Rotary GS00160/02 review

Rotary Men’s Watch GS00160/02 Review


Rotary GS00160/02 Watch Review Summary

My rating: 8/10. Good watch. Value for money skeletonised watch design.

Hello, today I’m doing a Rotary GS00160/02 review. I recently wrote an article on the 10 best Rotary Skeleton watches for men and decided I would feature some more of Rotary’s awesome automatic watches.

I hope you enjoy this Rotary GS00160/02 review below.

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Rotary GS00160/02 review

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Watch Review

Dial & Case Design

This rotary watch isn’t as popular as some of the other models I’ve featured this month, and it’s fair to say we’ve looked at most the skeleton series. With a more monchrome, plain finish it’s a little too, boring in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the open heart exposed movement with the jewelled movement for that tiny bit of colour, but I’d always pick one of the other models other this option. I could see it working if you’re trying to fit it to match up with a suit perhaps, but that’s about it for me. The casing is made of a tarnish resistant stainless steel.

Type Of Crystal

Around this price level I often expect to find mineral crystal glass, and that’s exactly what this watch features, protecting the front and rear of the watch. This mineral glass is specially treated to make it harder, offering a higher level of scratch resistane. It also has a good level of protection from shattering and knocks.

Watch Movement

Rotary have always been pretty good with their choice of movements. In this watch they have a lovely jewelled automatic self-winding movement that’s ideal for this style of skeleton watch. Automatic movements don’t require any batteries as they’re charged by the movement of the wearer’s wrist.

Watch Size

As for the sizing of the watch, well, it’s all pretty standard, a men’s medium-large watch. The casing diameter measures 40mm whilst the thickness is around 12mm. I’d say this would be suitable for most men to be honest.


The strap is made of a black genuine leather. It’s soft and comfortable and fastens with a buckle style clasp. With a width of 20mm it’s in-keeping with the casing size.

Extra features

A key extra feature of this watch is the exhibition caseback. This gives you the ability to see the automatic movement from the rear of the watch, something I really enjoy taking a look at. There’s an image below so you can get an idea of what this is like.

Water Resistance Rating

This watch has a water resist rating of 100m. A rating of 100m / 10 Bar makes this watch suitable for recreational surfing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing and water sports.

Rotary GS00160/02 exhibition caseback

Watch Specifications

  • Band Genuine leather strap, standard length, 20mm width, buckle style clasp.
  • Case Stainless steel casing, sizing diameter: 40mm and thickness: 12mm.
  • Dial Analogue display. The window lens is made of a specially hardened mineral glass
  • Movement Accurate Japanese jewelled automatic movement.
  • Water Resistant A water resistance of up to 100m / 10 bar.

Watch Advantages

  1. Rotary are one of the best affordable watch brands
  2. Mineral glass offers a good level of scratch & shatter resistance
  3. Exhibition caseback allows you to take a look at the movement
  4. Automatic movements means you no longer require batteries
  5. 100m water resistance rating

Watch Disadvantages 

  1. If left unworn for more than a day or so the watch will need to be reset and the time adjusted before wearing again. This is a standard process for automatic watches.


My Final Thoughts On This Rotary GS00160/02 Review:

The Rotary GS00160/02 is a little blander then some of the Rotary watches we’ve had featured from earlier on in the month. Personally I’d pick one of the other more colourful options over this timepiece. That being said, if you want a professional looking Rotary watch to match up with a suit, then this could be ideal.


After looking into the watch design, quality, features, and pricing this watch received an 8/10 from us at The Watch Blog.

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Where to buy the Rotary GS00160/02

I like to stick to listing retailers that I’ve actually had experience buying from in the past. Below I’ve listed some of the top places to buy this watch from, check all for the best price. Variations of this model include: GS00160/02

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Hope you enjoyed this Rotary GS00160/02 review. Find more watch reviews below.