Coach, new to the watch game. But looking damn fine.

So you may not heard of Coach before, so I’ll give you a little information about the brand before i show you their watches.

Coach is a leading New York based design company of modern lifestyle luxury accessories for men and women. Prior to watches they’ve been known for creating bags, small leather goods, footwear, scarves and other similar accessories.

But now they’re getting involved in the game, and I have to say, they’ve done well.

Coach Watches


The Coach brand  is reminiscent of the classical American style blended with  exciting New York character. Bringing a composition recognised for a distinctive mix of style and function.

Coach Watches


This is the brands first 7 piece men’s watch series. They’ve really kept up with their luxury feel and style. With a mix of chronograph, leather and stainless steel. They’ve offered a brilliant selection with only 7 watches.

Coach Watches


This watch above is our favourite. Having always been a fan of rose gold watches i have to say this could easily have made it into some of our top 5 rose gold watches list had it been out at the time. The difference in shades of colour used between the watch casing and the strap have been done superbly.

Coach Watch

This is actually second favourite. Was a hard choice between this and the rose gold. But rose gold will always have the advantage. The colour of this watch is one of the most impressive, striking things you notice.

Coach Watch


I hear ya guys, ‘how much is this going to set me back’ I purposefully left this to the end as I’m sure some of you will be pleasantly surprised. The Coach watch range starts at just £175, and goes up to £250. Showing that sleek luxury design is still affordable.

If you wanted to see more affordable watches for men, we did an article called 21 men’s watches for under £200. Which has been a very popular read.


The eagle eyes amongst our viewers, or well, those that can count will notice I’ve only showed 5 out of the 7. I wanted to give you a chance to discover these on your own. Now if you want to find any more details on specifications etc you can purchase the watches through The Watch Shop. I’ve personally always received fantastic customer service from them so am always happy to recommend to The Watch Blog readers.


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