Citizen Watch Navihawk AT Men’s Eco Drive Watch – JY8030-83E Review

Citizen Watch Navihawk AT Men’s Eco Drive Watch – JY8030-83E Review

Hello everyone, today I’m doing a Citizen JY8030-83E review. This is a very busy but lovely looking watch, I hope you find my review enjoyable and helpful for you when it comes to selecting the next timepiece to add to your collection.

This watch is available for from Amazon, I hope you enjoy the review below.

Citizen JY8030-83E Review


My Thoughts On This Watch

Well first things first, this watch definitely has a lot going on. It’s an extremely busy dial with tons of information going on. Personally it’s not something I’m a fan of but for the watch goer who wants lots of gizmos you may have found your dream watch. This watch really does have tons of features, but is it worth the cost? That’s what we’re going to delve into and have a look at now.

Type of glass

They’ve gone for a mineral glass on this watch. To be honest I was actually expecting a sapphire crystal front. Mineral glass is strong enough yes, it’s going to protect against most scuffs and scratches but just not to the extend a sapphire would. Sapphire crystal is 3 times stronger than mineral, and 20 times stronger than acrylic. A little note for future purchases, don’t even waste your time with an acrylic front, that will mess up far too easily.


Now this is a large watch! The diameter of the casing is 46mm. That’s at the high end of what’s considered larger vs extra large. The thickness however is extra large at 15.5mm. This is definitely a chunky watch that’s going to be noticeable on your wrist. If you were after a watch that sat subtly on your wrist, walk away now and check out some of my watch lists for more inspiration. If however you’re after an eye catching wrist watch, you’ll love this, people won’t be able to not notice it.


This Citizen JY8030-83E features a perpetual calendar. These are actually one of my favourite calendars to feature in a watch. They are programmed to automatically to adjust the date for the varying amount of days in each month. No longer will you have to reset your watch’s date at the beginning of each month. It’s a useful bit of kit to have in a watch and I’m glad they have it included at this price.

Powered by sunlight

So this is another one of Citizen’s EcoDrive watches. These watches power themselves via sunlight. Once fully charged they can last anywhere from 45 days up to a total of 5 years without being recharged. Also once your watch does start to run out of power, instead of losing time the watch will start to tick every two seconds to indicate this to you. No time lost! This brings me nicely onto my next point.

Atomic timekeeping, most accurate watches in the world

This watch is radio controlled to keep in perfect time with an atomic clock, this makes them some of the most accurate watches in the world to within 1 second every 20 million years. Now if you out live that 20 millions years and loose your 1 second, fair play to you. Little fun fact, these are often more accurate than your £1000+ watches that are just mechanical wound. You really can’t beat this kind of accuracy.

Watch strap and clasp

The watch strap is a stainless steel 23mm band with a standard fold over clasp. Whilst I’m not personally a fan of the fold over clasp, I do appreciate it is the traditional one to go for (I love my butterfly clasps, check them out sometime). I am however a fan of this style of strap, much better than the individual links in my opinion and it works very well with the overall style for thie design.



Brand: Citizen

Model: JY8030-83E

Dial Window Material: Mineral

Clasp Type: Fold Over Clasp

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Case Diameter: 46mm

Case Thickness: 15.5mm

Band Material: Stainless Steel

Band Width: 23mm

Calender: Perpetual Calendar

Movement: Quartz

Water Resistance: 20 Bar



How to conclude eh. It’s really a fantastic looking watch with tons of features. The perpetual calendar, the atomic time keeping, solar powered. You can really see why it gets into the more expensive selection of watches. Only thing I felt was missing was the sapphire glass but I’ll leave it up to you to decided how much that matters. Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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Hope you enjoyed my Citizen JY8030-83E review. You can buy this watch on Amazon.


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  1. I have always been a Brietling Bently man myself . With that said we and whoever reads this would agree that alone is a very expencive habbit. But as you and so many others that have looked and bought this time piece would also agree this Citizen “walks the walk and talks the talk”. Its fit and finish is refined and luxorious and is comfortable on the wrist. It holds its own in a room of many timepieces 10x more expensive. As well as being just as funcional. This timepiece is as comfortable in a 5G Zegna suit or in a pair of 505 levi’s and a t-shirt

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