Citizen Chronotime Men’s Quartz Watch BY0120-54E Review


Citizen Chronotime Men’s Quartz Watch BY0120-54E Review.

Citizen are known for making high quality watches that offer fantastic value for money. This watch is no different. This watch has plenty of great features that I’ll mention properly when we get into the review.

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Anyway I’ll get on with my BY0120-54E review below and you can find out the price on Amazon today, enjoy.



My Initial Thoughts On This Watch

When I first saw this I thought ‘what makes this watch worth the money’ and having looks at the features and specifications I can happily say it looks like a fair price. The casing and the strap are both made of titanium, which is a great watch material as it’s stronger than stainless steel and actually weighs less.

It’s another watch in Citzen’s Eco-Drive range which has been an absolute hit with people. It powers up using natural or artificial light and will never need a battery replacement.

It’s also atomically radio controlled for superior accuracy, it can offer the world time in 26 cities. The date features is a perpetual calendar which means you’ll never have to reset the date again as it’s programmed to automatically adjust for the varying days in each month, and leap years.

Add to all the above and the fact you get a sapphire glass front, one of the best protective lenses you can get on a watch, with a mohs hardness rating of 9. With the sapphire front and all the other features you can see how this adds to to being a valuable watch.

Type of glass

As I mentioned before the glass featured here is a sapphire crystal. It has a hardness rating of 9 on the mohs scale meaning you’d likely struggle to scratch it even if you tried. I wasn’t sure if i’d be seeing a hardened mineral or a sapphire glass at this price because it can vary from watch to watch.


The casing of the watch has a diameter of 45mm as is classed as large. The average you see in most new watches these days is 42mm so it’s not much bigger than this. The thickness of the case is 14mm which is also a large. You can expect this watch to have a little bit of a chunky feel to it, as you can imagine from the picture.


These are some of my favorite calendar features on watches, the perpetual style. These are programmed to automatically adjust the date for the varying amount of days in each month, including leap years. This means no having to change the date at the start of each new month.

Watch strap and clasp

Like the casing the strap is also made of the light weight titanium. Titanium is also a good choice as people don’t tend to have allergies to this type of metal. The width of the strap is fairly average at 21mm. Something I would have liked would be a better type of clasp, this one features a standard fold over clasp with safety. I would have liked to have seen a deployment button clasp perhaps.



Brand: Citizen

Model: BY0120-54E

Dial Window Material: Sapphire

Clasp Type: Fold Over Clasp With Saftey

Case Material: Titanium

Case Diameter: 45mm

Case Thickness: 14mm

Band Material: Titanium

Band Width: 21mm

CalendarPerpetual Day And Date Display

Movement: Precise Quartz Movement With Atomic Synchronization



Finishing up I’m sure you can see where your money goes with this watch, it’s nice to see a watch with all these great features rolled into one idea. I’m really starting to like titanium watches but they do tend to cost more at the moment sadly. I think the busy dial looks very smart and that they’ve done well to fit so much in.

Overall I think that considering all the features you get with this watch, it’s a fairly good price really. Citizen make some awesome watches, and this is one of them. If you’re about to drop this amount of money on a watch, maybe check out the article I mentioned earlier first. But I’d honestly be happy to commend this to people having now looked at it properly.

Hope you found this Citizen Chronotime BY0120-54E review useful and enjoyable. You can find out the price and more details on Amazon


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  1. Thank you for your review of the Citizen BY 0120-54E.
    I noted that in your description of the features, for the calendar this watch has “Perpetual Day And Date Display ”
    I was not able to find the perpetual Day feature in it. Please kindly let me k now where you can see the “perpetual Day feature” in the Citizen BY0120-54E.
    Once again, thank you for your good review.

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