Hands On Les Noble Watch Roll Review

Les Noble Watch Roll review
Les Noble Watch Roll Review Watch rolls have been growing more and more popular recently, with their affordable pricing and ease of use it's easy to see why people are turning to these as their go to watch storage instead of chunkier watch boxes. Watch rolls are perfect for those who travel as they're lightweight and compact. The watch roll I'm featuring today comes from Les Noble www.lesnoble.com and is available for a very reasonable €60. Les Noble are a young company that focuses on ...

Seiko 5 Automatic Men’s Watch SNZG13 Review SNZG13K1

Seiko SNZG13 Review
  Seiko Men's Watch SNZG13 Review. Hello, today I'm doing a Seiko SNZG13 review. Regular readers will be well aware that I like to feature Seiko watches on this site, especially their Seiko 5 series which I feel offers great value for money to buyers. It's an automatic watch with a 23 jewel movement and 100m water resistance, and it's accessible to most budgets.  This also classes as a SNZG13K1 review and SNZGJ1 review as the K1 or J1 simply indicates which factory it was built in, ei...

Bulova Special Edition Moonwatch Men’s Watch 96B251 Review

Watch review 96B251 Bulova Apollo Moon watch
  Bulova Men's Watch 96B251 Review. Hello, today I'm doing a Bulova 96B251 review. This is a limited edition stunning remake of the Bulova Moon watch that made history on August 2, 1971, during the Apollo 15 mission when it was worn on the moon. Today I take a closer look at this great timepiece. If you like this look of this brand you should read my full Bulova watches review. (more…)

Are Bulova Watches Good? 9 Best Bulova Watches Reviewed

Are Bulova Watches Good
Are Bulova Watches Good? 9 Best Bulova Watches Reviewed So today we're aiming to answer the question "are Bulova watches good?". I'll be honest I may be a little biased as Bulova happen to be one of my favourite affordable watches brands, but I'll delve into more information about them below. You can also check out some of my top Bulova watches review.  History of Bulova watches Bulova was originally founded and incorporated back in 1875 by Joseph Bulova (1851 - 1936) as the J. Bulova Company...

Are Invicta Watches Good | 8 Best Invicta Watches Reviewed

Banner image, are Invicta watches good
Are Invicta Watches Good? 8 Best Invicta Watches Reviewed So this has been an ongoing discussion online for many years now, you'll find forum posts from back in 2006 questioning "Are Invicta watches good?"  and do you know what you'll find out? People still haven't settled on it. The Invicta watch brand was founded back in 1837 by Raphael Picard in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. In 1991 though, they were purchased by a United States-based investment company which makes Invicta Watch Group a...

Hamilton Khaki Men’s Watch H70555533 Review

Hamilton H70555533 Review
  Hamilton Men's Watch H70555533 Review. Hello, today I'm doing a Hamilton H70555533 review. A Swiss made automatic, that uses great components and remains very affordable, I'd say that's worth checking out. Hamilton are well known for their high-quality Swiss made watches, this is one of their most popular models so I figured I would feature it today. (more…)

Seiko Men’s Watch SNK807K2 Review

SNK807K2 review
   Seiko Men's Watch SNK807K2 Review. Hello, today I'm doing a Seiko SNK807K2 review. Yeah, I'm finally taking a look at another one of the most popular automatic watches from Seiko with their canvas fabric straps. It's also found in green and black but today I'm looking at the blue edition. (more…)

Introducing K. Viollet Watches | Luxury Affordable Different

  Hello, everyone, I have a very interesting brand to introduce you to that will be launching on Kickstarter in November. K. Viollet have gone for an intriguing concept of using two different colour straps on a watch. It's something I haven't seen done before, and I have to say the idea looks pretty compelling. They've already gained a large following online so it looks like this could be an interesting one on Kickstarter. For now, I'll let you have a read of their article introduc...