21 Most Popular Men’s Citizen Watches


Hello! Today I’m looking at the 21 most popular men’s Citizen watches. At present I’ve got just one Citizen in my collection. A lovely gold plated eco drive. However, I’m very tempted by number 21 in this list to make it two. It’s awesome, rose gold with a dark leather strap, make sure you take a look at it.


1. Citizen Men’s Eco Drive Watch with Black Dial Analogue Display and Black Leather Bracelet CA0369-29E View on Amazon

The first Citizen watch we’re taking a look at is the CA0369-29E. This stylish model features 44mm stainless steel casing with a chronograph dial and date display at the 3 o’clock position. I like the look of the dial, it has a bit of a racing timepiece design in my opinion. This classic Citizen dress watch features a curved mineral glass, Eco-Drive movement, and a 100m water resistance rating.


2. Citizen Men’s JY0040-59L Eco-Drive Blue Angels Skyhawk A-T Watch View on Amazon

This next Citizen watch is part of the popular Skyhawk series. The blue Angeles Skyhawk is radio controlled so it automatically synchronies with an atomic clock available in 43 different cities, this makes the watch extremely accurate. Extra features of the Skyhawk include a GMT display, power reserve indicator, alarm, perpetual calendar, backlight, and a 200m water resistance rating.


3. Citizen Men’s Eco Drive Watch with Black Dial Analogue Display and Black Leather Bracelet View on Amazon

This next very smart looking Citizen watch features these high visibility luminous hands that make it very easy to read in dim lit conditions. Overall it’s a great, smart looking watch with some decent specifications. It’s powered by their popular Eco-Drive technology so never requires a battery, it also has a date display and 100m water resistance rating.


4. Citizen Men’s BM7170-53L Eco-Drive Titanium Watch View on Amazon

I’m quite a fan of this next expensive Citizen watch. The casing and bracelet of this model are made of titanium which is lighter yet stronger than traditional stainless steel. The honeycomb pattern at the centre of the dial adds a nice touch to the design too. The Japanese Eco-Drive quartz movement has a very impressive power reserve of up to 180 days. Overall this is a high end Citizen watch that’s well worth checking out.


5. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Watch View on Amazon

This next Citizen Skyhawk AT is made with a titanium casing and bracelet. As with the other watch, the titanium is stronger and lighter than normal stainless steel making it a great material for watches. The Skyhawk AT is radio controlled synchronizing with radio signals to ensure it is always accurate. The watch is also highly functional with a world timer, chronograph, countdown timer, perpetual calendar, 200m water resistance rating and more. If you’re after a high performance watch, then this model is worth considering.


6. Citizen Men’s CA0295-58E Eco-Drive Nighthawk Watch View on Amazon

A firm favourite for those who love black out watch is the Citizen Nighthawk. The Citizen Nighthawk is an Eco-Drive watch that’s coated black Ion-plated all over. The striking design is very stylish and ideal for those who want a watch that looks the part to match with any outfit. As for features, well, it runs on a Eco-Drive movement so never requires a battery, has chronograph timekeeping,and a 200m water resistance rating. Obviously, due to its design, it isn’t the easiest watch to read at night, but most people are buying it for the style rather than anything else.


7. Citizen Men’s BM8475-26E Eco-Drive Strap Watch View on Amazon

This popular affordable Citizen Eco-Drive watch has a nice bold design to it. The dial has a high visibility design to it with a simple day and date display on show. The orange detailing for the dial adds a nice eye catching touch too. Like the previous watches, this model uses Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology and has a 100m water resistance rating.


8. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Calibre 8700 Perpetual Calendar Watch #BL8000-54L View on Amazon

Another kind of expensive Citizen watch depending on your budget is the BL8000-54L. This model is ideal for gents looking for a smart timepiece with its thicker style links in the bracelet and busy looking dial. The watch features a perpetual calendar, alarm, dual time, and a anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Along with its 100m water resistance rating and E870 Eco-Drive movement, I’d say it’s worth looking into more.


9. BL5250-02L Men’s Citizen Chronograph Brown Leather Strap Watch View on Amazon

This next watch from Citizen is very popular. It’s another titanium Citizen watch this time featuring a comfortable genuine leather strap. It’s fuelled by light via Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology which means it never requires a battery. With an impressive 200m water resistance rating, alarm, chronograph, and tachymetre it should prove more than enough for most people.


10. Citizen Watch Navihawk AT Men’s Eco Drive Watch with Black Dial Analogue – Digital Display and Silver Stainless Steel Bracelet JY8030-83E View on Amazon or Watch Shop

Another top Citizen watch is this Citizen Navihawk. It’s an incredible watch with lots of impressive features. I just love how feature rich it is, along with its oversized design with the 48mm casing diameter. The casing and strap are made of stainless steel and the watch has a great 200m water resistance rating. It’s powered by Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology powering itself via light and never needing a battery. The long list of extra features include a chronograph, alarm, perpetual calendar, radio controlled timekeeping, backlight, 24-hour dial, and more.


11. Citizen Watch World Time A.T Men’s Quartz Watch with Grey Dial Analogue Display and Multicolour Stainless Steel Plated Bracelet AT9016-56H View on Amazon 

Next up we have another radio controlled Citizen watch. This attractive watch has a very bold design to it with quite a deep dial. The watch uses atomic timekeeping for superior accuracy and also features a perpetual calendar, power reserve indicator, alarm, and an anti reflective sapphire crystal. Overall a very high end expensive Citizen watch, that’s well worth it in my opinion.


12. Citizen Nighthawk A.T. Men’s Quartz Watch with Analogue Display and Stainless Steel Bracelet View on Amazon

I love the powerful looking blue dial on this next Citizen Nighthawk. Again another highly accurate A.T watch using the atomic clock synchronization for brilliant timekeeping. The watch is powered by Citizen’s Eco-Drive tech and has a high-quality sapphire glass window. As you’d expect from the high end Citizen watches, this model also has a 200m water resistance rating.


13. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Chronograph Watch with a Black Dial and a Stainless Steel Bracelet View on Amazon

This next Citizen Eco-Drive features a stylish two tone design. I like the look of the gold PVD plating that’s been uses on the bracelet and detailings of the casing and dial. I’m also a big fan of the texturing they’ve gone for on the inner section of the dial. With its 200m water resistance rating, sapphire glass, and perpetual calendar, this is one to look out for.


14. Citizen Watch PROMASTER SUPER SPORT men’s quartz Watch with black Dial analogue – digital Display and silver stainless steel Bracelet JW0111-55E View on Amazon

The next Citizen Promaster Super Sport features a precise quartz movement that’s powered by Eco-Drive technology, never requiring a battery. The watch has a dual display with the LCD display on fitted into a cutout on the dial. This particular chronograph movement can measure to within 1/1000th of a second. Along with all that, it also has a 200m water resistance rating and sapphire crystal glass for top scratch resistance.


15. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Chronograph Stainless Watch #AT0550-11X View on Amazon

This is a solid and reliable chronograph timepiece from Citizen. It’s powered by light using the Eco-Drive quartz movement. I like the high polish finish of the stainless steel dial that goes very well with the genuine leather strap. The dial features a 24 hour sub dial, as well as a date display at the 4 o’clock position. The watch also has a decent 100m water resistance rating.


16. Citizen Chronotime Men’s Quartz Watch with Black Dial Analogue Display and Silver Titanium Bracelet BY0120-54E View on Amazon

This is another very expensive Citizen watch, the Chronotime A-T titanium chronograph. It’s a high end watch and as you can expect comes with all the bells and whistles. The titanium build makes it light and strong, and the Eco-Drive technology means it charges via light and never requires a battery. It’s also radio controlled syncing up to atomic clocks in various cities to make it extremely accurate.


17. Citizen Men’s CA0265-59E Eco-Drive Titanium Watch View on Amazon

This is a popular extremely stylish edition from Citizen watches now. It offers some great value for money with its black ion-plated titanium case and strap. The inner dial features that honeycomb pattern that I’m quite the fan of too. The watch is powered by a Japanese Eco-Drive movement that is powered by light, be it natural or artificial making it great for the environment too. Extra features include the high quality sapphire crystal glass and a 100m water resistance rating.


18. Citizen Watch Chronotime At Men’s Quartz Watch with Grey Dial Analogue Display and Two Tone Stainless Steel Plated Bracelet BY0100-51H View on Amazon

Here we have another high-end Citizen Chronotime watch. The Citizen Chrono Time A-T uses radio controlled timekeeping for ultimate accuracy and is powered by Citizen’s popular Eco-Drive technology. The watch also features a chronograph, alarm, perpetual calendar, and a brilliant 200m water resistance rating.


19. Citizen Watch Divers Men’s Eco Drive Watch with Blue Dial Analogue Display and Blue PU Strap BN0151-09L View on Amazon or Watch Shop

This next timepiece is a Citizen Dive watch. It’s extremely popular for its diving style, as well as the specifications to back it up. It has a Diver’s 200m water resistance rating meaning it’s ISO certified and ideal for most divers. Being a dive watch a high visibility dial is key, as you can see. The hour markers and watch hands are bold and have a generous coating of lume for easy reading in the dark.


20. Citizen Men’s Eco Drive Watch with Black Dial Chronograph Display and Silver Titanium Bracelet CA0260-52E View on Amazon or watch Shop

We’re coming to the end of our look at the best Citizen watches now. This model is another popular Titanium watch, it’s a slight colour variant on a previous model we featured earlier on. Again I love the honeycomb pattern on the inner dial. The dial features these high visibility baton hour markers and watch hands that are coated in lume for easier reading at night. As you’d expect it’s powered by the Citizen Eco-Drive technology and features a sapphire crystal glass.


21. Citizen Watch CALENDRIER men’s quartz Watch with black Dial chronograph Display and black leather Bracelet BU2023-04E View on Amazon or Watch Shop


The last model to be featured is the popular Citizen World Timer. I love the brilliant PVD rose gold plating on the stainless steel casing and how it’s complimented by the genuine leather strap. The watch is powered by an Eco-Drive movement and has a cities around the world displayed on the edge of the dial allowing you to quickly check the time in each country. The watch also features a day/date calendar functions and a 100m water resistance rating.


Thanks for reading. Hope you found this list helpful. As I said, the last one here is my favourite. What’s yours? Comment below or join in the discussion on Twitter/Facebook! Have a good day.


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