Review Seiko SKA371P1 Gents Kinetic Divers Watch


Review Seiko SKA371P1 Prospex Gents Kinetic Divers Watch 

Hello today I’m doing a Seiko SKA371P1 watch review. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll be well aware of the popularity of the Seiko brand. Seiko have been producing watches since 1924 and have grown to become one of the biggest selling watch brands. The SKA371P1 is classed as a divers watch with a water resistance rating of 200m divers. So if you’re after a professional divers watch by a reputable brand, you’ve come to the right place.

Editor rating: 9/10 Continue reading to find out why.

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Anyway I’ll get on with my Seiko SKA371p1 review below, you can click here for the latest reviews, ratings and PRICES on Amazon, enjoy.


My Initial Thoughts On This Watch

When it comes to looking for the perfect divers watch there are a few things you need to make sure you check. There is a difference between 200m water resistance, and 200m divers water resistance. The latter being what you want for scuba diving. Normally 200m is suitable for professional marine activity, serious surface water sports and skin diving. And 200m divers is Suitable for scuba diving at depths not suitable for saturation diving. Features like the screw down crown and the lumbrite hands & markers are all recommended for a divers watch, this Seiko SKA371P1 has both of these.

More details on water resistant marks can be found on wiki here.

I rather like the overall design of the watch, there aren’t any fancy style features as such but it does it’s job perfectly. It has a great oversized design making the watch easy to read, with a casing diameter of 48mm which is classed as extra large.

Another great aspect of this watch is that it’s part of Seiko’s kinetic series which masters the challenge of generating electricity from the kinetic movement of the wearer’s wrist. This electricity is stored in a self-recharging battery that needs much less frequent replacement than the conventional cell battery in a quartz watch, a major advance in “green” watch making.

Type of glass

The Seiko SKA371P1 features a specially hardened mineral glass. Some people may have hoped for a sapphire glass but in my opinion when you take into account the divers water resistance, I think at this price a mineral glass is what I would expect to see. Mineral glass is fairly good at resisting scratches and is commonly used in watches in this price range and below.


As I mentioned before, this is an oversized style watch with a 48mm case diameter. I do happen to prefer larger watches so it’s something I’m quite pleased with. If you don’t like big watches then this is unlikely to be the watch for you sadly. The thickness of the case is 13mm which is classed as a large. The whole watch has a rather chunky durable feel to it.


There is a standard date display blended in quite nicely with the dial of the watch. It could be considered hard to see as it has no surround to make it stand out, it’s a nice idea though as tend to favour watches with no date display at all.

Watch strap and clasp

The strap is made of stainless steel with a width of 20mm, perfectly suited with the size of the watch casing. They’ve gone for a fold over clasp with the double push button release, something I personally prefer on watches as it removes the hassle of catching your nail.



Brand: Seiko

Model: SKA371P1

Dial Window Material: Mineral

Clasp Type: Fold Over Double Push Button Clasp

Strap Material: Stainless Steel

Case Diameter: 48mm

Case Thickness: 13mm

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Calendar: Standard Date Display

Movement: Precision Quartz Movement

Water Pressure Resistance: 200M Divers


What did you think of this Seiko SKA371P1 Review

Thanks for taking the time to read my Seiko SKA371P1 review. I think this watch is a very good choice for someone looking for a perfect diving watch, it has lots of suitable features that would come in useful. When you take into consideration the brand, quality of the watch and the price I hope you can see how I came to my rating of 9/10

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Hope you found this Seiko SKA371P1 review useful and enjoyable, comment below and let me know what you think of it. Click here for the latest reviews, ratings and PRICES on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Review Seiko SKA371P1 Gents Kinetic Divers Watch”

  1. I think you should try to include more images in your Seiko SKA371P1 review. I’d like to see more of the strap and how it actually fastens if possible

  2. Beautiful watch. Unbelievable value for money. So glad i brought one. Feels solid and heavy on my wrist. Keeps better time than my Omega Seamaster automatic. (Although given this is a rechargeable quartz that is not a surprise..) I really love this watch and it really holds its own when stood next too its expensive diver brother. I really do prefer the Seiko. I will be collecting more versions of these in the near future.

  3. The best things about this timepiece are it’s accuracy, and the fact it’s built like a tank. In fact it’s probably the best built watch in the World and probably has the management at Casio G-shock scratching their heads on why they never produced this one first. If it was Titanium it would be in the Rock n Roll Hall of fame but it is what it is, still exceptional and better value than an SKX any day given its ISO Certification which takes me to it nearest competitor, the Citizen BN0085-01E which is a 300m and half the price of the Seiko, it comes with a rubber strap but instead of Kinetic uses its own Solar Eco-Drive technology which is equally accurate but from a diver scuba user angle is just as good if not better value hands down. I own both, the Seiko has unbelievable accuracy of +1s a year and the Citizen is – 1s a year. Its hard to pick a winner of the 2.

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