Bulova Men’s Diamond 96D121 Watch Review

Bulova Men’s Diamond 96D121 Watch Review

Bulova Diamond Men's Quartz Watch  Stainless Steel Bracelet - 96D121 review


Ah Bulova we meet again! One of my favourite watch brands. They’ve just made so many nice looking watches. And this one achieves that same grace. I’ve now actually increased my Bulova collection to 4 watches. Bulova are an affordable luxury brand in my eyes. I would always recommend them to people looking for a nice watch to get them started. I’d also suggest you take a look at our top 21 men’s watches for under £200 post as it can be pretty helpful for people.

The watch we’re reviewing today is the Bulova Diamond 96D121, it’s currently available on Amazon.

Bulova Diamond Men's Quartz Watch  Stainless Steel Bracelet - 96D121 review

Now let’s take a look at the specifications and the watch features.

The Bulova 96D121 has a mineral glass face, and a simplistic clear design. The watch casing and band are made of stainless steel. The case itself is 40mm in diameter and 9mm thick. The band is 22mm in width which is ever so slightly wider than the norm.

The 96D121 does have a simple date display feature. The display is an analogue type which is pretty standard.  I really like the black dial with the silver detailing and diamonds of the Bulova. The watch crown is the normal Bulova design.

As far as water pressure resistance goes the Bulova 96D121 receives a ‘3 bar’ rating. For more advice regarding water resistant marks we recommend people check out this wiki page.

The warranty for this watch is 3 years.

Click here for a full list of features and specifications.

Bulova Diamond Men's Quartz Watch  Stainless Steel Bracelet - 96D121 review

I personally love how this is a reasonably priced stylish watch with excellent quality. It’s medium weight, so not too heavy, but also you can still tell you are wearing a watch. The display is very clear so for people with any sight issues they should find this watch easier to view.

Our score

We give the Bulova 96D121 a 8 out of 10. We believe this watch offer very good value to the for whoever purchased it. Bulova are a favourite brand of mine and you really can’t go wrong with them.

If you do wish to purchase this watch, you can do so on Amazon by following our links.

If you have any more questions about the watch, just leave a comment.


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