MVMT Watches Review

MVMT Watches Review

Hey everyone, today I’m doing a MVMT watches review. I’ll be looking at the brand as a whole, their history, growth, and the quality of their watches. It’s a pretty interesting story to be fair. I’ll also be showcasing some of the best MVMT watches for men and women.

Brief History Of MVMT Watches

MVMT was created by Jake Kassan & Kramer LaPlante back in 2013. The two young watch enthusiasts had dropped out of college and dreamed of shaking up the watch industry (It’s fair to say they achieved this).

They started on Indiegogo with the promise of creating beautiful watches, without breaking the bank. By removing the middlemen and selling direct online they figured they would be able to sell a watch that normally sold for $300+ for around $95.

This method proved extremely popular, their first campaign was very successful exceeding their target goal by 1,466% and raising $219,898! Due to the popularity, they began a second campaign and raised an extra $71,409.

After shipping to nearly 3,000 contributors, the MVMT brand has grown from strength to strength and are on track to possibly surpass over $60 million in revenue for 2016, not bad at all for two college drop outs.

Their small team of 25 has now sold over 600,000 watches with no sign of slowing down, the MVMT digital strategy appears to be working brilliantly.

MVMT Watches Review

A key feature of MVMT watches is minimalist design, the majority of their watches have this in mind. And I love it, to be honest when I think affordable minimalist watch, I think of the MVMT brand, as their more than likely perfect for what people are looking for.

As I mentioned in my brief history of MVMT watches, the brand have managed to keep their watches affordable by cutting out all the middle men that add to the cost of a watch. This is a technique that’s now being taken on by a lot of new smaller watch brands, and it works.

MVMT have a large selection of watches for men and women, the designs are pretty awesome in my opinion, and the prices are very competitive.

Taking a look at the specifications for the Classic BlackMVMT Classic Leather Watch for example, we find the watch is powered by a 3 hand Miyota quartz movement, features a hardened mineral crystal glass, and a 3ATM water resistance rating.

None of it is necessarily ‘high-end’ but that’s not the market we’re targeting, yes it’s fair to say you could get a watch with a higher quality sapphire glass in for a similar price that uses this same selling method of cutting out the middle men, but you might not find any of these popular minimalist designs that you like.

Overall though, I’m just very happy with the brand. I love this larger 45mm dial you get on a lot the men’s watches. The cases are quite slim which is another feature I enjoy.

Many of the watches feature easily interchangeable straps which allows you to have a few different styles of watch at your disposal, without a huge added cost.

It’s worth checking out the whole selection of watches, remember different models have different features and sizes.

Best MVMT Watches Review

In this section, I figured I would showcase some of my favourite best selling MVMT watches along with a mini MVMT watch review for each. There’s 3 men’s MVMT and 3 women’s MVMT watches to take a look at.

1. Men’s Chrono Series, Gun Metal / Sandstone Leather MVMT watch review

Check out full details on MVMT website

 I love the look of this MVMT watch from their chrono series, a selection of chronograph watches that keep the MVMT’s minimalist design. The use of the pale blue colouring on the sub dials and seconds hand looks awesome. There’s 3 sub dials along with a simple date display. The sub dials show a 24 hour clock, 30 minute time, and 60 second timer.

Extra specifications of the watch include a sandstone 100% genuine leather strap, brushed gunmetal stainless steel case, interchangeable straps, hardened mineral crystal, and a 50m water resistance rating.

The chrono series is a little higher end than the original ‘classic’ and thus are a tad more expensive, but still very reasonable in my opinion.


2. Men’s Classic series, Black / Tan Leather MVMT watch review

Check out full details on MVMT website

 Another one of the best selling MVMT watches at the moment is the Black / Tan leather edition from the classic series. The minimalist design of the dial is brilliant, I love the very slight difference in colour between the hour & minute hands vs the dial. The red seconds hand is an interesting design choice that’s proved to be extremely popular.

Taking a look at the specifications on this watch from the classic series, we have a battery powered Miyota quartz movement, hardened mineral crystal glass, 100% genuine leather strap, and a 30m water resistance rating. A great looking affordable minimalist timepiece.


3. Men’s Chrono series, Gun Metal MVMT watch review

Check out full details on MVMT website

Our third and final watch from the men’s selection is another MVMT watch from the Chrono series. Like the first watch, it has this awesome minimalist chronograph dial design. A key difference for this watch is the stainless steel gunmetal strap. This fastens with a push release style clasp including safety that I’ve always found rather easy to operate.

The specifications of this watch are pretty similar to the first model we looked at. It features a chronograph movement with the sub dials featuring a 24 hour clock, 30 minute timer, and a 60 second timer. The dial is nice and large at 45mm with a decent 12mm thickness. Protecting the dial is a mineral crystal glass which offers decent scratch protection. And the watch has a 50m water resistance rating. It’s worth noting that you can’t change the strap on this model.


4. Women’s Boulevard Series, Rodeo 38mm MVMT watch review

Check out full details on MVMT website

The first edition from the MVMT women’s watches is this beautiful watch from the Boulevard series. I love how soft and easy on the eyes it is. The rose gold detailing of the hands and hour markers looks great, the overall simplistic design is brilliant. The casing is made of a brushed rose gold coloured stainless steel that compliments the genuine peach coloured leather strap nicely.

Taking a look at the specifications for this model, it features a Miyota 3 hand battery powered movement, hardened mineral crystal glass, interchangeable straps, and a 30m water resistance rating.


5. Women’s Boulevard Series, Santa Monica 38mm MVMT watch review

Check out full details on MVMT website

 Another one of the most popular MVMT watches for women is this black and rose gold edition from the Boulevard series, the Santa Monica. Rose gold and black has become a very desirable combination for watches in the last few years, with classic yellow gold falling out of popularity.

Again we have a simple minimalist black dial with rose gold hands and hour markers. The casing itself is finished in a brushed rose gold style that compliments the black 100% genuine leather strap.

The watch also features a battery powered 3 hand Miyota quartz movement, specially hardened mineral crystal glass, interchangeable strap, and a 30m water resistance rating.


6. Women’s Boulevard Series, Sunset 38mm MVMT watch review

Check out full details on MVMT website

The last edition that we’re looking at from the women’s watches is this stunning mesh strap watch from the Boulevard series. Mesh straps are actually one of my favourite styles, they’re comfortable, easy to alter the size of, and look cool.

The beauty of this model is the pearl dial that gives you some awesome colouring that’s hard to show off in this picture. The dial works brilliantly with the rest of the rose gold finish of the watch.

The specifications for the watch include: A battery powered 3 hand Miyota quartz movement, hardened mineral crystal glass, interchangeable strap, and a 30m water resistance rating.

Thanks for reading this MVMT watches review

I’d like to say a massive thank you for taking the time to read through this review of mine. What was your favourite MVMT watch from this selection? I’d personally stick with the first watch I featured, the sandstone leather & gunmetal edition with that beautiful dial design, I just love those pale blue detailings.

As always I welcome any feedback in the comments section below.

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