Top 13 Best & Most Popular Nixon Watches For Men 2016

Top 13 Most Popular Nixon Watches For Men

Hello everyone, today we’re taking a look at 13 of the most popular Nixon watches for men. Nixon is a Californian brand that set out with a goal in mind, to create stunning watches that can withstand surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. If that’s not your scene though they still great just worn as an accessory. With such a large range of watches to choose from, I figured I would make it a bit easier for you and showcase the 13 best Nixon watches for men for 2016.

We’ve done a mini Nixon watch review for each piece to give you an idea of what each watch is like. Hope you enjoy this review of the 13 best affordable Nixon watches for men.

There’s a wide selection of price points available here, if you want to see an up to date price for a watch you like simply click the link to see the sales page for it. Unfortunately, prices update so often it would be a bit futile of me to post them all on here as they’ll be inaccurate after a little while, hope you don’t mind everyone.


1. Nixon A356SW-2244 Watch

Nixon A356SW-2244 watch

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 First up we have the Nixon A356SW-2244 review which I have to admit I love the design of. That dial just looks really cool to me, I’m a big fan of dial detailing so am always excited to see what brands do next. This model is part of Nixons Star Wars series so for fans it would be perfect. Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan you have to admit it’s a rather beautiful looking watch. This model is 100m water resistant and features a scratch resistant mineral glass.


2. Nixon A356SW-2385 watch

Nixon A356SW-2385 watch

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Next up we have this Nixon A356SW-2385 review. This is another watch that’s part of Nixons Star Wars collection. Again I really love the dial design here, and it’s very subtle in a way that it’s not blatantly obvious there is a Star Wars theme going on. I also really like the colour of the second’s hand, it adds a much-needed dash of colour to really bring the dial to life. The date display is nicely showcased with an orange tint to it with a month and date format. Overall a very nice watch that is modestly priced in my opinion.


3. Nixon A045-1041 watch

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Coming in at number 3 we have this Nixon A045-1041 review. This is another one of Nixon’s best sellers and you can see why. With its sleek black & gold design, it’s well suited to go with most outfits. If you’re after something a little smarter looking than this could be the watch for you. This model is smaller than most of the watches you see around these days, it has a casing diameter of 37mm. If you prefer smaller watches than that’s ideal, if you like larger watches you may have to keep browsing this list. The A045-1041 features 100m water resistance and mineral glass as you’d expect.


4. Nixon A386-1922 watch

Nixon A386-1922 watch

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At number 4 we have this Nixon A386-1922 review. Whilst I’m not so sure on the blue and gold design they have going on, it’s clearly popular among other people. Part of Nixon’s Sentry collection this chronograph is PVD gold plated and features a Miyota Japanese 6 hand quartz movement. It features triple gasket crown, screw down case back and a hardened mineral lens. As with the other Nixon watches featured this model also has a 100m water resistance rating.


5. Nixon A083-502 watch

Nixon A083-502 watch

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For number 5 we have this Nixon A083-502 review. This is a very chunky watch that’s made to stand out. It is PVD gold plated on stainless steel and features 100m water resistance, chronograph timekeeping, and high-visibility hands. If you’re someone who prefers bigger watches with that flashy style then this one could be for you. It’s one of the more expensive watches on this list though so that should be kept in mind as well.


6. Nixon A486-1632 watch

Nixon A486-1632 watch

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In at number 6 we have this Nixon A486-1632 review. This is another bold oversized design from Nixon. I really like this gun metal finish that they’ve used as well. This model features 200m water resistance so it’s even higher than the other watches I’ve featured so far. The crystal lens is mineral glass as you’d expect so that offers some good protection from scratching. The diameter of the watch is 48mm so significantly larger than your standard 42mm watch. Overall a very nice looking watch, it is worth noting that it can be harder to read in dim lit conditions, as with most all black design watches.


7. Nixon A045-511 watch

Nixon A045-511 watch

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For number 7 we have this Nixon A045-511 review. This is another PVD gold plated watch from Nixon. It has a smaller design with a casing of 39mm which is fairly well suited for most people. I like the simplistic design of the dial with its sleek finish. It has a 100 meter water resistance as standard and a mineral glass crystal for scratch protection. A nice dress style watch that would be suitable day to day in my opinion.


8. Nixon A940SW-2377 watch

Nixon A940SW-2377 watch

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For number 8 on our best Nixon watches list, we have this A940SW-2377 review. This is another popular model from their Star Wars watches collection. Perhaps a bit more obviously themed than the previous designs that were featured. It has 100m water resistance and the standard mineral glass we’ve seen across the board so far. It is the first model to be featured that has a leather strap though as thus far metal straps have proved more popular. When it comes to sizing it’s a pretty standard watch with a casing diameter of 44mm and a thickness of 13mm.


9. Nixon A083-1041 watch

Nixon A083-1041 watch

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 For number 9 we have the Nixon A083-1041 review. This is another chunky watch with that oversized style at 52mm in diameter. The gold and black design make this a very eye-catching luxurious looking watch in my opinion. This model features a much higher water resistance rating than the others with a 300m metre rating. This would be one of my top Nixon watches but it does come with a hefty price tag.


10. Nixon A119-2244 watch

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 For our 10th timepiece, we have this Nixon A119-2244 review. The grey with yellow detailing really makes this watch stand out. It’s one of the more cheap Nixon watches on this list so well worth investigating further if you’re on a budget. It features 100m water resistance and a comfortable rubber strap. If you’re after a stylish yet affordable watch, it’s well worth it.


11. Nixon A045SW-2244 watch

Nixon A045SW-2244 watch

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 In at number 11 we have this Nixon A045SW-2244 review. This is another watch from Nixon’s popular Star Wars selection. Although not instantly obvious from the face of the watch, if you turn it over and check out the case back it has an engraved Darth Vader image. This watch is one of the smallest watches featured today with a casing diameter of 35mm. I really like the finish of the black Ion-plated steel case and the genuine leather strap. 


12. Nixon A405-1888 watch

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At number 12 we have this Nixon A405-1888 review. With it’s respectable 42mm profile this chronograph from Nixon is a very fashionable watch. Another one of Nixon’s most popular this time from their Sentry collection. It features a soft genuine leather strap and 100m water resistance rating as standard. I really like the modern feel of this watch, the tightly knit chronograph dials give this model a very smart look to it.


13. Nixon A158-001 watch

Nixon A158-001

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Lastly for number 13 we have this Nixon A158-001. If you fancy a little more quirky looking then this digital Nixon watch is a great looking watch to consider. I love the reversed digital display they’ve gone for here. It’s kind of like they’ve taken the very popular retro Casio design and added their own flair to it. It’s another affordable Nixon watch as it’s a lot cheaper than some of the others featured today.



Thanks for taking the time to read through this 13 best Nixon watches for men list. With a selection of different Nixon collections to choose from, there should be something available for most people. Nixon makes some great watches and if I had the money I’d definitely be adding a few of these to my collection. I’m really liking the Nixon Star Wars watches that were featured at the beginning.

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