Introducing Zero Dark Thirty Live On Kickstarter

Hey everyone, today I have another awesome Kickstarter campaign to show you. I was having a browse through Kickstarter when I came across the Zero Dark Thirty campaign, having watched their intro video and taken a look at their watches I decided this was a project I could really get behind. So as normal I decided to invite the team behind the project along to introduce their project to everyone here.

The smallest pledge to receive a watch is 100$, this includes a shirt and sticker also.

Click here to view their Kickstarter page

I’ll hand over to Fozzy Miller, President and CEO of Zero Dark Thirty to give you all the information about their campaign.



Zero Dark Thirty was started by Fozzy Miller who is an artist and designer at heart.  He has always loved watches, but could never afford them. In college, Fozzy had a heart to effect change whether globally or locally leading him to acquire a degree in missions. While a youth pastor at his church, he was continually seeking ways to give back to his community and serve people.  He began designing watch faces for fun and started researching the watch market and watches in his price range. He noticed that there were great watch designs and companies, but nothing that had a purpose more than fashion or profit. As time went on, Fozzy became more aware that the men and women who serve our country largely go un-thanked and forgotten. That is where his idea for Zero Dark Thirty began.


At Zero Dark Thirty, we are excited to create watches with a purpose. We all know men and women who have served our country in some way whether as a EMS, a Firefighter, a Police officer, or serving in our Military. When we were creating this company, we knew that we didn’t just want to be another watch manufacturer, we wanted to use our talents and abilities to do something greater than just create beautiful watches. We wanted to give back to our communities and the men and women who serve them. The heart behind this project is to give our customers something they love to wear and provide a way to serve those who serve them.


We have worked tirelessly for the past year creating designs and putting them through the gauntlet of criticism to create our watches. To date we have over 40 designs, 20+ of which we have tested and rejected.  We have researched and grown in knowledge of watches and have found the best movements and components to give our customers a strong and time tested watch, all without breaking the bank. To say we are excited is an understatement. We have quality timepieces, a great purpose, and we are excited to become partners with our customers.  We have started with creating two watch designs that allow us to appeal to multiple demographics of people.


The Entrepreneur was designed with the business man in mind. Like any great entrepreneur, this watch is versatile and creative. It has clean lines, a beautiful dial, and looks well with an assortment of watch bands (leather, nylon, stainless steel, etc). We created it with two chronograph dials to allow the user to have a stop watch of seconds and minutes, and a date box.  It has a classic clean look and would look great with any clothing attire.

The Assassin was created with the desire to have a bold large face watch, but not one that would be cumbersome or obtrusive.  We made the Assassin with a matte black dial finish, gun-smoke chrome numbers, and a bright green second hand. It also has three chronograph dials for the users benefit, one is a second-hand stopwatch, the next is a minute hand stop watch, and the third dial is a 24 hour chrono. It comes with a stainless-steel band and an IP brushed black finish. It is bolder than the Entrepreneur, but doesn’t overwhelm the wearer.


We have already created more watch designs with the hopes that we will be able to get our company launched through Kickstarter. We have a manufacturer working to help us finish a digital watch that will cost slightly less, a minimalist designed watch, other classic designs, and one that we are really excited about called the Patriot. We are not going to be a one and done company, we have a plan and designs we just need your help in achieving our goal on Kickstarter.

To back our project check out our kickstarter:



It’s great to see a Kickstarter project that’s focused on helping its community. I wish Fozzy Miller the best of luck and hope he can get fully funded.