AR2434 Mens Armani Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch Review


AR2434 Mens Armani Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch Review

AR2434 Mens Armani Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch review

(Updated September 2016) Today I’ve got the exciting chance to review the AR2434 Armani Men’s watch. I have a couple of Armani watches in my collection and have always loved them. Quality timepieces at an affordable price. I’ve mentioned before how one of my friends collects only Armani watches, he’s on about 12 of them now. If you’re interested in Armani watches you should check out my top 10 Armani watches for men.

AR2434 Mens Armani Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch review

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Firstly let’s take a look at the specifications and watch features.

The Armani AR2434 has a few features worth mentioning. I’m going to start with my favourite because I’m a bit of a geek for deployment clasps. Love them. I’ve included a picture below, I just think they work a lot better and are much easier to use. This watch also features a chronograph display with date display.

Looking at the sizes of the watch, it’s case is 43mm diameter making it a slightly larger than average display, but not huge. And the thickness is 12mm.

Features a water pressure resistance of 5 bar. For sensible advice regarding water resistant marks please see this wiki page

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AR2434 Mens Armani Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch case back

My overall thoughts on the Armani AR2434? I think it’s great. It’s a nice sensible, smart looking watch. I feel this would work both great with a suit for smarter occasions and also with casual wear. The silver and black colour scheme tends to work well with most outfits and the watch is thin enough that it will fit under the cuff of a suit shirt nicely. In this price range I’d say this watch seems like a pretty good deal to me. You’re getting a top selling Armani watch with some good features. Plus that deployment clasp… can’t be forgetting about that. They just look and work so much better than a standard fold over clasp which can be a bit fiddly.

AR2434 Mens Armani Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch deployment clasp

Hopefully, you found this Armani AR2434 review useful. Let me know what you thought in the comments.

Where to buy the Emporio Armani 2434

I like to stick to recommending watch retailers that I’ve used in the past, this way I know what their service is like and can happily recommend them. I tend to stick to 3 main online watch shops. Just click any of the links to head straight to their sale page.

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