Leather Cuff Watches – Made By Artisans From Around The World


Leather Cuff Watches – Made By Artisans From Around The World

Watches for adventurous men.

At Chronodos we support an adventurous lifestyle for men across the globe. After all, what good is life if you lack excitement and adventure? Since so many of us seem trapped in their meaningless cubicles we believe that now – more than ever – it’s important for men to stand out and life a more adventurous life.

It is through more rugged accessories that we aim to help these men. To be more specific – we believed that the artisan watches in today’s world should be accessible to a larger audience – and so Chronodos was born.

What Makes Artisan Watches From Chronodos Special?

Most watches being sold today have small, somewhat feminine leather straps. Chronodos wanted to give adventurous men an alternative, by offering them watches with thicker leather straps and cuffs. These watches are made by artisans around the world. It’s goal is to offer an alternative for men who want more masculine watches with an more authentic spirit.

Though hardcore watch geeks might prefer overly technical features on watches (which they’ll never use) and overpay we believe that a cool watch shouldn’t be overly expensive. It should also be made for you – and you alone. For this reason, our watches retail price starts at $139 so there is something for everyone. In the end we believe that the overall look and feel of the watch is more important than five technical features you’ll never use anyway.

Tailored to Your Wrist Size Handmade by Artisans.

Every designer we work with has its own specialty within the world of crafting beautiful items made out of genuine leather, Italian leather, or veg-tanned leather. When you order your watch, you can be sure that your leather cuff will be tailored to your wrist size to ensure it will effortlessly fit around your wrist in a secure position – unlike most watches you can buy them online with free worldwide shipping.

Skeleton, steampunk, and vintage watches are available and we are constantly scouting the world for new craftsmen who love to turn each watch into something truly special.

Every watch has it’s own unique look and feel. We want every owner to proudly wear their watch – which is why we ensure that every watch is of solid quality and has a superb look.

Become a proud owner of a tailored wristwatch.

With Chronodos artisan watches you can be sure you will become a proud owner of a unique watch with a tailored leather cuff made by one of its craftsmen. Each watch is durable, sturdy, and has its own spirit of authenticity. If you are looking for a special present or want to become one of our proud owners and get a truly unique (and affordable) leather watch – visit www.chronodos.com today.

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