Camber watches launches their first chapter on kickstarter

Camber watches launches their first chapter on kickstarter

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A new watch brand with apassion for fine watchmaking and the love for the legend of vintage motor sports

Camber Watches is a startup founded in The Netherlands. We are a couple of guys who share a passion for watches and vintage motor sport, therefore we decided to create an elegant and timeless watch brand in spirit of vintage motorsport. We share a passion for beautiful and high quality products for a reasonable price.

Camber Watches are all about fine watch making and vintage motorsport. We are planning to create different chapters of this story. Our first chapter tells the story of one of the oldest forms of motor sport: The Hillclimb



Hill Climbing is one of the oldest forms of Motorsport. It is a branch of Motorsport in which drivers compete against time to complete an uphill course and is therefore a battle against time. As the drivers climb toward the summit, the thin air slows reflexes and reduces muscle strength. The thin air also robs engines of to 30% of their power. Competitors and vehicles must be in top shape simply to finish…let alone win!




In hill climbing every tenth of a second counts; therefore we decided to create a timepiece with a special chronograph movement which is able to measure time down to one tenth of a second. It’s dial is inspired by the early mechanical stop watches who where used at motor sporting events.Production_Shots_02


Pricing and worldwide free shipping. Especially for our kickstarter campaign we managed to create great watch sets complete with matching cufflinks and a unique packaging for all backers for only $98 (€88) including free world wide shipping! Sets of multiple watches are even less expensive

“We created a great watch-set with an beautiful story and a unique packaging for just the right price„



Because it’s such a great story we designed a special book shaped watch and cufflinks box. This Book shaped box will give the perfect shelter for your watch and cufflinks. Also we are planning to keep this packaging for future editions so it’s a great feature to collect all the different chapters next to each other. We put a great deal of details in the design of the box, such as linen cover, marble printed inside cover, embossed details and vintage high gloss photograph.





To start this brand we need a pledge of 18,800euro (approx. $21000)  We are confident that the kickstarter community with have our back, and will set all wheels in motion very soon!

link to our kickstarter campain:

link to our thunderclap campain, please support the message about Camber watches, its free and it will really help us!