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Brathwait Watches Review – Are They Any Good?

 Brathwait Watches Review

Hey everyone, today I’m doing a Brathwait watches review. Due to my love of minimalist watches, they’ve obviously been on my to-do list for a while, but I’ve only just had the time to do a full feature on them.

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In this Brathwait watches review, I’ll be taking a look at the story behind the brand, the materials involved, designs, and pricing. I hope you enjoy.

Brathwait watches banner

Brathwait Watches Story

The Brathwait watch brand are named after an English poet from the 1600s – Richard Brathwait. In 1961 he published “The complete guide to the English gentleman” he was the world’s first true gentleman.

He who practiced Brathwait’s code of conduct and etiquette attracted the respect of royalty. As a token of our appreciation to the Brathwait legacy, our wristwatches have been created as a symbol of the modern man who practices the heritage of the Gentleman.

Brathwait have a simple theory when it comes to selling watches – “Is it really a bad idea to sell at fair prices?” and this is what they’ve stuck to throughout the brand.

With that in mind, they’ve really pulled back the curtain on the costs of watch making. By cutting out all the middle men like sales agents, retailers, and all the markup that comes along with it, they’ve managed to sell these stunning watches at affordable prices directly from their website.

My favourite page has to be this: here you can view the details of all the costs involved, for instance, the excellent Swiss-made Ronda movement is $10, or the high grade sapphire glass for $14.15. It’s just a very interesting page to read that makes you appreciate that overall cost of the watch.

Brathwait Classic Slim With Marron Top Grain Leather Strap Review

For the purpose of my main Brathwait watches review I’ll be taking a look at the ‘Classic Slim’, one of Brathwait’s most popular watches. I’ve had a hands on look at one of these before and was very pleased with the overall quality of it, so it should be interesting to take a closer look at it.

Brathwait WatchesDial & Case Design

If you love minimalist design, you’re sure to love the dial of this Brathwait watch. The dial was designed with the golden ratio in mind to work out the sizes of the hands, hour markers, and placement of the logo. Overall I love this finish, the rose gold detailings look awesome, proving simplicity is still popular.

The case is made of a AISI 316l stainless steel and is PVD rose gold coated. The coating is a mixutre of gold and copper and is 1/1000 of a mm thick. The high grade electro enhanced PVD plating is high quality and has a long lasting finish. Case cost $9.70, coating cost $11.25.

Type Of Crystal

As you’d expect from a luxury timepiece, this watch features sapphire glass. Sapphire glass offers the highest scratch resistance available with a Mohs hardness rating of 9, you’d require a diamond to scratch it. This is a domed glass measuring 1.9mm thick with an anti reflective coating – better than a standard sapphire glass. This costs around $14.15.

Watch Movement

At the heart of the this Brathwait watch is a Swiss made quartz Ronda movement, these after often found in higher end watches offering precision movement and timekeeping. This costs around $10.

Watch Size

The casing diameter measures 40mm with a thickness of 7.5mm giving this Brathwait watch a nice slim profile that sits nicely on your wrist and is on trend at the moment.

Brathwait Watches Review


I love the strap on this model. It’s made of top grain Italian calf leather and is extremely comfortable. Top grain leather comes from the smallest and least readily available part of the hide, but it’s also the strongest. The cost of this awesome strap is around $18.50.

Water Resistance Rating

This watch has a water resistance rating of 100m or 10 bar. A 100m water resistance rating makes this watch suitable for recreational surfing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing and water sports.

Final thoughts on this Brathwait watches review

Overall I really love the design and quality of the Brathwait watches. They’re a top recommendation for anyone considering a minimalist watches.You can check out the full range here: Brathwait Watches

If you like the look of the watch, but would perhaps prefer something cheaper, then Daniel Wellington watches are always worth considering, they have a similar style but use cheaper components making them a little more affordable depending on your budget.


Thanks for reading this Brathwait watches review

I’d like to say a massive thank you for reading this Brathwait review. I’d love show you one of their automatic timepieces in the future (I had hoped to include them here) however at the time of writing my request for a review copy hasn’t been replied to sadly.

Comment below and let me know your thoughts on this watch.

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  1. Did you try monitoring the timekeeping of these watches. I was disappointed with mine and no aftersales care

  2. I own the automatic minimalist and I absolutely love it. Would recommend it to anyone who likes a good quality watch

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