it is smart looking, and goes pretty well with most outfits.


This watch is currently available through Amazon. You can purchase it from Amazon, and find out more information by clicking here.

Hope you enjoyed my Emporio Armani AR2453 review.

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