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Price: £135.00

Info: Johnnie Walker’s most prestigious whisky. Probably THE most famous super-premium blend, made up of the finest old-aged malt and grain whiskies. The Cristal of the blended whisky world.Blue Label’s bold, multi-layered palate and silky delivery ensure that it sits unchallenged at the top of the Johnnie Walker pile.


What The Producer Has To Say About This Whisky: 

Nose: Smooth, silky cereal, syrupy flapjacks, polished oak. Dessicated coconut, then other nutty notes: unsalted peanut, brazil nut.

Palate: A silky caress. Unexpectedly strong spicy entry, but always honeyed and rounded by some toasty oak. The honeyed malt is beautifully interwoven around the venerable grain, which must be absolutely ancient.

Finish: A perfectly-integrated slow fade of the palate. Mouthwatering grain, and the honey and spices dwindle slowly. Extremely long but still very gentle.

Comment: The daddy of premium blends divides fans as to whether or not it merits its price tag, but there is definitely something esoteric about the basically flawless balance on display here. Smoother than a hot-buttered, freshly-shaven diplomat in velvet trousers.


The Peoples Review’s:

TitaniumMD: ‘I purchased my first bottle in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Accustomed to the smoothness of the Johnnie Walker Black, I realized I was in another caliber of drinking experience. Nose: Mellow smokiness with hints of leather, fruit and spice. Color: Amber Arrival: First with fruity burst of flavor, nuts, and citrus. Taste: Leathery notes of oak followed by a rise of a mixture of spices and pepper. Finish: Subtle notes of smoke, spice and honey.’

Ben: ‘Have been recommended to drink with a glass of iced water rather than a dash of water. For me this is the best there is!’


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