Review Rotary GS00313/01 Timepieces Men’s Quartz Rose Gold Watch


Review Rotary GS00313/01 Timepieces Men’s Quartz Rose Gold Watch.

Good day everyone! Today I’m doing a Rotary GS00313/01 review, this watch looks stunning. I’m working my through some of the most popular watches available at the moment so each day I’ll be bringing out new watch reviews for you. You may also be interested in my top 21 men’s watches under £200.

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Anyway I’ll get on with my Rotary GS00313/01 review below and you can find out the price and buy on Amazon today, enjoy.



My Initial Thoughts On This Watch

This watch is completely my style to be honest, I love rose gold watches and I’m really into these textured inner dials at the moment. The whole design of the watch is rather stunning. Also being a Rotary watch you know you’re getting a quality item with them being one of the best known watch brands in the world.

When it comes to value for money I think you’re getting a great looking watch for a fair price, of course you could get a watch that has better parts in but I wouldn’t say it looked as nice as this. Talking of watch parts lets take a closer look at the specifications.

Type of glass

This watch utilizes a specially hardened mineral glass, this type of glass is one of the most common in this price range. It will resist most scratches and any scratches that do get through can often be buffed out. It’s not as durable as say, a sapphire crystal glass but you don’t often find that at this price range. To be fair mineral glass is what I expected so I’m quite happy with that.


The casing diameter of the watch is 42mm, while this is considered a large it’s now one of the more common sizes you’ll often find in more modern watches. The thickness of the casing is 12mm which again is classed as large, but is by no means a chunky watch. Overall the watch sizing gives you a nice noticeable watch on your wrist without going too far and feeling overly thick


This Rotary watch features a standard date display that you can see in the picture above. I think they’ve fit in in quite nicely actually, and I rather like the rose gold detailing to surround it.

Watch strap and clasp

The strap is made of a genuine leather and features rose gold detailing on the buckle to match up nicely with the colour scheme of the watch. The strap is 22mm, ever so slightly above average but perfect really for the casing size. You can see the detailing I mentioned in this image below.



Brand: Rotary

Model: GS00313/01

Dial Window Material: Mineral Glass

Clasp Type: Buckle Clasp

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Case Diameter: 42mm

Case Thickness: 12mm

Band Material: Genuine Leather

Band Width: 22mm

CalendarStandard Date Display

Movement: Precision Quartz Movement



I really want this watch, it’s a well priced beauty! With the whole rose gold design and that textured dial the watch actually looks a lot more expensive than it is. For someone looking to spend a bit of money on a nice watch you can’t go far wrong here, it looks extremely smart and it’s bound to get noticed on your wrist. Definitely something I would be happy to recommend to friends and family.

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Hope you found this Rotary GS00313/01 review useful and enjoyable, comment below and let me know what you think of it. You can find out the price and more details on Amazon.