The First Watch In Space? Actually Worn By A Dog.

Today we’re looking at the history of watches.

So what was the first watch in space? I can tell you. The first watch to be sent and successfully tested in space was actually worn on the wrist of a Russian dog named Chernuchka.

Chernuchka was the dog sent on the test run of the flight for Yuri Gagarin in the same equipment and rocket, a month prior to his own flight.

The Zero gravity environment, along with other extreme conditions encounter by astronauts in space actually requires the use of specially tested watches.

The watch worn by Chernuchka was a Russia watch “Pobeda” made by the Petrodvorets watch factory. It managed a single orbit flight on a Sputnik 4 space ship on March 9th, 1961.


Above is a picture of Chernuchka, who was actually the 6th dog in space.

Here was the ship.


This day in age the watch of choice for U.S space agencies is the Omega Speedmaster.