Invicta Men’s Watch 0924 Review


Invicta 0924 Watch Review Summary

My rating: 8/10. Very good watch. Chunky bold design.

Today I’m doing an Invicta 0924 review. The Invicta brand started back in 1837 in Switzerland. With a focus on Swiss luxury and modest costs, many of their watches feature these bold oversized chunky designs. The end result is these superb looking watches which are definitely quite the head turners. This model, in particular, looks extremely impressive with its white casing and layered dial which gives you added depth.

This Invicta also has a few useful features under its belt. The luminescent hands make the watch easier to read in dim lit conditions which can come in rather handy. The chronograph stop watch function is also a nice added benefit. One of my preferred features is the 200m water resistance, this gives you a very good level of water protection, allowing you to take part in more activities as detailed below in the specifications.

The materials used were rather interesting. The bezel of the watch is made of stainless steel yet the rest of the casing and the strap are made of PU. PU (Polyurethane) is a very comfortable material to use for the strap so this is nice to see. I just don’t often see it used for the casing so it’s a bit different.

Overall a very impressive looking watch that will be hard to miss on your wrist with its 50mm diameter.

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Invicta 0924 Review

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Watch Specifications

  • Band Polyurethane bracelet, standard length, 30mm width, standard buckle clasp.
  • Case Stainless steel bezel with Polyurethane casing, sizing diameter: 50 mm and thickness: 17 mm.
  • Dial Large analogue display. Mineral glass offers a fairly good level of protection from scratches.
  • Movement Standard quartz movement which is known to be fairly accurate.
  • Water Resistant A water resistance of up to 200m / 20 bar.

Watch Advantages

  1. Impressive oversized design.
  2. Interesting features on the dial creating a feeling of depth in the design.
  3. The 30mm wide strap is 50% wider than the normal strap. This suits the whole bold oversized style a lot better than a normal strap.
  4. 200m water resistance, suitable for professional marine activity, serious surface water sports and skin diving.

Watch Disadvantages 

  1. Due to its large oversized design, it may not be so suitable for people with smaller wrists.


My Final Thoughts On This Invicta 0924 Review:

The Invicta 0924 is great for those looking for a bold watch that’s bound to get people talking. It really is a rather stunning looking watch, as with many of the other Invicta watches. It’s safe to say Invicta has done what it does best and created another impressive looking timepiece that will turn heads and get noticed. With that 50mm case sized and the impressive looking dial design what’s not to like?

All in all, I think this is another brilliant watch design from a brand I’ve grown to love.

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