Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Men’s Swatch Watches


Today I’m taking a look at the top 10 most popular, best selling Swatch watches for men. Swatch have been around since 1983 and are well known for their reliability and great time keeping. They have a huge range of great watches available under £50 which is good value for money. They do have a very nice luxury range as well but I’ll save them for my next post!

Today I’ll be taking a look at both the affordable Swatch watches, as well as some of their more expensive timepieces.

My favourite from today’s post has to be number 6, I like the simplistic design and think they’ve picked a great shade of blue. Hope you enjoy the post.

1. Swatch Once Again White Dial Black Strap Men’s Watch View on Amazon

This first affordable Swatch watch has a relatively basic look to it but it does feature a high visibility dial with some good contrasting between the bright white dial and large black numerals. The GB73 is a best seller for those who just want something simple. The watch has a monochrome style and features a reliable Swiss quartz movement for reliability and accuracy. The dial also has a day and date display on show.


2. Swatch Dark Rebel Watch SUOB704 View on Amazon

I really like the look of this next slim Swatch watch. The Dark Rebel, as it’s called has a resin and rubber design set around a rather simple dial with bright orange detailing. It features a Swiss quartz movement and has basic water resistance.


3. Swatch SUOB709 38mm Plastic Case Crocodile Mineral Men’s Watch View on Amazon

I love the eye catching strap of this next popular Swatch watch. The orange compliments the dial design very well in my opinion, adding in dots of orange at each of the hour markers too. It features that typical bold easy to read Swatch style which I like as well. Features of the watch include a slim 10mm casing depth, as well as a Swiss Swatch quartz movement.


4. Swatch Men’s Quartz Watch New Irony Chrono Blackie YVS401G with Metal Strap View on Amazon

Next up is something a little different with a stainless steel Swatch watch. This Swatch chronoraph features a detailed dial with 3 chronograph sub dials on display. It features a mesh style stainless steel strap which offers comfort as well as the easy ability to adjust the length. With a Swiss quartz chronograph movement and 30m water resistance rating this is sure to be a popular choice.


5. Swatch Unisex Watch Colour Code Collection Just White GW151 View on Amazon

If you wanted an all white designed Swatch watch then this next model could be ideal for you. The casing, strap, and dial and all white giving them quite a summer look. The dial has that high visibility style to it with the bold black numerals and hands that stand out. It’s a unisex watches with a 35mm diameter and is powered by a Swiss quartz movement.


6.  Swatch Unisex Watch Colour Code Collection Up-Wind GN230 View on Amazon

This blue Swatch watch has a rather simple design in bright blue. It features that typical Swatch easy to read design with the bold white numerals and high visibility hands on display. Again it’s a rather small watch with a 34mm casing diameter and comes with a Swiss quartz movement with a 30m water resistance rating.


7. Swatch Unisex Blue Choco Dark Brown Leather Strap Watch View on Amazon

The next Swatch leather strapped watch to show this is this very affordable model, the Blue Choco. The Blue choco features this stylish ice blue dial paired up with a comfortable genuine leather strap. It’s aimed at the unisex market and has a small 29mm casing diameter. Along with a Swiss quartz movement like the previous Swatch watches, this could be ideal if you prefer smaller watches.

8. Swatch Mens Casse Cou White Dial Brown Leather Strap Watch View on Amazon

A slightly more expensive Swatch watch is this modest looking gents’ stainless steel leather wrists watch. I quite like the white stitching along the brown genuine leather strap, as well as this funky looking dial design with the interesting font used for the numerals here.


9. Swatch Men’s Wealthy Star White Dial Bracelet Chronograph Watch View on Amazon

This is another high end swiss Swatch watch that features a reliable chronograph Swiss movement as well as a 30m water resistance rating. The watch has a larger casing diameter at 48mm with a 14mm thickness so it’s much more suitable for those who prefer larger watches. It’s a brilliant compromise between simplicity and functionality.


10. Swatch Unisex Watch SUOL700 View on Amazon

This last one to be featured is this colourful Swatch watch. It features this bright blue design throughout the casing, dial, and strap. The Turquoise Rebel as it’s called has this sleek dial design with some striking yellow detailing too. As with the other Swatch watches it features a Swiss quartz movement and a 30m water resistance rating.


Thanks for reading, hope you found this useful. What’s your favourite in today’s list? Comment below or join us on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. I’d like to see some vintage swatch watches sometime. I get why the new ones are so popular, but they made some really great old models. Could you make a top 10 Swatch watches for vintage models only?

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