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How to Find Rare Japanese Watches Abroad

Is your watch collection in need of some rare Japanese pieces?

Switzerland has long been at the forefront of modern watch technology and design, with collectors flocking from far and wide to Swiss watchmakers in order to find the highest quality and craftsmanship. However, in recent years, Japan has been giving the Swiss a run for their money.

Seiko, Citizen, and Casio are the big-name brands, but there are several others that are lesser-known to us in the west. Today, we’re going to give you some insider tips on where and how to find the best boutique Japanese watches.

You might have to take your search abroad. After all, what better place to find new Japanese watches than in Japan itself?

Pack Your Bags

Let’s face it, booking a trip to Japan to find luxury boutique watches won’t be cheap. If you’re flying halfway across the world to find these pieces, however, cost probably isn’t your primary concern. But, by going straight to the source, you’ll get the best deals on these watches that you possibly can.

After you choose the destination(s) for your watch-finding excursion, whether it be Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto, or somewhere else, you’ll want to use a local booking service to get quality accommodations for a good price. A site like will help you book anywhere in Japan or Southeast Asia with no booking fee.

The other big concern for travelers going to Japan is the language barrier. If you’re looking for specific rare watches, you’ll need to be able to communicate to shop owners which makes and models you’re aiming to buy.

Fortunately, you can use one of the countless phone apps to act as your translator these days. Google Translate is one of the best ones, but you should do some of your own learning before you throw yourself into the fire, so to speak.

Japanese Watches to Look Out For

While you’ve probably got a good idea of which watchmakers you’re setting out to find, we’ll highlight some of the better boutique brands in Japan and where you might be able to find them for sale.


You can find Dedegumo’s colorful designs in two different Kyoto-based shops. They follow a more traditional method but create hundreds of designs per year, so you can find a true one-of-a-kind piece from this brand.


Tokyoflash makes high-tech gadget looking watches. Using LEDs, their collection is full of watches that look out of an 80s science fiction film. They too go through different designs quickly and, while you can order their pieces online, you might be able to find older unique designs in Tokyo itself.


Credor is one of the bigger brands in Japan (being a subsidiary of Seiko), but their collection is as masterful as anything you’ll see in Switzerland or anywhere else. With hand-painted scenery and diamond dials, you’re not going to be getting one of these on the cheap.

Sightings of Credor watches outside of Japan are rare, so you’ll almost have to make the trip abroad to find the one for you.

Take Your Watch Collection To a Higher Level

There’s no doubt that adding one or more of these incredible boutique Japanese watches to your collection will boost its appeal and value.

What better way to get your hands on a Credor rarity or one-of-a-kind Dedegumo than going straight to the source? Book your trip to Japan today and start watch hunting.

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