Emporio AR5889 Review Armani Sportivo Black Chronograph Rubber Strap Watch

Hello, today I’m taking the time to look at an Emporio Armani watch, been wanting to do this one for sometime so pretty pleased to finally get around to it.

I’m reviewing the Emporio Armani AR5889 Sportivo. It’s a Chronograph watch with a black rubber strap. It’s currently available on Amazon.


The Dial is 43mm in diameter which is a pretty standard watch size for a man, 12mm thick. I really like the gloss black shine from the dial. It complements the matt effect from the rubber strap very well. I’d so overall this has a more low key feel to it. Just a smart Emporio Armarni chronograph watch. I would also add that with the rubber strap it may suit a sportier person more than someone just looking for a dressy watch.

Now let’s take a look at some of the other specifications. The weight of the watch is 449 grams which is actually quite lightweight which some people prefer. The strap is actually one of my preferred styles with the butterfly design, I’ll show you a picture below in a moment. The butterfly strap itself 21mm wide

AR5889 back

For more specification on the watch follow this link



Hopefully, you found this review helpful. Comment below and let me know what you think of it.

You can purchase the watch on Amazon.

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