Introducing The DARYLYNN Watch. Currently Crowdfunding On Indiegogo

It all started out with a search for the perfect watch. To no avail, determined to find a watch that is stylish yet affordable, DARYLYNN was founded to manufacture watches that are suitable for all. DARYLYNN is a micro watch brand founded by a Singaporean watch enthusiast, Daryl who has always adored discovering unique watches and eventually developed a bold dream of designing his own watch.

DARYLYNN Watch Front

Affordable watches are hard to come by and stylish watches are often accompanied by a hefty price tag. It is ever so often difficult to get the best of both worlds. After various rounds of discussions with the manufacturers, Daryl realised that style and price does not need to be compromised in the presence of high quality and the attributes that he constantly looks for in a watch is attainable. As such, Daryl started designing watches that incorporates the elements of affordability and style. From months of researching to sketching designs and to finally producing a prototype, the first batch of watches is ready to enter the market.

With a minimalistic design, the founders’ edition watch is finally making its debut. Every watch is built with high quality materials and is scrutinized to its tiniest details where all materials are picked and selected after much deliberation to serve a distinct purpose.  Each watch is assembled exquisitely with a sapphire crystal, surgical grade stainless steel and genuine leather straps. Sapphire glass is almost as hard as diamond and is able to prevent scratches and shatter. The surgical grade stainless steel prevents corrosion. The genuine leather strap ensures durability. With that being said, the watch is being kept at an affordable price range at the same time.

DARYLYNN now seeks all the support it can get in order to see this is watch in the market. Thus, we are currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo and we need your help to get funds for the initial production cost. We have to order a minimum quantity of 200 watches from our manufacturer in order to keep prices affordable.


Backers who pledge their support today will get a watch from only $89. Furthermore, the first 200 backers will get their watch with “Founders Edition” engraved on the case back, at the same price of $89, which is $40 off the retail price. The next 300 backers will get a watch at $99 and subsequent backers will get a watch at $109.

DARYLYNN watch caseback

The manufacturing process will take approximately one and a half months. After which, we will conduct thorough quality checks to ensure that the watches are flawless before shipping them out. Our backers can expect to get their watches by the end of May 2016. We will be transparent with the entire process and provide constant updates on the process. In the event that we expect a delay, we will inform all of our backers through Indiegogo.

DARYLYNN watch on wrist

Upon successful conclusion of the campaign, DARYLYNN promises to continue to produce high quality stylish watches while keeping prices affordable. This will only be possible with your support in our crowdfunding campaign.

Support DARYLYNN in our crowdfunding campaign at​ and be the first to get a watch from our production run.